Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Discuss Changing the Future in First Teaser for While You Were Sleeping

It’s here, the first teaser for the highly anticipated (by me!) SBS Wed-Thurs fall drama While You Were Sleeping. It was fully pre-filmed but unlike another pre-produced drama Uncontrollably Fond which was filmed in winter but aired in the summer so all the visuals were wonky with it being boiling outside and the leads swathed in great coats and scarves, this one was filmed in fall and winter and will air at the start of fall so can nicely usher in the cooler temps.

The first look at scenes from While You Were Sleeping features solely the leads Suzy and Lee Jong Seok, all emotionally intense under the soft fall of snow while discussing how she can see the future and what will happen if he helps her alter the course of what she saw. They look great together but then again I’ve though both leads always visually match up with any of their former costars so hopefully there’s chemistry aplenty and a gripping story by screenwriter Park Hye Ryun to move things along nicely.

Teaser for While You Were Sleeping:


Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Discuss Changing the Future in First Teaser for While You Were Sleeping — 35 Comments

    • Hopefully not because LJS sucks in melo. he’s better at playing geniuses with tragic past, about the only thing he can play. Oh and Suzie’s last melo was … ZzZzzz

  1. Except the music, I didn’t like it but I didn’t dislike it neither… But it seems flat like the narration. The scenery is beautiful but too clean.

  2. What’s with all the naysayers? I, for one, can’t wait for this to finally air! Love Lee Jung Seok and the writer <3 The only wildcard is Suzy, but knowing the writer she will probably tailor the character to suit the actress, so Suzy should be OK and will hopefully not stick out like a sore thumb (still recovering from her screeching in Uncontrollable Fond)…

  3. Interesting. The cinematography is great that it looks like a movie teaser instead of drama. This teaser also proves that LJS and Suzy oozed chemistry.

  4. Well, the teaser definitely makes me want to see it. It hints at an actual storyline, plus visually it’s very pretty.

    (As a side note, sometimes I wonder why people always rave about a “visual couple,” or the idea that a couple who visually look good together will naturally therefore have chemistry. Of COURSE they look good together–they’re Hallyu stars. You can put any such combination together and they will be a “visual couple.” Because that’s part of the job requirement… I don’t know that I’m feeling chemistry oozing off of them, aside from the fact that they’re pretty. But I do feel the tension of a girl who wants help preventing the disasters she foresees, and a guy who doesn’t believe/doesn’t want to help.)

    That said, I do have high expectations from this writer…

  5. You know what? I”m not gonna say anything. Just keeping my thoughts to myself since this trailer didn’t change them 🙂

  6. it seems Suzy has improved a lot. i´m impressed actually. no comment on LJS, his role is generic tbh. the drama sounds like a rating winner. I’m predicting a hit.

    • well its a 1 min teaser so i wouldn’t say she has improved yet. But her expressions seem a bit more natural. Yeah i read a ljs interview how he said it wasn’t much about the characters but about the stories they present so the cases he works on as a prosecutor

  7. im not trying to get my hopes up. UF was bad and the ending to W was disappointing so its better to not get to exited. But i love the writer and i have loved everything she has done so i will definitely watch it.

    • Because Lee Ddochi is not a versatile actor. His acting is very mediocre and overrated even though he is supposed to be a ’daesang winner’.

  8. There’s been some really well written dramas on various networks lately. I hope this has a solid script and hope everyone does justice to their roles. There’s undoubtedly lots of pretty here, I sincerely wish all the pretty has a solid core and substance too.

    • @Gem – that’s a kind and optimistic comment.

      but past experience with certain parts of that ‘pretty’ leads me to believe we will have to, as the saying goes, expect little (at least she is facing the right way on camera!) and forgive much (it’s the fault of the writer, or the weather, or someone made her take the role etc).

  9. The only part that I don’t like is the kiss, I cannot feel any chemistry. I hope I’m wrong because I love LJS and I will watch this no matter what.

  10. What other dramas that will compete in the same time slot? I wont say this one is gonna win the rating. Many A lister failed to keep the high rating, instead they lost to those who usually played as the 2nd actors. So, lets see… Anything with Suzy can be a hit or a miss. But mostly a miss. But LJS, hmm… His last drama didn’t really make his name as shining as before. Not a fan of both. But one episode or two wont hurt.

    • Correct me if I am wrong. They will against MBC Hospital ship (but the staff are on strike so may not even finish production) and KBS Manhole then Mad Dog with Yoo Ji Tae and Hwayoung (I thought KBS staff on strike also???) in beginning of October. So this drama has a head start and I would say no competition.

  11. Eh Suzy looks the same as usual – shot through a pretty filter with really good makeup, but same old struggle acting. But at least Park Hae Ryun is good at writing female leads and covering for bad acting so maybe there is hope.

    As for LJS, he may not be perfect but he usually has good chemistry with his male and female costars, but he didn’t have any with Jin Se Yeon and from the glimpses of them together in the trailer, he has none with Suzy either. Being good-looking people is not the same as having chemistry.

  12. is this a mashed up of Signal and Another Miss Oh, CI/prosecution + romance, hmm too many premonition recycled drama but this one has idol actors in it. based on preview, I think Suzy’s acting is the same, the only change is her short hair. while LJS, same acting in Pinocchio. but no worries, their legions of minions will keep on making noise and overhyping this anyway.

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