Song Hyo Kyo Misfires in Youthful Yellow Jumper at Esprit Event in Hong Kong

In the history of fashion faux pas this is but a tiny blip, and really it’s more posting to catch up with a star who would have been a welcomed sight in Seoul this week to attend the 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards. Alas top K-actress Song Hye Kyo, who made a lovely appearance at the event the year prior for Descendants of the Sun, didn’t have a drama or nomination so she wasn’t at this year’s award to maybe add some fashion flair. She doesn’t always strike the right look on the red carpet but she’s one of the most consistently beautiful actresses of her generation so it’s weird to see her look so awkward in a youthful canary ensemble at the Esprit event in Hong Kong this week. The brand skews young and Song Hyo Kyo doesn’t look a day her age of 36 years old (Korean age), but the look really does her no favors since she’s on the short side and this just makes her look rather squat and unflattering. Better luck next time!


Song Hyo Kyo Misfires in Youthful Yellow Jumper at Esprit Event in Hong Kong — 30 Comments

  1. The whole outfit doesn’t work. It’s her body shape. Those heels got to go, too fancy for such a regular look. She is very beautiful but this outfit definitely shows how much she has aged, it doesn’t go with her age, it’s more for a younger girl.

  2. Her midriff looks fat in this dress as compared to her “Full House” days. She wore similar dresses in FH drama and she looked very fine back then. She still looks beautiful, but her age & weight are showing here… ?

    • Ah, That’s why somehow i feel like this picture must be taken on her Full house era. She’s beautiful so white shirt and jeans will look a lot better than this one.

  3. she was there as espirit model so she has to dress in espirit dress.maybe i am bias but she looked great to me.

  4. I am surprised by some comments here. I believe that if you show these pics to someone who doesn’t know who she is and tell them that she is 23, they would believe it. She is stunning, very thin and could pass as a 20sth…Anyway, I agree that the outfit is not good: party heels + white T-shirt + yellow dress?? Definitely a bad combination, and the dress does not suit her figure…

  5. She is really beautiful but the dress is not good to her but it is Esprit event so she has no choice. She looks good and very very beautiful in the burberry event.

  6. She is beautiful but come on, she isn’t youthful anymore. And I always find that Song Hye Kyo has a beautiful face but she is quite stocky. The outfit is definitely too young for her

  7. She never had great proportions to begin with and so it’s probably difficult to find outfits that look good on her.

  8. She looks just fine. The outfit is cute. She is as lovely as can be.
    To read all of your comments, it’s as if all of you are 5’8″, 120 lbs, 22-year-olds with flawless hair, skin and teeth…sheesh!

    • She is definitely better looking than most everyday shorter, heavier & older women. But as a spokesperson for a youthful fashion line walking on stage, people tend to expect a bit more than a beautiful face. She is paid to do the job, not as an actress but as a model. It is understandable why some of these comments are made. Chill!

      • Saw Hye kyo in person last week in hk & she is far from heavier side, She is really slim.
        Candycane surely u dont like shk i saw alot of ur comments here in this site & u always have something to nitpick about her even her dyson article u still don’t have anything nice to say. If u really don’t like the person why bother urself to comment or visit her article seriously? I don’t get why people have to do that if I don’t like the actress or actors I never bother to check their articles.

      • @Monica – who are you? “surely u dont like shk” YOU ARE WRONG!! You have totally misinterpreted my comments. Did I ever say I don’t like her? Show me the evidence!! Huh Huh?? If I don’t like her, my comments will be a lot worse than this. Can you read?!

      • @Monica – Hey, I have just reviewed my comment on the Dyson article. I was commenting on the Hairdryer only. If you like that hairdryer, it is fine with me. What did I say that bothered you? I don’t take accusations like this! R u a delulu?

      • @candycane “Expect a bit more than a beautiful face”?? …. “paid to do the job”?? So what is she supposed to do? Grow 4 inches taller and turn 10 years younger overnight?!?! Esprit obviously hired her because they like the whole package that she represents, age, height, weight and all. They probably submitted several free outfits for her to pick from for that day, INCLUDING the one she’s wearing.
        But a lot of people, such as yourself, buy into the ridiculous beauty standards set out by the fashion and entertainment industries. You want to perpetuate the unhealthy, unattainable, ludicrous idea that only skeletal, q-tip-looking women in their 20’s represent beauty.
        So what if Song Hye Kyo is only 5’3″, and so what if she’s 35 and not 22, and so what if she wishes to wear this particular outfit paired with these particular shoes? Can’t we women give each other a break already?

    • For an actress who is a good height, probably less the 120, with flawless skin and teeth…yeah we expect better then this outfit. Sorry. Never judged how pretty she is, just that her stylist did a pretty shitty job.

    • @Nats – you don’t need to be so defensive! You can continue your support for Esprit. The dress is so unattractive that I won’t be spending any money on this brand of dresses. I am not at SHK’s age yet, so I guess this brand is not for me from what you have said? hahahahahaha…

      • None of your business how old I am. Every age group demands respect, and obviously you don’t understand this basic mannerism.

  9. hahaha some commenters here are funny.esprit sign song hye kyo on jan.2016 when she was still embroided in her tax issues and before dots became a monster hit,they knew about her age too,everything was against her but still they signed her as their model when they could have easily sign an age appropraite plus scandal free actress.
    this means they know she represents all they wants in someone to be chosen as the face of esprit in asia so i dont know what some people are talking you know better than esprit whom will bear the consequence if sales does not improve.

  10. This article is rather lame. I suppose Koala finally felt satisfied writing it. Well, some find joy in little things like these.
    Anyway, it was only the opening of an Esprit store, nothing grandious, and Song Hye Kyo appeared briefly for five minutes or so. The outfit was indeed unflattering (but it was so only because of its design), and I doubt there is a person who would have looked better in it.
    For those who want to know, she also appeared at the Burberry Fashion Show in London and also in Laneige events; and she looked as perfect and youthful as ever.
    It all depends on the context.

  11. It’s very poorly fitted, but I think if it was better fitted and she worse a different top under it, it wouldn’t look so bad. She doesn’t look old or anything, but that outfit would not have worked even on a 22 year old.

  12. This dress was made to be worn by a taller, thin model. It is not the most attractive dress made. To me, when the dress looks ugly on the model, you can most probably decide the dress is ugly.

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