Gu Hye Sun Leaves Weekend Drama You Are Too Much Due to Health Condition

No matter what the real reason is, this is still an unexpected and disconcerting drama related news to share. Actress Gu Hye Sun is abruptly leaving her recently premiered weekend drama You Are Too Much where she’s the younger female lead alongside veteran actress Uhm Jung Hwa. The official line from MBC is that Gu Hye Sun is leaving for health reasons, she reportedly is suffering from allergic reaction causing her difficulty in eating and needing IV drips at work. An alternate speculation is that the production is switching her out for another actress due to mostly negative feedback on her acting in this drama. Whatever the reason, I’m sorry that such a drastic and abrupt event had to go down and I wish the best to Gu Hye Sun and to the rest of the drama cast.

Gu Hye Sun’s role starting in episode 7 will be played by Jang Hee Jin, which is going to be so weird since the drama has already aired. I remember when Five Fingers replaced Eunjung right before the drama aired, and she had already filmed the drama posters and promos, but at least that happened before airing. Same goes for when Kim Jae Won was injured filming Me Too! Flower and replaced with Yoon Si Yoon, but again that happened before the drama aired the first episode.


Gu Hye Sun Leaves Weekend Drama You Are Too Much Due to Health Condition — 42 Comments

  1. Her acting feedback has been good this time and people were looking forward to the show. I don’t think Anaphylaxis is something that you make up for no reason, it’s a life threatening situation.

      • From i. Recall people feedbacks weren’t good . They even want her character to die in the drama

        I hope she gets some rest and recover well though

    • @Chichi
      What! Where did you read that, it was overwhelmingly positive this time around, even the knetz had positive comments on her role and the pairs.

    • I too read initially she did have negative comments but it is changing. Her acting has been warmly received and many are disappointed she is leaving the show.

  2. Regardless of Gu’s acting feedback or sickness, I’m glad that Jang Hee Jin took over the role. Her acting skill is good, I’m sure she will do a good job and I hope she wouldn’t feel too stress for the take over. Nobody wants to take over someone’s unfinished work, I salute her for her professionalism.

  3. get well soon ghs.i know you are sad to drop from the drama but good health is the most important thing.i wish you good luck

  4. Is it a coincidence that the drama before this, Blow Breeze also had the samr thing happen where Oh Ji Eun was swapped out for Im Soo Hyang for health reasons as well.

    I didn’t think GHS was that bad…. its the character that she is playing that’s bad…. TBH I was watching this for GHS…. The drama overall is pretty bad anyway, story just not good enough.

    • It happens to lots of dailies and weekend ones. Long format. It also happened in daily Person Who gives Happiness. From what I’ve heard, bad timing, Goo Hye Sun got sick.

  5. Get well soon and have good rest. Who knows the possibility for having baby is higher when the lady start to have proper rest and less stress

  6. Koala likes to put down GHS no matter what! I see your blog and if you like an artist you keep them on your crown and if you don’t like you just stamp them no matter what they do! She is suffering from Anaphylaxis and that’s the reason she had to leave..Do go and check naver videos..All videos which Koo is there, do soo well with views and comments..Her articles always naver hot topic..It was in first episode of YRTM her voice got shaky but later people started to appreciate and even watched the drama only for her! Get your facts before you post..I always see you putting down GHS..She is not a weak personality who would go out of a role which she has got committed to! She had taken this role knowing it’s going to be tough character to play and 50 episodes.. She even withstood the controversy she got from Blood and still continued to act and dint leave acting! She is a strong woman! If you get time do watch “Newlywed diary” to know her personality! It’s you and netizenbuzz who keeps attacking GHS no matter what!You watch the drama yourselves and speak please!

    • I’m also have no word to say when I read about the so called ‘speculation’. Wondering where Koala got her information from.

      Even Uhm Jung Hwa who acted opposite her posted on her SNS wishing GSH for fast recovery.

      • We have been watching this drama ‘cuz of GHS, she is a lovely actress… not too crazy about the rest of the cast, esp not that actress who is replacing her. Guess we’ll be dropping this drama.

      • tbf, i read on netizen buzz that people were criticizing her acting on that show. so idt koala is making this up. 🙂

    • I tend to believe koala’s sources more than what’s perceived on social media and whatever your views are. I’ve been following her blog and even she’s always right on the money in regards to stories that happen behind the scene. Unlike other blogs they tend to bubble wrap their readers to real shitt that’s happening. so if you like it or not I’m here for her sources and a good READ. well wishes to GHS.

  7. I’ve heard pretty positive feedback re: her performance. I also think her likability as a whole is up because of the marriage variety show she’s on. I watched the first episode, and she was absolutely fine. The overall look of the drama, like some family dramas, is low budget but you usually have to get a certain # of episodes in to get the full idea of where the family dramas are going. I actually wish for her sake it is about her performance because GI issues suck.

  8. The reason why we’re watching and looking forward to this drama, is all because of GU HYE SUN! She is indeed a very good and talented actress, majority of her drama assignment is doing great rating, maybe it was only in BLOOD were she was mostly criticize. Anyway all of us is praying for her early recovery!

  9. She is not pregnant. She was recommended by her doctor for a long term treatment because she is diagnosed with a sever case of anaphylaxis. And this can be deadly if not being treated right away. I hope she recover soon!

  10. oh my oh my… PLEASE… for those who commented she is suffering from “ANAPHYLAXIS”, do you know what this term means? Please google or check Wikipedia! There is no form of “severe” anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is severe enough and it can be deadly. NO doctor will send a patient home if the patient is still having an anaphylactic reaction. Treatment is acute, it is an emergency! There is no long term treatment for anaphylaxis… Please get your sources straight!!!

    • Well, they didn’t. They send her to the hospital immediately is what I’ve heard and eventually decided to replace her.

      • Epipen shots can save you but you still need treatment for additional complications which she has. I don’t know what you’re getting at quite frankly, dhe is really sick.

      • There must be reason other than anaphylaxis. My little cousin has anaphylactic reaction to peanuts which landed him in Emergency a few times, he can go home the next day. Just avoid peanuts is his doctor’s advice, no need for any long term treatments!

      • Some people breaks out in hives when severely stressed enough.
        Usually hives is associated with some form of allergy and can appear anywhere in the body. Hives can cause gastro problems.

        Not saying she is just guessing if they say allergy.
        But you see where the “speculation” comes in.

    • Yep, that’s why when you are given a medicine they want you to look out for any allergic reaction/or have you wait 30mins because it could only lead to death in mere seconds like when people are allergic to bee stings or peanut butter. These people usually carry some epi on them.

      • @Jae. Thank you. My point is… the reasoning doesn’t make sense when she is replaced at work because of an anaphylactic reaction. It happens acutely and when properly treated, patient recovers quickly. If avoid the causative agent, anaphylaxis usually will not happen again. If she is sick, just say she is sick! Not anaphylaxis is what I am trying to get at @Gem

    • Yes anaphylactic shock is severe enough to cause death but i guess what they mean here as severe is when even 2 epinephrine shots won’t work anymore that a patient who goes into anaphylactic shock has to be intubated because they cannot breath on their own. GHS was brought to the hospital due to anaphylactic shock and is still in the hospital due to the complications that she developed on her digestive system from the anaphylactic shock some patients can developed kidney failure or cardiac failure from this or even multi organ failure.Fyi .. she is really sick from the complication she got from the anaphylactic shock and complications thus require long term treatment.

      • thank you. this explains much better! hope she can recover quickly. I wonder if they have found out what she is reacting to? Is she out of ICU yet?

      • I had once a “mild” anaphylactic shock due organic cosmetics (not a good idea to use when your immune system is overreacting on nature) and only thanks to my well stocked shelf of different types of cortisones I didn’t had to go to emergency room. It must be absolutely scarry to someone who isn’t used to allergies, asthma attacks and swelling reactions. Hopefully it is an Once in a lifetime event for her. Otherwise her entire life will change. She loves her animals so much.

    • Dramafever quoted her agency as “serious allergic digestive disorder,” as reason. Food allergy. They said food allergy = anaphylaxis. I blame Dramafever for this inaccurate description.

      • Food allergy! She lost her job for food allergy… anyone believes this is a totally moron 🙁

      • Gosh I don’t think you guys understand what you’re writing .. Why blame DramaFever they were just writing what MBC and YG said..yes it’s true I’ll say it again food allergy = anaphylactic shock that may also lead to serious allergic digestive disorder
        DramaFever didn’t even mention your speculations infact I just read it from koala of course and from you.. FYI .. GHS acting in YATM was appreciated by Knetz with so many positive comments
        @candycane.. yeah she lost her job because she got really sick when she had the food allergy and not because of the speculations from koala that you and her followers believe .. oh by the way I’m not a moron because I know what are the consequences of being allergy to food that is why I believe dramafever rather than koala’s and her followers speculation that is a product of their imagination cause by their hate or shall I say jealousy to GHS

  11. I was planning to watch this drama just for Gu hye sun but I won’t be waching it if she us not apart of it. I hope she gets better. But it would be awesome if it’s because she is pregnant.

  12. I don’t even follow the drama but I’m intrigued that there is so much hate towards the poor actress. @candycane, you so want to believe she was fired so much so that you antagonize people with sympathetic comments towards GHS. Tsk tsk. I wonder what she did to you to warrant such nastiness from you.

  13. I ran to Koala’s right away after I saw the preview on youtube MBC… it was odd but I’m watching on DramaFever / Xbox One at the moment and I found it a good 6 episodes ( so far) binge. I think I will stick to it… Anybody know how long the series shall be? I actually like the story line so far and didn’t think she was so bad.

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