Kim Soo Hyun More Mature Than Ever in New Ziozia Ad Campaign

There seems to be noticeable maturing with Kim Soo Hyun that I’ve not seen in the past few years when he seems to be stuck preternaturally in that young man on the cusp of full maturity handsomeness. He seemed too young as the alien professor in You From Another Star and the perfect casting for the newbie producer in Producers, but I haven’t seen him really bridge that gap until laying eyes on this pictorial. He’s been the face of menswear line Ziozia for many years and the ad campaigns are almost always serviceable but underwhelming. I like this batch for finally framing Kim Soo Hyun with this filled out aura of manliness, whether it’s his physique or the subtler intense longing in his eyes.


Kim Soo Hyun More Mature Than Ever in New Ziozia Ad Campaign — 10 Comments

  1. Handsome. Looking forward to see him working with Park Shin Hye in a drama. Please make that happen, since both are coming back with a drama in the middle of year. I am sure it will be a hit, and will erase all that “Heirs” couple “trauma” that still in a few Shin Hye’s fans mind.

    • Uhm.. actually.. Shin Hye did have Pinocchio and Doctors dramas after Heirs (she had movies too, but I didn’t include them). It’s only the haters, who are usually fans of other actresses or different ships and think that their fave deserve to be more popular than Shin Hye, who bring up Heirs and kissing scenes in every single PSH article. Just look at the chemistry in Pinocchio and Doctors, it was amazing in both dramas but haters will always bring up Heirs.
      Do they expect a teen drama with cliché plot to be some critically acclaimed master piece? Everyone sucked in that drama but haters quickly jump on PSH and judge her acting based on Heirs. These people have no idea that even actresses like Kim Min Hee were criticized in the beginning of their careers but they improved and showed great performances. PSH is still young and if she is given the chance, she will be able to show great performances too…
      I actually support her with any male lead, even female lead, as long as it’s a good drama.

    • Reunioun with JJH would be a bit too much. I’m sure they would be able to shake off the Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon vibes but that’s the problem, these characters were too legendary…

  2. Gosh, it’s been awhile since his last drama and I miss him terribly hard. Hope he could choose a good script this year for his small screen comeback. I’m also hoping for “Real’s” blockbuster success in the big screen. Hearts and kisses for him.

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