Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

New and dramatically sideways drama posters for upcoming big budget period C-drama Princess Agents has me mildly hopeful I can find a new C-drama worth watching. Can’t say I love either leads Zhao Li Ying or Lin Geng Xin but I don’t dislike either as well and have heard lots of buzz around this particular project since it was announced. Zhao Li Ying plays a slave girl in the Wei dynasty who becomes a martial arts trained agent turned general and strategist, basically a period version of a feminists dream. I quite like the black background sideways character posters, it makes me look twice and the contrast and intensity makes for a visual pop. The drama premieres in early June so I’m expecting a big summer hit with the popularity of the leading lady and the aspirational slave to leader strong female lead story line. Check out the first teaser for yourself below with English subs.

Preview for Princess Agents (English sub):


Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin — 18 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for this drama!! It’s one fiction which once started couldn’t put down!! I’m neither of their fan but both the leads do look good together! I believe zanilia can deliver the heroine part! And love love the male lead in the fiction;) hopefully drama is as good as the fiction!!

  2. I have been waiting for this for a long time. The trailer looks great. I also saw a bts clip of how they filmed the actions scenes and the actors were doing a lot of their stunts. Really impressed with ZLY doing her own stunts, but I could be biased bc I adore her. I hope this drama delivers. It has a strong cast and China knows how to do historical dramas.

  3. I can’t wait for this! I love Zhao Liying and I love Li Qin. I can’t wait to see them playing such unique characters. Hopefully, this drama will live up to the hype.

  4. I really love Zanilia, she is a hard working actress who puts everything in her acting. I saw the trailer and I am excited.

  5. supporting Zhao Liying from US. Love that she has an Electronic Information Engineer background and top of that 11 years hard working actress. Princess Agents needs to deliver her to the top.

  6. Wow! Love that trailer.

    Captain K, do u happen to know whether this drama is adapted from novel, Queen No 11 Agent 11, But minus the time travel elements? Just wondering on this as the setup of main character being the slaves, the arrow, and YanXun are the same as per novel (IMO..)

    On another note, do u know when Oh My General would be premiered?


    • According to the drama’s Baidu page, Princess Agents is an adaptation of that novel, but with some elements changed. As for Oh My General, it’s said to air during the summer (June or July) of this year, but no official air date has been released.

      • Does the novel mention anything about Yuan Chun princess of Wei? What happens to her in the novel? Also, is her character the same in the drama?

  7. Okay, I’ll give this a go. I hope the characters are a little more nuanced than in General and I (drama not book).

  8. I really like her a lot.Loved ” The Female Prime Minister” especially the romantic comedy “Shansha loves to eat”.Looking forward to see this drama.

  9. I love C dramas but don’t have a link for downloading it. please can you suggest a site for downloads? Thanks.

  10. watching here in the Philippines… thanks for uploading in youtube with English subtitle. I like the lead actor and actress of this drama 🙂

  11. Been watching the drama and so far it’s actually not bad because the comedy is good and funny I do really like it and you know when it can to the sad stuff man they did good cause I cries like crazy. It’s good that they kept some of the stuff from the novel Q11 because I know that the novel is very rated R and it’s great They can still keep some things from the book But hopefully as it goes on I am not disappointed because they say it is 60 episodes. Fingers crossed!❤

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