Engaged K-couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Take Pre-wedding Trip to Paris

The C-slang for a celebrity sighting in real life is spotting in the wild, which in safari context isn’t really in the wild since the navel gazer went to the animal’s habitat. But for celebrities it really is in the wild because stars live in the real world just like us plebeians and one never knows when a sighting could occur. Certain high density urban capitals like New York, London, and of course Paris are prime spots for star in the wild sightings and this week some lucky fans of Song Joong Ki and/or Song Hye Kyo got the eyeful in the City of Lights.

The couple was in Paris for personal reasons per their agencies, with Song Hye Kyo sharing the picture above of her stylishly walking the Parisian streets, and fans snapping pics of her with future hubby Song Joong Ki. Hopefully their fans are now more “ands” than “ors”, the plus one aspect, since the two are about to tie the knot next month and it would suck if their individual fans didn’t also grow to love the other star. I certainly like her much more once she was confirmed to marry Song Joong Ki, “love the home then love the bird living inside” is also a well-known Chinese slogan that helps remind one to be more accepting.


Engaged K-couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Take Pre-wedding Trip to Paris — 64 Comments

      • There isn’t any constructive criticism in the comments above. Just criticism. You they actually want her to improve on it they could have point out what she said that sounded confusing and how she might fix it

  1. There is nothing wrong with koala’s writing. BTW, has someone read that speculation is there may be a bun in the oven? The first photo kinda looks like it and there is a side view photo online which is not shown here… Not a fan, just being nosey… hee hee…

  2. Ok so I am familiar with SHK and SJK and their works(and loved some of them), I really dont have any attachment to them as a couple.So I was debating whether to comment or just ignore this entry.But since all up for discussion.Here are my two cents.I cant help but feel slightly amused at their agencies.Like why do they have to give an explanation, to every move these two artists make? I notice they are always doing this, when they are heading to the same location?Even if its the journalists bugging them to spill the tea.They dont have to respond and explain away, every little thing.

    Actually, I was on instagram the other day, and I saw the picture with song hye kyo wearing the gray jacket.There was a text going around saying her agency was asking for that pic to be deleted.I was like but once a picture is leaked to the internet.There is no way you can erase it.I didnt see what was wrong with the picture.They cant continue to be coy about her relationship with SJK. They acknowledged their artists are in a relationship.Let the public celebrate their relationship(of course this does nt mean stalking is justified at any time).I know both are extremely fierce about their private lives.But at this time in their lives, that’s a futile exercise. Maybe if they wait it out for a year or two.They will have everything under control.

    • hahaha… since I have nothing to do now, I went to her Instagram and yeah, the first black and white photo is there. With careful selection, she has to post a photo with her arms crossed and tummy sticking out… probably from eating too much during a private vacation?

      • @candycane, i guess the media dont have articles abt ur bias,are they irrelevant? u have lots of time to be looking at shk ig post

      • Looking at ig post does not take much time!! Everyone has the same amount of time in a day, what are you trying to say here?

      • what im trying to say is, u shld be spending ur time looking for non-existing articles of ur bias, and by the way yeh said hi

    • Their agencies have to give an explanation because there is a demand. They are so popular on Weibo, every bit of their juicy gossip hits the top spot on there. It’s suffocating for non-fans like me and I’m sure it’s the same for them. How can any couple have a normal relationship if it continues like this?

      • That happens when a big star dates/engage to another big star. Yes, is pretty suffocating for the couple and non-shippers fans.

        About the bun thing if its a bun its a bun afterall they are getting married in October no need to be alarm lol their agencies. And doesn’t SJK looks kind of kiddish in those pics next to SHK. Anyway, they look happy.

    • because people always ask what they are doing. it’s not like they are giving press releases about their location. the press wants to know what they are doing and if it’s wedding related. if they don’t say, they’ll maek up their own story. like when they went to LA they had to say they there for a schedule, then word got out they are doing a wedding shoot, then they had to clarify it was a private shoot and not for public. the press made it seem like they were about to release a magazine shoot (which they might still, who knows)

      and their agencies wanted the pics above removed because they weren’t supposed to be public pictures.

    • Yeh is not my bias. I don’t need you to tell me how I spend my time. You better stop before you get burnt by YEH fans… lololol… ?

      • The above is my reply to Llyanne on October 1. No offense to anyone else please except Llyanne.

  3. They agencies take on deleting hk pic is completely justified. Fans are invading their privacy too much. And I don’t think she is pregnant because her agency and jk himself jokingly clarified that she Is not pregnant. It’s a full tummy post lunch.

    • but it is SHK herself posting the photo on her own Instagram, how can fans be blamed for invading privacy while she has 5.8M followers? Would it be easier to tell the artist not to pose any private photos on a public website?? This is definitely media play to the extreme… Again not a fan, just saying…:-)

      • That’s a public pic with her friend, not a private pic with other people. Those pics with her and SJK had another old lady/man with them and weren’t meant to be shared. They invaded the privacy of some random people posting those pictures.

      • Media play to the extreme? Hahaha Some actors/actresses might need that, not the Songs. Oh, you’re not a fan, so I guess you don’t really know how popular they are and that they’re more private than other K-stars too. SHK even takes years off before another project. For true SS fans, we know that ‘extreme media play to stay visible’ is not their thing. Again you’re not a fan, so this is FYI only.

      • I guess to a Fan, this is called “fan service” by posting “public” pictures on Instagram, which expose her location, so people can search her out & take more pictures which turn out to be “private” ?

      • @WhitePearl

        ‘They are more private than other K-stars too’

        Are you fans of most k-stars and following them? If not, than how do you know that other k-stars are less private? By your response to candycane, you said she isn’t a fan of Songs so she doesn’t know about how popular they are and how popular they are. By this logic, if you are also not a fan of 90% of all k-stars, than that means you also don’t know whether they are more or less private. Need Par or no need PR.

        The bottom line is, defend as you like and argue your case. But there is not need to compare and dismiss other kstars to boast your own biases.

      • @candycane before she post a pic at her ig fans have pic already,even before they take that plane to paris der are fansaccount already,fanpics are out before she post,so what u said that she wants fans to know where she is, thats invalid

  4. The amount of work it takes to have a blog, maintain it, write multiple articles a day which might need to be translated from a different language to English is a difficult task.

    I understand as a fan of Ms. Koala the need to point out on her mistakes to makes sure she pays a closer attention next time. However if you find her writing style redundant and confusing then why even bother coming to her blog. Do you to magically expect a different writing style from that of the owner of the blog?
    Instead of being rude, how about you appreciate someone who is taking time from her day to share some gossip? I don’t see anyone volunteering to proof read and edit for her.

    Ps: My South African educated grandmother finds it very funny when Western educated people criticize each other’s English writing skills because “they actually think it’s English because they call it English”.

    • Duh , which comments of mine being rude ? Don’t put words into my mouth.

      She posted her articles in public that means she she expects different opinions from everyone who comes to read her articles.
      Stop with attitude like oh if don’t like then don’t come , smuff
      since when the freedoms of voice the opinion is prohibited.
      And stop educating people when you yourself come out rude , mean and aggressive.

      • First of all you were not the only person who made those comments so stop assuming I was talking about you. Maybe the reason you feel so defensive is because you feel guilty about something. I could have been talking about any of the above comments. I don’t understand where me “putting words into your mouth is coming from”. What words are you talking about exactly?

        You are certainly welcome to make your own opinions, just as I am allowed to make my own. It’s just a little ridiculous to me that you don’t like they way she write and yet here you are, back for the second time on her blog under the same post you have already complained about.

        My comment were not mean or aggressive. You just didn’t like what I said and so you decided to view it as such.

        I was actually kind enough to recognize the efforts Ms. Koala puts into her blog.

      • Oops I totally thought you were responding to my comment below. Disregard the comment above. My bad.

  5. It’s easier to criticize others than to work on yourself. They like her blog but they are not shy to insult her. It’s funny really. Thank you Koala for putting time and effort to share stories with us. You don’t owe any single one of us anything. Keep doing what you love because it makes you happy not because it pleases others.

  6. Aw, can I just say that they look happy? I do not follow them extensively, but to me it always looked like they had something going on in any real-life interaction I saw between them, and I was thrilled for them when they announced they were getting married. Wishing them all the best!

  7. They look happy, I’m happy ❤ having been stanning SJK for years, I’m so glad to see that gentle glow in his face. Can’t wait til he gets the family he has been wishing for!

  8. I come to like Song Hye Kyo alot since That winter The wind blows, I just see her in a new light as an actress because I’ve never seen Song Hye Kyo is so into to her role like he did in that drama. Definitely looking out her next project even without link with Song Joong Ki. Didn’t expect Hye Kyo will marry Joong Ki though…

  9. @ candycane The first pic is normal pic of two friends strolling down the street of Paris. Well her agency asked fans to delete last pic where some commenters speculated that she might be pregnant. From where do you think pregnancy rumors came from? It came from last sets of pic where her tummy was showing. It better to ask fans to delete pics rather than giving endless response to media about this untrue rumors. And regarding media play, I don’t think they need media play considering their current status. Actually it’s media who is using Songs popularity by making news out of nothing. They are only enjoying their private vacation

  10. 爱屋及乌 (love the home then love the bird) is a Chinese idiom, it’s not a slogan hahaha.

    Also for those who didn’t understand the last part, “love the home then love the bird” doesn’t necessarily mean to be more accepting; what it means is that you love someone so much, you love the things or people associated with that person, even though they may be flawed/not the best.

    (by the way I’m not criticising Koala’s writing, just wish to contribute so that people can better understand the article)

  11. @candycane so you claimed she want to stay visible ie relevant with media play of her stay in paris?if you dont follow her, you must have not know that she only took 1 cf after DOTS, meaning if she want to keep her visibility isn’t it better by being in CF?

    • Media play means a way of communications that reaches a lot of people, ie her Instagram that is easily searchable by anyone, not even a fan. Come on, be real, I don’t need to be a follower to see her photos! A CF needs sponsorship which means she gets paid. Can’t you tell the difference? This is so obvious, only delulu like you wouldn’t get it ?

      • Do you know song hye kyo is considered as Special class actress in Korea and she has four major hallyu hits drama. Media play is last thiing she needs.she only elevated her top status post dots.

  12. @candycane.
    come on dont be like that.shk put that pic on her instagram to share with her fans specifically and not to non fans like you.

    this doesnt mean she is media playing but rather she is communicating with her fans.for your information shk didnt get one cf.

    for someone who was coming from extreme negativity because of her tax scandal which enable her loose some of her cfs like j estina.after dots she renewed five of her old cfs and 2 new ones specifically shilla duty free and dyson hairdryer keeping in mind that herfees is costly and not like other stars.

    it is not songsong couple fault if media prints every little thing about them because of demand.

    • Instagram does not distinguish fans from non-fans. I am only cruising the internet and this is what I see. Fans can defend her all they can. I don’t have any negatives against her. I just want fans to know what she has been showing to the world will be subject to criticism. Take it or leave not as you wish. To me, she is media playing, no one can change my view.

      • No offense but you are only one who is making fuss about this pic. Her sharing a pic on sns is only away to communicate with her fans it’s not a big deal and most importantly she barely updates her ig once or twice in months.

      • No offense but this is the exact meaning of “media play”. Sharing a pic on Instagram is a form of “Media”, isn’t it? If it is not a big deal, why do fans fuss about its criticism?

  13. Some people are making huge deal out of one simple pic. SongSong couple are at their peak form. They doesn’t need any form of media play. Posting a pic on sns isn’t a huge deal. Every celebs who is on sns shares pic to communicate with their fans.

  14. @candycane Special class is above A list class actors. Kim tae hee, jyun ji hyun, song hye kyo are known as Special class actress. these actress are in industry for 20years and have solid career and still going strong in their careers.

  15. @candycane you must have a beef against shk that you really need to defend your stance. never mind then. i won’t argue no more.we are free to believe and stand on what we believe anyway even sometimes our judgment can be clouded by bias, hatred

  16. @candycane when i mention about her being doing one cf or actually 2 as someone mention above, for me it’s indicated that she didn’t use her popularity to do more cf and be more visible to public. even sjk do tons of cf after dots. yes she did have sns account. well maybe i don’t actually know the exact meaning of media play like you mention. i rest my case

  17. Love the home love the bird makes perfect sense to me. We have a similar saying in my country : if you like the rose then you should put up with the thorn.

    In my case this is a rare occasion where I actually like both of them a lot. I love her ever since Autumn Tale and think her very beautiful and not a very talented actress but not a bad one either. She always has good chemistry with her co stars and it so pleasant to look at.

    He is not my type in a man (too baby face) but he is also pleasant to look at and is a fantastic actor (better than her). So all in all I wish them both happiness and prosperity.

  18. They are both very talented as actors and they look beautiful as a couple but the stalking must stop. It clearly makes her feel uncomfortable. Ever since the Bali trip Song Hye Kyo has barely updated her Instagram account and hasn’t made any public appearance. People should have some common sense…

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