KeyEast Strongly Denies News Rumors that Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee are Dating and Planning April Wedding

This is the most random dating gossip ever whether it’s true or false. K-ent got a dose of hot gossip coming from C-ent this week, with the Chinese media reporting that top Korean star Kim Soo Hyun was planning an April wedding to former Wonder Girls singer turned actress Sohee. The fact that they are not even dating, at least not confirmed though rumors in the past have linked the two, makes this so-called new even more hilarious. Both sides have swiftly refuted the rumor and denied even being in a relationship, with the refusal being easy coming from their mutual agency KeyEast. That reportedly is another clue they are a couple, with Sohee signing with KeyEast last year supposedly because Kim Soo Hyun brought her into his long time agency. KeyEast is vigorously denying the rumor and is planning to take legal action.

I honestly have no opinion either way if this couple is in fact dating, but not planning to get married in April so the rumor is still untrue, or they are not dating but keep getting paired together. I don’t know Sohee much beyond her being in Wonder Girls and having seen a few of her supporting roles, but if Kim Soo Hyun is dating her and happy then by all means congrats!


KeyEast Strongly Denies News Rumors that Kim Soo Hyun and Sohee are Dating and Planning April Wedding — 8 Comments

  1. Dispatch has been on Kim Soo Hyun’s tail since forever and they never get anything from him. Judging by the amount of time he spends at the bowling alley, up to 12 hours straight, I doubt he’s in a relationship.

  2. Is there any need for legal action? The news is in no way malicious at all. Just the normal romance gossip – no third party, scandal, love child or whatever. I think legal action is rather dramatic and not to mention costly. Sometimes, I think they have taken the action of preserving the image too far till possibility of marriage and dating sounding like a crime.

    • Um, but there should be repercussions for spreading false information though. In this case, the news started on a click-bait webscam site and the people spreading the rumor was making financial gain at the expense of other people’s career.

    • Because basically it could taint the star’s image in front of his fanbase,fandom in SK are possessive, if u make them mad, its a huge loss for the star. Hence the legal action to prevent further and alike issue in the future. And yes, marriage is a big thing for them particularly without proper disclosing steps first moreover with lesser favorable actress. So yeah.

    • Those spreading groundless rumours should face consequences tbh. There’s no reason why KeyEast wouldn’t sue and I’m glad they are because things like this should stop.

  3. I don’t know how Sohee became a celibrity. In terms of singing or acting, for me she’s bad. Even in beauty, I don’t find her so beautiful, pretty yes but not beautiful. She doesn’t have chemistry with her costars.

    For this news, their love life doesn’t concern me. So I hope for them they are happy together or not 🙂

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