Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Lead Cast Script Reading for Bride of the Water God

The upcoming K-drama adaptation of manhwa Bride of the Water God has many unknown elements from cast to narrative conversion from period fantasy to modern times. It’s the kind of unknowns that have sunk many a K-drama in the past but when everything clicks can create a wondrous and unexpected treat. I never warmed to the original source material the same way I didn’t click with the webtoon for Cheese in the Trap, but that adaptation was given initial raves for being a spot on adherence to the source material from page to screen but Bride is premising it’s version as deviating substantially from the source at the outset. I’m excited to see how the production plans to transfer the narrative to present day, and how the fantasy elements will be woven throughout in visually impressive ways. The cast of Nam Joo Hyuk, Krystal, and Gong Myung are gorgeous enough to be believable as gods and goddesses, with the titular Bride of the Water God being the equally pretty but mortal Shin Se Kyung.


Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Lead Cast Script Reading for Bride of the Water God — 6 Comments

  1. I read the debut of the story and in my memories, we saw the hero like a child the most of time… So I don’t see how they will adapt this story without change a lot of things. And I’m not convinced by the cast either (and by the heircut of NJH…). So not sure I will watch it.

  2. I’ve watched Shin Se Kyung in “Fashion King” and “Blade Man” and I did NOT come out impressed with her acting. Granted that both the drama’s plot was terrible too but that does not discount her acting or lack of it.

    Nam Joo Hyuk’s only satisfactory drama performance for me was in “Weightlifting Bok Ju” and that was mainly because the role was suitable for him and it was written in such a way that you couldn’t but help fall in love with him. Acting with his real life girlfriend helped a lot in the chemistry dept too. His acting in “School 2015” “Surplus Princess” Moon Lovers” was very shaky.

    Krystal again,only drama I’ve liked her in was “Heirs”. ” My lovely girl” was a complete miss.

    The only actor with a good track record here is Im Joo Hwan.

    Anyway I might be completely wrong and the drama might blow me away. Will keep an open mind and check it out when it premiers.

  3. I have bad feeling about the drama becoz of SSK, i see no chemistry between them based on these pictures and even i cant imagine. Im Joo Hwan looks so good, he is a good actor i think. He looks like Korean version of Yang Yang. I think Crystal is beautiful but her voice is not suitable for acting i think. I read people have positive things to say about Gong Myung. I love Nam Joo Hyuk ever since his Who are you school 2015, where he lacked acting experience. But loved his role and the actor.

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