Oh Yeon Soo Offered Leading Lady Role Opposite Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi for Hong Sisters Hwayugi

This isn’t the leading lady selection among the handful I had in mind when I heard about the Hong Sisters next drama and the likely male leads. The sisters are going back to the tried and true male leads who helped make some of their most successful dramas, Cha Seung Won who worked with them in Best Love and Lee Seung Gi who starred in their My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Their next drama also goes back to tap into the fantasy genre, taking a twist on the Chinese classic of Journey to the West (Korean pronunciation Seoyugi)¬†with upcoming Hwayugi.

Cha Seung Won is slated to play the handsome cool Bull Demon King with Lee Seung Gi considering the role of the mischievous Monkey King. The female lead will certainly be based on the Monk character and in this case with a gender switch, and K-ent is reporting that Oh Yeon Seo has been offered the role and is considering. I’m good if she’s ultimately cast, I’m still taking a wait and see approach with this whole drama due to the ambitious retelling of a famed classic text and under the hands of the hit-and-miss Hong Sisters.


Oh Yeon Soo Offered Leading Lady Role Opposite Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi for Hong Sisters Hwayugi — 8 Comments

  1. So the monkey king and bull demon king will romancing the monk?

    Not sure how c-netz will take this. I’m not chinese but I’m familiar with the story and watch tons of the adaptation, but still not sure about this. My favorite is 1996 TVB (season 1) and yes I find that “love story” between monkey king and spider demon is cute, but shift it to monk? Even japanase Saiyuki don’t take BL road too extreme.
    What’s wrong about modern take on the story with a group of 4 men finding their life meaning; a mature nice guy, a playfull brat, a playboy, and the naive one (may be add one more quite guy for the dragon prince)

  2. Fan of Yeon Seo and after watching some retakes of the director instructing her to be more antagonistic, more exaggerated and shriller, I felt her My Sassy Girl performance was what he wanted. She’s immensely talented….a brilliant chameleon.

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