Retrospective: Yoon Eun Hye’s The 60’s Mini Night Fashion Pictorial From 2006

The passage of time can be cruel to some who don’t age well and generous with others who seem unchanging, and in the rare instances showcase both in varying degrees to a sense of nostalgia. K-actress Yoon Eun Hye has been on an extended hiatus from Korean entertainment for the better part of three years, but those who remain a fan of her acting talent shouldn’t forget that she was an idol for many years prior to transitioning into acting. 2006 is actually a seminal year for her, it was the year her idol group Baby V.O.X. disbanded and also the year she did her first drama in the very popular Goong (Princess Hours). I found this exquisite and moody pictorial from 2006 in my collection and thought to share, highlighting that 2006 Yoon Eun Hye was one of the most uniquely beautiful Korean stars I’ve ever seen, and that she’s matured and grown so beautifully in the intervening thirteen eleven years til now.


Retrospective: Yoon Eun Hye’s The 60’s Mini Night Fashion Pictorial From 2006 — 55 Comments

  1. She was really huge back then, she had two massive smash hit dramas back to back, and those dramas are legacy Hallyu now.

    And at least she got big off her talent and not her face, even now when she gets hate in Korea no one ever brings up the fact that she was an idol – that’s how successfully she transitioned to acting.

      • @lizley, I agree with you!…she is a great & beautiful actress…
        Hope to see her back in a TV drama with the right project & good
        leading man. I wish that she will SHINE again… hopefully a romcom
        drama. Cheers!.

    • I really her from the very first moment watching princess hour, I remember still that i skip my work pretending to be on field area just to go buy her Princess Hours DVD and skip to sleep in a day…. After watching, i became addicted to her and bought/watch all her Drama and movies…. until now keep waiting for After Love movie

  2. I Haven’t forget all her photoshoots. Agree to disagree i’m not here for a debate, she’s one of the best when it comes to photoshoots. She has this kind of aura that captivates you. ( Marie claire 2008 with Kim Young Kwang, Vogue 2011 , W 2009 with Lee Yong Woo,…From what i read she has a lot of haters,and some still saying that she is an idol who got the chance to have 2 big hits dramas They tend to forget that she was the 1st idol to reach that level, the younger one to get the baeksang award before Moon Geun Young,that every item she wore in dramas were sold out… She may be not that popular now but she achieved a lot at a young age. And still in my heart as the actress who introduced me in Kentertainment ! Thanks Mademoiselle YEH!

  3. @cahill, are you talking about my previous comment about YEH? I am definitely not a hater of her. I watched Princess Hours and enjoyed it. Yes, I agree she was successful at turning from idol to actress at a young age. However, I was one of those rare people who couldn’t get in to her Coffee Prince role but this is my personal taste. She might have won the Baeksang award for the role but does everyone have to agree with awards and popularity?

    • No i wasn’t targeting you @ Abc, we made peace, you remember ? I respect your preferences . It would be no fun if everyone loved the same things. But i find unfair the way she is treated by knetz . she is part of kdrama history. One ex, last year i sold my collection of dvd of dramas in France, the ones which were sold out imediately were Goong, Coffee Prince, You’re beautiful and Full house( over 50 titles) That speaks a volume .

      • Cahill chingu, hi. We are always here, on any news of this rare talent, aigoo…..

  4. People who don’t know the story of her path to stardom will think that she got into the showbiz in the easiest way like most idols thesedays, to get their acting gig on the silver platter. They don’t know that she has had to fight for it. She’s the first ex BV member who turned into acting. She’s got her first drama role (Goong) through audition (she’s auditioned for the second role actually). She’s filming Coffee Prince when she’s still in dispute with her old agency. The fight in which affected her health condition. And not to mention of how her haters always try so hard to bring her down. It’s not easy for her to be in showbiz. It could be said that she’s got into stardom because of her persistency. Because like @teacake said, she’s got into acting not because of her face. She’s gone through so much through her career. So if she’s decided to slow down her acting career for now I think it’s her priviledge.

    • @Lal Agree with you , i know very well her path. But you can’t blame people who are dying to see her in a project. But she seems to find comfort in her religion so if she’s happy that’s all i want too. I rewatch her dramas like i re-read the Jane Austen and E Gaskell ‘s novel when i feel down. Off of topic, do you know if she’s still directing short movies ? And about her movie , did they release a dvd ? i would like to see her acting in it. Thanks !

      • @cahill, I miss her too. But what can we do if YEH decided to prolong her hiatus ?? I hope it’s not true.

        To answer your question, I still don’t have any new news about the movie (AL). It seems she’s still busy with her cafe business & religion activities for the time being.

  5. it’s funny that a YEH fan always compare her to MGY… MGY is at a more respectable level and her status in Korea has maintained high throughout all these years ever since she was a child actress. There should be no comparison. The pettiness of YEH’s fans just make the situation worse… lol…

    • @ Candycane .I wasn’t comparing her to MGY . They have a diferent path. And MGY is my 2nd fav actress , both have something in common their unique beauty and aura . Beauty is in the eye of beholder and for me they ‘re the most beautiful ones. I was just refering her as the younger winner of Baeksang dethroning YEH who was the 1st.

    • @candycane, yes I agree there should be no comparison. But I also think that you should not underestimate YEH just because she was an idol. For an ex idol YEH has achieved so much. The first ex idol who got Baeksang award (BA used to be a prestigious award) and she’s been the highest fee drama actress once. And she’s got all of these in a such a short time span in her acting career (she’s got BA on her second/third year into acting)

      BTW, you can’t categorized all of YEH fans based on one characteristic (just because you don’t like YEH or some of her fans) it’s unfair…

      • I’m fed up with the fact that when i say something about Yeh people tend to categorized me as a hater of all others actresses. A hater of who ? I was just saying that YEH was the youngest Baeksang actress in tv until Moon Geun Young. Where is the comparison there ? Sure there’s no comparison possible not because one is a child actress and the other a former idol but because each human being is diferent. And as a human being too don’t i have the right to state that what YEH achieved all by herself is something to be proud of.

      • De plus, pour une fois je vais m’exprimer en français car un certain nombre d’entre vous ne comprennent pas mon anglais. Il y a pour moi une grande différence entre le mot FAN et Aimer . Un fan met sur un piédestal le ou la personne. La personne qui aime voit les qualités comme les défauts . Or j’aime YEH , car je peux admettre qu’elle a ses défauts aussi. Mais allez faire comprendre ça ! Autre chose , ne dit on pas que la haine n’est que l’autre face de l’amour ! LOL

      • No Problemo dixit HOMER SIMPSON . I wasn’t talking about your post @ Bee. Have a nice day.

    • Well said @leyla. I should keep it short too when YEH is mentioned. It’s worse than the supporters during the FIFA World cup .

  6. I never said I don’t like YEH. I hate people misinterpreting my words! Why mentioned MGY when you don’t want comparison? Again, as I said, the pettiness of YEH’s fans just make the situation worse…

    • You can mention something or someone without making a comparison. MGY was mentioned as the youngest Baeksang actress winner.

    • @candycane, IMO you should directed your call “pettiness” to yourself instead of YEH fans. From humanity POV your previous comment, that MGY has more respectable status & level than YEH is an insult.

      “All humans have an equal basic moral status. They possess the same
      fundamental rights, and the comparable interests of each person should count the same
      in calculations that determine social policy. Neither supposed racial differences, nor skin
      color, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, intelligence, nor any other differences among
      humans negate their fundamental equal worth and dignity. These platitudes are
      virtually universally affirmed.” – Dale Jamieson, Oxford

      I know that Korean people sharing your view by their own “standard” but I don’t have to agree with them.

      • I couldn’t agree more @Lal . And honestly speaking i don’t care about awards , prizes,… because for me every human who is trying to survive in this mad world is an extraordinary person ! There is a french song from 90’s called ” un homme extraordinaire” by Les innocents .The lyrics are great for those who can understand french.

  7. Just a thought experiment. I recall Gong Yoo(GY) saying there are talks for his next film/drama(?) after Goblin and that the leading lady might be Song HG. Haven’t read any confirmation on that. Wonder if the big date may affect the shooting of this GY show and they proceed to look towards a reunion of famous Coffee Prince OTP. Wow, that would be Kentertainment’s heaven. But then again,..

    • Been looking at all your post in this thread and that word ‘petty’ suits you more actually. I see you like stirring drama out of nothing. I guess the appropriate name for someone who does that is troll. Good day:)

      • Why am I being called a troll when I don’t want MGY to be mentioned with YEH?? Is the comparison necessary?? Seriously??? Sei pazzo???

  8. I miss YEH. I wish she will return with a good drama or movie. I respect YEH more for putting God first. May God bless you more.

  9. Don’t mind the haters. I still love Yoon Eun Hye. Thank you Ms. Koala for this lovely article of YEH. I’m always waiting for YEH’s news and articles. I hope she will confirm new kdrama soon. Fighting!

  10. I really do miss her like the whole world.i know people have always negative thoughts to one another thought they dont even know personally the person just becuz they heard it or read it in a magazine or in the internet .they are spreading malicious accusations rumors what so ever .knowing the person not just one day i know nobody is perfect but look at yourself if you live better her.or should i say thats why their making those malicious thoughts becuz they cant afford that shes wayyyy better than you. All her magazine photos they are all classy, stanning , gorgeous, the way she pose so seductive .I personally say that shes a perfect description of the goddess of beauty.i love the way she act Ive rewatched all her dramas countless times becuz ive never seen her awhile.i hope she can comeback soon.i was waiting and waiting for her movie to come out it says they will release it late last year then beginning of the year and now moddle if the year already? Enough is enough let her back please! jebal jebal juseyo!!!!

  11. Txs for this beautiful memory lane, she is my favorite Asian actress, bar none. I dream of the day that I can see anything new from her, love every single work she has done.

  12. I’m not her fan but I miss her in dramaland. We have 5 months left in 2017 but so far there is no news of her project. And I hope her movie with Park Sihoo is released this year, it’s been delayed way too long.

  13. Really gutted to see how the much negative reception/backlash she’s getting frm the general public back in South Korea. All it took was one wrong move from that stupid reality fashion show fromsup Mainland 2yrs back. Her supposed plagarism scandal seriously took a toll on her career. I absolutely believe that copying is something she would never stoop towards but very honestly…… her response to accusations could have been alot more tactful because it really took a wrong turn ( DISCLAIMER- BEING OBJECTIVE, NOT A HATER).. Wish she would deviate frm the Chinesw market ( cause that’s the place of origin of her scandal?!) and start actively promoting locally? More than half a year is already gone. Her reps on her behalf claim that she’s looking into scripts/storylines… would like to think that something on screen will happen by the end of this year but need to prepare myself for possibility of disappointment.

    Nevertheless.. Always missing and waiting for ya :’)

  14. Every inch of me tells me that we have not yet seen her best work, I have to believe it’s coming and will silence all of her haters for good. I truly fail to understand why some are so hateful to a person they have never met and never been proven to cheat or plagiarize. I for one, will never believe it, she’s too creative a person to resort to anything like that, she’s been in the game since 15 and knows what’s up, so I can understand her hiatus while she plans the rest of her life. I just wish she knows how many people really like her and look forward to seeing her.

    • I still don’t understand the double standards of this industry ! How can she be receving so much hate when some celebrities with bad records ( sexual assault, military service issues, plagiarism of songs…and whatever) are still doing fine and for some more than fine. Good for them , so let the girl live . She didn’t hurt anyone ! No wonder she ‘s taking her time for her comeback. But don’t forget something ” Ce qui ne vous tue pas, vous rend plus fort.”

  15. She was horrible in Goong but then redeemed herself with Coffee Prince. I miss the time when idol actresses were actually talented.

    • your opinion is that she was horrible in Goong, my opinion is that except for the on and on goings on of Yul’s mom revenge and face time, I enjoyed every aspect of Goong, the music, Perhaps Love has remained one of my favorite Ksongs, JJH is great in Goong, I think he had his best chemistry with YEH, SJH was great as well, her parents and little brother were so enjoyable, YEH was great in Goong, and I cannot see anyone else playing that part as a newbie. and there’s nothing ANYONE can say about YEH/GY in CP, a perfect pair.

  16. Interesting thing to note is that, back in 2006, the magazine didn’t choose to lighten her skin tone to make her look paler than the moon, which seems to be the stylistic norm nowadays.

  17. Korea has talented women actresses. This beautiful talented lady, is one of them. She has this ability to redefine herself when doing photo shoots or dramas. She can write, direct, paint, act, model, sing and dance. She is truly multi-talented. She seems to want to be her own women, but the powers to be, in the entertainment, make it difficult
    for independent thinkers to survive. They really are a bunch of weasels, it is either join their stables or do not find the plumb jobs. They can make life difficult for actors.

    I hope she makes a decent comeback, and proves to people that actresses are people who can live their own lives, and not having to put up with some slick pup who think they can own them.

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