Liu Shi Shi Attends Omega Watch Lost in Space Themed Anniversary Event in London

Space may be the final frontier but I have yet to see Asian entertainment really produce space themes shows or movies. This year may be going into uncharted territory with a space genre K-drama in the works, and on the C-ent side actress Liu Shi Shi represented in London this weekend for the Omega Watch “Lost in Space” event with keynote guest astronaut Buzz Aldrin. I love Shi Shi and she’s so beautifully shaped she can wear almost any type of down with her figure, yet she tends towards the unfussy and conservative when at her not yet 30 years old age she should and could be more playful. Her black strapless column gown at the Omega event was nothing to blast into space for, and looks even more uninspiring with her short hair slicked back. If she played with loose waves it would have been a better contrast.


Liu Shi Shi Attends Omega Watch Lost in Space Themed Anniversary Event in London — 7 Comments

  1. Space maybe the final frontier, but it’s made in the Hollywood basement! – Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    sorry to say we’re in a terrarium, lmao!

    • Wow! Your comment is absolutely ridiculous. You might not think she’s pretty doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same way as you do. I think she’s stunning. She has this grace and elegance about her that I don’t see in a lot of Asian actresses.

      I think she looks great in her simple black dress. I don’t think it’s anything wrong for her to dress more conservative than other actresses her age. She seems to be a very proper/mature person in real life, so her dressing mirrors her real life persona. As long as she’s comfortable in the way she’s styled, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  2. LSS is a very pretty actress. There are many beautiful & talented Chinese actresses out there. Unfortunately some people are just judgemental about them.

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