K-movie Wiretap Delays Filming for Male Lead Kim Woo Bin to Undergo Intensive Cancer Treatment

I’m never going to make fun of K-drama’s penchant for noise bleeds to indicate working too hard or closeted illness, because that’s exactly what led Kim Woo Bin to get a physical which diagnosed his ealry stage nasopharyngeal cancer. Hallyu actor Kim Woo Bin was prepping for the start of filming on his next movie the thriller Wiretap when he noticed he was getting a persistent sore throat and also constant nose bleeds. He went in for a full physical which was how the doctors diagnosed his¬†nasopharyngeal cancer early, and based on the treatment timing early stage such cancer has a 90% full recovery rate within the first 5 years. That’s the only good news but any form of cancer is still scary and daunting, and Kim Woo Bin reportedly considered undergoing treatment in secret and keeping the news from his parents. He ended up telling them and his agency released the news to the public to prevent incorrect news from later spreading.

Kim Woo Bin’s long time actress girlfriend Shin Mina‘s agency has already released a statement that she’s supporting her boyfriend during his cancer treatment. It’s still so dizzying to see the parallels for Kim Woo Bin’s real life cancer situation with elements from his last drama Uncontrollably Fond, but since this is real life I’m praying for a happy ending and full recovery for Kim Woo Bin.


K-movie Wiretap Delays Filming for Male Lead Kim Woo Bin to Undergo Intensive Cancer Treatment — 9 Comments

  1. I’m hopeful he can beat this since it was discovered early, plus he’s still very young. I’m glad his girlfriend is standing by him through this difficult time. I’m gonna miss him cos he will be out of action for a while. Get well soon ! We will wait patiently for you to get well again and grace us with your charisma and talent.

  2. is he planning to not telling his parent? well that’s just break my heart. imagining what emotional turmoil he has been go through. i’m abit feeling ghoosebump at the coincidence between his last drama and his real life event.

    • No, in the end he told them and that’s the reason why his agency made the public announcement of his illness.

      I’m actually torn with his initial plan. It looks like it’s heartbreaking but at the same time to keep something like this from the parents… What if it would turn out to be more serious?

      • yes… despite in the end he told them, it’s clear he has it in mind. and he must be in pain alot not to think logically the first time he heard the news. he even planned to continue shooting.

  3. His loved ones are the TURNING POiINT!

    Kim woo bin Fighting! You are being loved! We care! People around you love you!
    Cancer is no big deal! Kick out this

  4. My heart is with him and his family at this difficult time. Radiation and chemotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer is very painful. Hope he stays strong and wish he gets the all clear soon.

  5. I’m hopeful he will make a full recovery and that he doesn’t suffer too much because I understand the treatment is painful due to the location of the cancer. Good luck to Kim Woo Bin, his family and loved ones.

    I really wish we could stop bringing up his last drama though, it doesn’t deserve to get more publicity off the unfortunate and serious illness this young man is suffering in real life. Plus I feel it’s just bad luck.

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