Kim Yoo Jung Rocks Colorful Fila Down Coats in New York City

This really is a pairing of endorsement synergy, with teen actress Kim Yoo Jung taking the down jackets of sportswear brand Fila to new visual levels. Kim Yoo Jung smartly turned down a step backward in School 2017, headlining a high school drama is still age appropriate for her but her experience is really beyond that. Maybe she will take on more serious dramas or movies to challenge herself after the fluffy hit Moonlight Drawn By Clouds but I get the sense that she has a smart head on her shoulders. And if she’s made any mistakes she’s young enough to be humble and learn from it, so it’s telling that she’s just re-signed with her agency Sidus HQ, a sign that she has faith in her agency and hopefully she will pick a fantastic and suitable next project. For now her Fila pictorial in New York City is a major win in her pocket.


Kim Yoo Jung Rocks Colorful Fila Down Coats in New York City — 65 Comments

    • Saying School 2017 was absolutely brilliant is debatable. The drama was just OK. In terms of the School series or even the mundane high school dramas, it was mediocre. There have been and will be better HS dramas in the future. I’m glad she turned it down. With her experience, she can do more challenging and better written work in the future.

      • The drama was well received and popular amongst teens in Korea so it’s not fair to call it mediocre/ok. It’s done wonders for the career of the leads so don’t try to up your bias by bringing others down.

      • @lasttime
        It may have been popular among teen and idol fans and it may have done wonders to the School 2017 actors’ careers, considering how unknown these literal rookies were to the television audience. But out of all School series, this one has been the most mediocre starting from the plot to acting. No amount of shielding for Kim Se Jung & co. and the stupefying plot will change the fact.

      • A show can be mediocre or even bad in terms if quality and still be popular or have a fervent following though….it happens all the time.

      • I understand the criticisms regarding the plot but School 2015 had an even worse/more stupefying plot and Nam Joo Hyuk as a male lead so on balance, School 2017 is better than that.

  1. Has FILA always had such uninteresting jackets? They looks like they could be just about any brand in the market. She looks better with long hair actually.

  2. I would have rather she left the agency. That CEO is super shady! Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Kyo both left the first chance they got. Even her close friend Seo Shin Ae left it.

    • Yeah the word “resigned” is super confusing! Lol. It actually means she quit the agency, when she did the opposite. Most media outlets forget the hyphen, so it’s confusing af.

  3. Kim Yoo Jung (or her manager) seems really smart just by looking at her role and career choices. She is already titled as the next possible Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo. Heer management has been clever by skillfully crafting he image. Doubtless, she’s a beloved actress of the nation at such a young age. It helps that she’s a reasonably good at acting with conventionally beautiful visuals.
    However, I really dislike SidusHQ. They use very shady PR and media play tactics which just leave a bad taste in your mouth. She should have left for a good acting company. I mean, she is very much on demand by various entertainment agencies. Then again, SidusHQ has treated her well since she joined them. They’ve brought her moneyed endorsement contracts and drama/film offers, which she wouldn’t necessarily have gotten if she were in a smaller, no-name company. I applaud Kim So Hyun leaving that shady company. Hopefully she will be able to get into a good company and find success there too.

    • Sidus is good at picking talents but it’s infamous for its behind the scenes. The agency is known for disruptive media play, buying awards and blackmailing it’s own artists. She should have ‘resigned’ from the agency actually. I don’t trust them.

    • @Me too
      I’m actually surprised that KYJ re-signed with SidusHQ, considering how terribly they handled her last ’attitude scandal’ and her consequent hospitalization. They handled it so badly and kept mediaplaying it so it kinda backfired on her. They did dirt to Kim Woo Bin too. I’m actually amazed how they get to keep these artists? I’d rather be self agent than get entangled with SidusHQ and its dirty games.

  4. KYJ pick popular genre but her acting very one note. Still very lacking as an actress. Rookie actresses like GSY have more nuance than her.

    • Agree with this patially. Gong Seung Yeon (if she’s the one you’re talking about??) has picked up more diverse characters in different genres as opposed to have taken leading roles as a bland female lead.
      This is a bit tricky for child actors because they have a certain image (the sweetheart, cute nations little sister image) and if they break it, they might get a lot of hate. Kim Sae Ron for example has received some hate for her choices of roles, although she has picked up the most diverse roles out of the ’three Kims’. The change has to be gradual and nothing too radical. Or if they didn’t give a damn and dived into challenges regardless of public opinion, they’d eventually get praised too if they succeeded in that.

    • I think KYJ has so much potential, but usually sticks to the nice girl roles. I think she could expand her range if she took some antagonist roles like KSH has in the past.

      • Her role in Thread of Lies was a dark manipulative character, she played a bullied confused teen in Angry Mom, She was mercurial in Circle of Atonement. Maybe you should watch more of her work? 🙂 She’s barely 18, and was pigeonholed playing the child version of lead characters for a very long time… She’s currently trying to break away from those roles. She said she wants to play a very dark character, I hope she gets the chance to do that soon. She’s also involved in theater (in her school group) and that’s a good place to hone her talent. She’s an amazing untapped gem, IMO she’ll be the next Chun WooHee!

  5. I really like this actress. Her beauty is very unique and she seems a simple teenager of her age. For the choice of work, it’s hard for her because she’s very famous and people are expecting a lot from her, like the perfect cute girl.

    At first, I thought it would have been a good idea to act in School 2017 because she has the good age for that. But after seeing this drama, I think the opposite. This drama was very disappointing. All the story was about the main couple and it was so cheesy, it was very hard to watch. The main actor was very weird for the cute parts… and it was sad for all the other characters who weren’t developped because of this. Only Dae Whi was interesting and the actor was good, but was better in Solomon’s Perjury.

  6. Out of the 3 Kims I find her the most uninteresting. She’s lucky with Moonlight but her acting was too similar to all her other roles till date. She doesn’t impress me. Kim Sae Ron on the other hand is multi talented and Kim Hyangi is the most impressive of all child actors.

  7. To each his own,because in reality especially in Korea, out of 3 Kims and even out of all the girls in her generation – she is the most popular and most loved. Even before Moonlight, she and Yeo Jin Goo were phenomenal because of Moon Embrace the Sun, so what Im saying is even before Bogum era, in Korea, Kim Yoo Jung is already Kim Yoo Jung. Moonlight is her first lead pick, so take a seat and wait. About being interesting, I guess you havent even watched her interviews, lol she is actually the most interesting if you are after personality – damn beautiful but easy going, honest and upfront.Lol You are missing but if you are not from Korea, well your opinion doesnt really matter

    • Kim Yoo Jung fas are a weird bunch…. I’ve seen some nasty tweets (and stopped going to twitter because of their stan ’culture’) and dramabeans comments and they are absolutely odd.. something wrong with you KYJ fans?

      • Evey fandom is composed of different people. Each has their own way of supporting/stanning their bias and of course having conflicts within and with other fandoms is inevitable and unavoidable. But if you’re a person who is willing to judge an artist and her fans since you don’t like some people in the fandom without taking into account other fans (specially long term ones) who are good and peaceful supporters then you are just looking for some excuse to justify your hate/dislike for the artist.

        Also, honey, I would like to remind you that there is a mute/block option on twitter. You can even customize the stuff you are only interested in to appear in your timeline. No need to avoid going there. Twitter is a nice sns if your looking for quick and realtime news/updates 🙂

      • It’s true Yoojung has the worst fan base of the lot. They are obsessive and fanatics. Much like EXO-L with ARMY. I’ve seen complaints about her fanbase on every single Kdrama blog, sns platform etc. They are actually giving her a bad name without even realising it. Quite a shame for the artist.

      • @anon, bully mentality? I’ve seen your brown icon and anon name on Koala doing more bullying. Now you’re pretending to be a nice little fan, aren’t you? At least I’m honest, even brutally honest but I much prefer honesty to being a fake bish with herd mentality and watered down opinions lol

        @Piniy, 🙂 You get me. KYJ fans are really awful just by looking at their comments. Kim So Hyun and her fans are minding their own business and they come with their ’’my unnir is better and more popular than yours’’ and ’’my unnir works less but gets more ratings and awards’’ bullshit. If they (both KYJ and her fans) weren’t children, I’d had a few things to say but I’m decent enough. To ahjumma kdrama fans I’ve got one thing to say though; shouldn’t you concentrate on some other things than fangirling? Just leave it to the teens..

      • Aww you remind me of one of my favorite lines in TS song, “…so casually cruel in the name of being “honest”. I really could say the same in KYJs case. I’ve seen malicious comments and anonymous confessions saying their bias is better and more popular than hers, she got attitude (wow), and her fans are bullies over and over again. If that is not also bullying and playing the victim and you call that “honesty” then I don’t know anymore lol. Just because she is woman with a strong personality (straightforward, honest (!), Tomboyish, confident) a lot of people are labelling her as someone with bad attitude even though she has done a lot of good things (charities, support projects). Her controversy was even a witch hunt! Do you know how bullied we felt at that time knowing your favorite artist who is working so hard was judged for a 3 sec gif that is manipulated so obviously. I usually don’t reply in the comments section but I’m stressed about school (i’m in my 20s not an ahjumma girl) and just tired of seeing this accusations for the nth time. And you claim that only teens should fangirl i’m shaking my head honey, atleast ahjumma fans fangirl with their own money not from their parents and anyone else let them have fun too.

      • @justsaying All three Kim’s indulge in charities. In fact every single star does. It’s how they ‘clean’ their image. This is what I don’t like about KYJ fans. They act like she’s the only one who has that personality or does those things. They are all teenagers with similar behaviour. Give it a rest with the my unni is better crap!

      • @Noona: do you have reading comprehension problem? Justsaying didn’t say anything about KYJ being better than other actresses for having those characteristics, stop putting words into other’s mouth. WHat do you want, that KYJ fans are not allowed to praise her positive characters altogether because that’s how every teenager behaves? This is what I don’t like about KYJ antis. They are so deep in their hatred that even just a normal praise of KYJ, they automatically perceive it as an attack to their faves and deliberately interpret fans’s comments to be of malicious nature when it’s obviously just a normal fan behavior.

    • She was popular as a child artist before Bogum era but lost her credibility after Secret Door. Bogum saved her in that Moonlight drama while she stayed where she was before the drama. Only her international fan base got a little bigger but her Korean fan base is more or less the same. And she lost a lot of CFs after her attitude controversy and has only a handful left now. She’s really not as popular as you think. If you talk about child actresses all three Kim’s are at the same level because of all the media okay their agencies have been doing.

      • “Bogum saved her in that Moonlight drama” I never even finished Moonlight but I remember everyone (both in korea and internationally) going crazy over the drama and I always thought it was the adorable combo of the two together that made it work (I really should give it another try).

        It seems like every time I come over to Koala these days everything turns into weird fandom/antifandom angst. She seems like a nice enough gal who is going to have bumps in the road (the attitude controversy reeked of jealous netz)and no one is immune to them.

        I wish all three gals the best. I’ve seen more of the gal in School 2015 and the ghost drama but passed on her latest one. I did watch KRW in Mirror of the Witch as well. They all are talented and hope they have long productive careers.

      • Secret Door was not even a proper leading role for her; she was removed halfway and replaced due to her age. I personally think she did great in Moonlight for her first adult leading role. Bogum received more attention simply because he is a guy, and fangirls are the ones watching the drama.

        And yeah her Korean fanbase is stagnant because she is already at the top for her generation for many years. A small scandal won’t hurt her footing in Korea (even beloved actresses like Jun Jihyun, Song Hyekyo and Park Shinhye had CF, tax and attitude scandals). Expanding her international fanbase is what she should be striving for and Moonlight gives her just that.

      • Sidus very clearly called it her first lead role and they replaced her because she was so terrible at it.

  8. As a fan, I also have my reservations with sidus but I’m happy that they give her free reign on what project she likes to do and a schedule that still allow her to attend high school regularly. I sometimes think that their lack of good publicity support on her is a price of this freedom. Good thing that she already made her name on her own hardwork and talent.

    The competition between the 3 kims is non-existent as evident on their interviews so I never bothered comparing them. Yoojunggie is still young, I won’t worry on the variety of projects that she has been in but a good female centric drama in the future is one of my wishes for her. Her CFs made up for the amount of dramas that she has been in recently and I’m sure that’s also keeping sidus happy to not pressure her on anything. I am just proud that she is enjoying her youth and never neglecting her education. She’s a lovely woman with a beautiful mind and a brave kind heart. Looking forward to what’s in store in the future for her 🙂

    • I think, she’s short for an actress, she will have a hard time looking for leading man to look good on her height. also, Im not too impress with 3 Kims teenage actresses, they seem too young to take on leading lady roles, it’s uncomfortable. In terms of visuals, not that impressive too, Ive been used to Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, YEH, etc, generation of visual actresses.

      • Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Kyo are literal shorties. Pretty, but super duper short. Also Yoon Eun Hye visual with her ugly crooked teeth? You’ve got to be kidding me. SHK is at least pretty. All of them look too young to be taking lead roles in full length dramas and movies, you’re right about that.

      • Short??? SHK isn’t any taller. Well, she can always find a short actor to co-star with her then. Also, SHK at her age is just working on ‘Autumn in my heart’ but KYJ is a household name already due to TMETS. KYJ is still so young she has a long career ahead of her. She definitely can take her time.

      • I actually think the height thing is one of the things that makes the gal from Strong Woman so adorable. The actor just ended up tossing her on the piano when it was time for the kiss.

        I think they can all handle lead roles but not always adult lead roles. In MOTW, KRW was good but the two leads had hardly any screen time together for the first half of the drama which I think was a good idea. I’m not too picky about age differences but I do think it impacted how I looked at the romance in that drama.

      • She’s actually taller than SHK lol she just looks fluffy and adorable so you have this notion that she’s shorter than she is. Well the industry is to be blamed honestly, looking for idols and younger actresses for popularityand bankability instead of casting rookie actors in their 20s. I agree that we should let them grow up more instead of pressuring them to conform to beauty standards but it’s too late though they are already working hard and dieting at such a young age. The 3 kims are the best visually among the actresses on their age bracket (although i don’t know a lot and exckuding idols) for me so there’s no problem lol shk, kth, jjh, hjw has really set the bar high in terms of visual so I don’t compare them to anyone. I really do wonder how the dynamics will change when they entered adulthood. Let’s just wait and see.

  9. I really like Kim Yoo Jung and never understood the “of all the 3 Kim, this one or that one is better” attitude. O.o That’s just weird to me. I like them all since they all have different or even similar qualities to them.

    I’m not sure how I feel about KJY signing with Sidus again though. They handled the whole “controversy” pretty badly. This alone would’ve been a reason for her to leave Sidus. Also I would like for KYJ to become more diverse in the roles she plays. Yes she is everybody’s darling and it’s difficult to grow up in front of the Korean nation but she is transitioning to adult roles… Typecasting is not what she should be looking for. She is way too smart for that.

    • It seems like the new contract is for short term only and not another 7 years. I just hope that sidus don’t repest on what they did on jjh and shk 🙁

      I’m sure she will have more diverse roles to come but I won’t expect on dramas, movies are the best medium to showcase talent plus they have more unique and challenging roles

      • Pretty sure Sidus invented that scandal just to trap her. They might do it again I feel. Feel bad for her to stuck with an agency like that.

  10. KIM YOO JUNG proved her talent even as a child actress.I can never forget how I felt like the Moon Embracing the sun should have continued with the child actors I especially thought kim yoo jung and her older brothers counterparts didn’t do their roles justice. She has done variety of roles like her role in angry mom or her role as a North Korean with the singer from bigbang. An plenty of other roles as the childhood counterpart like she did for Han Hayo Joo. Aside from her surperp acting she is gorgeous, charming and was perfect as the childhood versiont of the beautiful Song Hye Kyo as I feel she is most similar to her.

    • I specially liked her performance in Revolt of the Gumiho, Dong Yi and TMETS and in terms of movies, I liked her bully role in Elegant Lies. She did some diverse roles when she was younger and I hope she get those kind of roles in the future. And I agree to someone who said that in movies she had a higher chance to get these kind of roles.

  11. My god, you crazies!
    I came to read some news and gossips to wind down before going to bed. Happened to stumbled across your crap, fighting back and forth over celebrities that you don’t even know. It’s tiresome. Get a life, geesh!

    • Hahaha but this is the fandom world! I have a life and I chose to devote a tiny part of it to supporting an artist that makes me happy for some (sometimes unknown) reason. Feelings/emotion often rule a fan rather than logic but hey I chose to devote my logical/rational side to my work and immediate society. I really appreciate your concern but maybe you should stay away from the comments section if you don’t want additional stress in your life. We know that we don’t and will never really know our bias personally but hey it’s fun while it last.

    • Hahaha… @BeQuiet! – you must be new… you think you can wind down coming to this site? Just go to bed and don’t come back. Sheesh… every time a so-called actress with some fanbase is mentioned here, a war will start. You can tell by the number of comments generated. Stay away and be quiet, unless you want to be blasted ?

  12. School 2017 sucked so bad both in romance department and school life department too. Boring and forgettable. Thank god Yoo Jung turned down.

    • Stop dissing School 2017 just to promote your ugly Yoojung! Kim Sejeong is a 100 times more popular than her and we’ll liked and doesn’t have any attitude controversies!

  13. Stop dissing School 2017 just to promote your awful Yoojung! Kim Sejeong is a 100 times more popular than her and we’ll liked and doesn’t have any attitude controversies!

    • Another delulu with problems in comprehending written text. No one on here was promoting KYJ in the expense of your Kim Se Jeong. Everyone was lamenting here how terrible School2017. She is a rookie and a so-so actress. Just face it, how bad School 2017 was and how novices the younger cast was at acting. Your Se Jeong unni’s smile looks fake, forced and insincere by the way. Are you sure she won’t get into an attitude controversy?

  14. KYJ antis are out in full force, huh? In every article of hers, they keep spouting the same craps about “attitude controversy”, “playing the same roles”, “ABC XYZ young actresses are way better…” and when KYJ fans appear to defend their fave like every fandom out there, they suddenly ride the high horse, acting like KYJ fans are the worst type of fans when antifans are no better, just the opposite side of the same coin. LOL@ the notion that Park Bogum “saved” her in Moonlight. The only saving grace of that drama is the leads’ chemistry and Park Bo Gum surely can’t create chemistry by himself. She’s already famous and well-liked before that drama, if anything PBG benefited the most from the fame of that drama for playing such a bland role.

    • It’s always the same in every Kim Yoo Jung and Park Shin Hye articles. People either fight about them, or use them to put down other actors.

      • More like people use other actresses to put down PSH and nowadays even KYJ. This apparently comes with popularity. And of course n big fandoms, there are some delusional fans but to generalize all fans is a bit…

    • Bogum is cute, no doubt, but YJ is a much more mature, more nuanced actress…You could easily tell in places where he was struggling she was calm and collected. I heard she was only handed the script of the first 4 epis of MDBC, and agreed to take the drama on that basis. This is why she was such a spunky fireball in those first few episodes, then her character became a literal wet towel later on…Typical K-drama BS…I hope she gets to play that psycho role she so craves so that people can stop bitching about her supposed “one note-ness.” Back to BG, I think the boy is a total rabbit, all fluffy and adorable, but he in no way is an actor with clout. I so wish people would stop worshiping at his alter just because he’s a good-hearted handsome face!

      • Lmao are you saying she is a better actress and did better than him? Her character in ML is basic so she didn’t showcase anything. PBG is the one that makes that show.
        I’m not even his fan and I like KYJ among the young actresses. Just get things straight

      • Haha you’re not his diehard fan yet you claim he’s the heart of that “fluffy” show and is in fact better than YJ when he HIMSELF said in plain words, that he learned so much from her, and if it weren’t for her he could’ve never pulled of his character so well? You’re so funny. YJ is literally a veteran in comparison!! Besides all that, that drama was pure kiddo stuff, and as I said above the girl hasn’t even begun to spread her wings, she’s been playing same-y characters/roles as per the fact she’s still pretty much a child actress. Give her a few years, see if she stays the same, if she does I’ll come back to swallow my words! Somehow I know that won’t happen 😉 As for BG, I’ll reiterate, yes he’s good looking and a nice kid, but he’s no Robert De Niro lol he’ll go far because of his squeaky clean image, but not for his acting clout or talent! It’s not the same in YJ’s case …peace!

  15. people start dissing kyj first den wen her fans comes out,u claim we are crazy,I don’t get,if you don’t like her then don’t click on her article,it’s not by force,and fyl,the more you diss her,the more we,her fans will support her,so please get a life!

    • Crazy KYJ fans one rant as always. Worst fandom ever! And your bias isn’t even that popular to begin with! How dare you compare her to PSH. She’s a goddess while your bias is nowhere near her level in acting or looks. KYJ fans need to stop staking claim to PSH for boosting their popularity.

      • Seriously, English is not a very difficult language to understand, so please next time you want to write,kindly read carefully before replying.tanks!

  16. KYJ is one of my biases. I’m her fans since the iljimae drama where she is still so small and since then I watched all her movies and drama.

  17. Kim Yoo Jung is not famous but all the fans of other biases are here wasting their time to argue ;)))) There are 2 main things that I think why KYJ, the quiet actress has a lot of bad comments:

    1. From the fans of other young actresses – trying to bring her down because even claiming that Yoojung is NOT that famous, deep inside their brains and hearts, they know that Yoojung, who is 18 year old by age now, is the TOP, yes TOP not even levels, you will see it in Korean polls and surveys friends, TOPPPPPPP TEEN ACTRESS at this point, despite of not having too much exposure on dramas. They know that in due time, she will be Korea’s TOP ACTRESS, so they have to diss her as early as now. lol

    2. HAVING DAMN BEAUTIFUL VISUALS at that age, I envy her. LOl

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