Seo In Guk Casually Charming for Calvin Klein Jeans and Likely Enlisting in March 2017

K-actor Seo In Guk may be saying farewell for the next two year soon, as K-ent is reporting that his scheduled military enlistment date is March 28th. His agency responded that the date isn’t set yet but he is for sure enlisting this year so fans still need to ready for his departure soon. I became a fan after his last drama Shopping King Louie, a sweet and kindhearted confection that chronicled everything warm and fuzzy in the world. Even the baddies weren’t that awful and the story remained playfully darling to the end. Seo In Guk was perfectly dorky in the drama but in the recent ad campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans he channels the cool guy vibe without sacrificing his nice guy undertones. Love this spread and hope to hear news that his enlistment will be served in the unit of his choice.


Seo In Guk Casually Charming for Calvin Klein Jeans and Likely Enlisting in March 2017 — 10 Comments

  1. He looks very cool in the CK jeans pics. Loved him in Shopping King Louie and hope he will go gang busters in his acting career after his military service. Hope he will enjoy his time in his mandatory military service. Fighting Seo In Guk Fighting!

  2. I am really going to miss him. He had an amazing drama run with I remember you, Squad 38 and Shopping King Louie. He never disappoints ne.

  3. He was lees you a gem in Reply Me 1997. I knew acting would take him far. I’m gonna miss him for 2 years. Come back safe with well defined abs.

  4. If you want to see him being cool, check out I Remember You. There’s no traces of Louis at all, this guy is so good in embodying all of his characters and made them all unique to each other. Such a talented actor, we will miss you so much

  5. Seo In Guk is a gem in whatever he does. If you’ve been following him since reply you would know. Read he’s a real dork real life, so seeing him all cool here just makes me wanna marry him the more???.

  6. i love his song for tomorrow with you, really building my mood for this drama,beautiful song. becoming an active soldier is a good choice for him. come back with safe,i know he will be more handsome when he back from military service.

  7. Liked him in both the dramas I watched….Reply and squad38…. couldn’t complete Louis bec of the female lead….
    Really good actor!
    Wish him safe return from dutyM

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