Kim Yoo Jung Considering Leading Lady Role in KBS Summer Drama School 2017

Healthy competition is good for all, keeping up the intensity and spurring achievement to greater heights. It’s been a very healthy competition with nary a kitten meow of a cat fight between child actress turned leading actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, proving that their fans are either mature or maybe the same group that loves them both. Either way, both talented young actresses have tapped into plenty of meaty roles and successful dramas in the last two years so it’s a tad weird to hear that Kim Yoo Jung is considering the leading lady role for School 2017, the latest iteration of the drama series that last saw Kim So Hyun as the leading lady in Who Are You: School 2015. Kim Yoo Jung is actually a high school student so I have no problem with her taking this role but after the runaway success of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds it feels a bit like a step back. But then again, the drama could have an amazing story and a great director, making a return to the school yard worth her while.

School 2017 should be in deep casting mode right now considering that it takes over the Mon-Tues slot after Fight for My Way (Third Rate My Way) which premieres next week on May 22nd. The script will be penned by Lim Soo Mi who wrote Let’s Eat and Rude Miss Young Ae while directing is young PD Park Jin Seok of Naked Fireman.


Kim Yoo Jung Considering Leading Lady Role in KBS Summer Drama School 2017 — 22 Comments

  1. I feel like if one is to do high school dramas, they might as well do a good one. If this is anything like School 2013, it could very well be worth Kim Yoojung’s talent and time. School 2015 was a waste, sadly.

  2. I don’t understand the point of this casting because it’s mostly going to be a ‘Who played it better’ or ‘Which version was better’ contest’. I like a healthy competition but this doesn’t feel like one. And I agree it does seem like a step backwards.

  3. So the lead actor they are considering for this drama is 9 years older than KYJ. Uhhh…are we sure this is still about high school?

  4. I thk word was the writer n production will aim to make School 2017 to go back to its roots. School 2015 was a mix genre with thriller elements. While School 2017 would be more slice of life and potray the highs and los of high school students. Age wise this is an appropriate role but i dont know if its meaty. But most of the stars that did School series went on to make a name for themselves. Som are saying it should be offered to a less popular actress as KYJ became so popular with Moonlight and won KBS awards last yr so i understand what Ms Koala means by it being a step backwards

  5. When I read this news, I thought I wanted a reunion between Kim Yoo Jung and Kwak Dong Yeon ! They were cute together in Moonlight ! The both of them can play teenager. Adolescence Medley is one of my favourite mini drama, KDY was great. For te story, I hope they will be able to create characters like in the drama Solomon Perjury (without all the mystery about the death of course), they were very touching 🙂

  6. It is indeed a step backward for KYJ if she say yes but she always wanted to play a high schooler so its not a bad choice.If YJ say yes I just hope it has a solid script and that she will play an interesting character.

  7. I wish she would choose something else. For me it’s not about Kim Yoo Jung vs. Kim So-Hyun. I love them both since they’re both immensely talented.

    I just wish she would choose something that is a lot more challenging and actually making HER the leading role. Not the leading role next to a male actor. Also it would be a step a back from MDBC to be honest.

    If they’re able to give a bigger role in School 2017 and she isn’t just a sidekick for the male lead I’m all in for it.

  8. Beware of the fanwars 🙂 KYJ fans can be quite delusional with their perfect unnies perfect talent and bash anyone else…

  9. I don’t understand why people doesn’t want her to take this role. She has the good age to play this kind of character, after it will be to late. And not all is about fame ! If a character is interesting, it should be enough. She’s young, she has the time to have more important role in the future.

  10. If she wants to take this, she should take this project. No matter what people will always compare. They are the same age and both equally very pretty. As a celebrity, I am sure she knows what she is doing. If she wants to do a high school role she should, then this is perfect. Not sure why people are telling her what she should or not do. Who cares about comparison.

  11. Yes no matter people will compare and fan wars will arise. She needs good high school drama when she is the right age to play. She needs more youth fans with this School 2017. They both came out strong with The moon that embraces the sun, now people are more into Kim So Hyun, they say KSH is better. Becoz KSH did more dramas than KYJ. I love both girls.

  12. i wonder if an idol will be casted for a role. wouldnt be surprised tho, with the number of new girl groups/visuals

  13. Both are talented and well like. But I personally prefer one to the other. As I find one of them is more mature, serious and knows how to conduct herself in public. Very unusual for a girl her age. She carried herself very well and respectful in all situation.

    • Meanwhile, I prefer the other not just for her vivacity but also for her commitment to education and charity, and her awareness of social issues. People jumped on her for a maliciously edited gif when people who actually attended that event said she was respectful and charming at all times.

      Let’s just agree that both are talented and professional, and they don’t deserve being constantly pitted against each other. Thank you.

      • I know for a fact we are not talking about the same thing…But both are definitely very talented. And they will always be pitted against each other. As it is the reality of the world we live in especially in the tough industry they are both in. Both girl have accepted it is nit a sugar coated world they live in and it get tougher as they get older.
        And there is nothing wrong in being compared to each other. As they both understand this growing up in this industry. And they both mature and sensible to accepted the healthy comparison without hard feelings.
        We as fans will also prefer one to other. And that is also our personal choice. Nothing wrong with that either.
        So I really do not know who you think I am referring to in my comment but dont bother making assumptions. As that is really unnecessary. Thank you.

      • Pretty sure both are equally committed to school and social issues. They both study hard on set and off and have been known to show support for many causes. It’s just that one is more vocal about the support than the other but their commitment level is the same.

        I would also like to point out that Seo Shinae and AKMU are also home schooled. Does that make them bad students who are hung up over their career? Don’t rub your bias into people’s face like an immature person.

  14. I’m going to get it out here first, I’m a fan of Kim Yoo-jung, but that doesn’t mean I’m prejudiced against Kim So-hyun, because I find her just as loveable and talented young lady, and I’m looking to support both of their future endeavors. Although I’m aware of the constant comparisons between the two, I hope we can be a responsible netizen and stop bringing down the other to uphold our own bias. I have to say, I disagree with Koala bringing in the comparison first in her article when this is meant to discuss Yoo-jung’s casting news.

    I know School series have always been a platform to launch rookies careers, I don’t find it necessarily bad that they choose to go with someone with name for the new series, the publicity itself is helping the show. Personally, I want Yoo-jung to take this because she wants a high school role while she’s at the age for it, and because I miss the girl so much. Regardless of the outcome, I hope the coming School series sets itself apart and be a female centric show since the offer goes to Yoo-jung first before everyone else. Crossing my fingers for Yoo-jung to say yes.

  15. I understand what Koala means. After being accepted into the “mature role arena,” why go back to high school type roles?

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