Lee Hyun Woo Brings the Intensity and Joy the Smiles in New Drama Stills for The Liar and His Lover

A good actor can overcome physical constraints and make the audience buy character traits that visually seem incongruous with certain looks. Lee Hyun Woo may be 24 years old but he can easily pass for early teens even and such baby-faced looks is a limitation he’s going to have to counter for the foreseeable future as he can only play adult roles now. A good example for him to follow is Song Joong Ki‘s career, the way he still looks super boyish but can sell a character like hot shot military honcho in Descendants of the Sun or womanizing revenger in Nice Guy. So much can be conveyed in the eyes and I’m loving Lee Hyun Woo’s intensity and gaze in the new stills from upcoming tvN drama The Liar and His Lover as he transforms into a believable young headstrong musical genius producer. Same goes with newbie Joy as the aspiring songstress in the new stills with her performing, there’s such a lovely warmth and sincerity in her visage.


Lee Hyun Woo Brings the Intensity and Joy the Smiles in New Drama Stills for The Liar and His Lover — 9 Comments

  1. I can’t help myself to see a boy and not a man… I like him but maybe he should make the same career choice than Yoo Seung Ho and go to the army to come back with a manlier image. And Joy is pretty tall for a korean girl…

  2. I can’t help comparing the Korean actor with the Japanese one. The latter had a more darker vibe to his character which suited the role IMO.

  3. I agree with everyone about LHW looking too boyish, but he’s a good actor I hope he can cover this with his acting, I want to give him a chance.

  4. It’s more that lee hyun woo deserve a better actress than a rookie and idol actress at that. Sorry but Joy looks older than LHW. He’s a good actor so I’m not worry about him but his leading lady gotta go.

  5. i dont know if this is a good thing and i hope she delivers but joy in the stills look like joy of red velvet.

    maybe because she is singing and she is a singer so..

    Anyhow, i hope joy delivers in terms of acting because it is not the voice i am worried for. Plus, i hope lee hyun woo’s acting will help me to think of him as aki. i know the movie is too moody and aki in the manga has his cute moments but i love depressed aki. i hope he pulls it off despite being extremely baby faced

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