Shinohara Ryoko and Hirose Suzu Cast in J-movie Remake of Hit Korean Movie Sunny

Japan is certainly on a movie remake spree and picking off really prime source material. There’s the J-movie remake of Taiwanese 2011 hit movie You Are the Apple of My Eye coming along, and now also comes the J-movie remake of Korean hit movie Sunny on its way. The J-version is called Sunny: Strong Mind Strong Love (Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai) and stars Shinohara Ryoko as the adult version of the female lead with Hirose Suzu playing the high school girl. Rounding out the cast is Maki Yoko, Koike Eiko, Tomosaka Rie, and Watanabe Naomi, a strong and funny quartet of female leads worthy of taking on the fantastic Korean original which stands as the 31st top grossing K-movie of all time and strongly elevated the careers of Shim Eun Kyung, Min Hyo Rin, Kang Sora, and Park Jin Joo not to mention producing a truly worthwhile to watch girl power and friendship movie.


Shinohara Ryoko and Hirose Suzu Cast in J-movie Remake of Hit Korean Movie Sunny — 7 Comments

    • Pretty much the story of the industry for a while. Remakes is the least of the problem. Live action anime adaptions or live adaptions of shoujo mangas needs to stop being a thing.

      • I don’t mind new adaptations as long as the storylines are interesting. But I do mind adaptations that have already been adapted before – how many versions of Itazurza na Kiss and Hana Yori Dango do we need before everyone is satisfied?

        I think Asian dramas are really lacking in original ideas. So many legal, medical, detective and political themed dramas lately.

    • I don’t thinks so. I think someone saw how much of the hit the film was and decided that it works. Actually Korea remakes more Japanese stuff (movies, doramas even adapts novels and mangas)
      I’m just tired of Hirose Suzu, I don’t think she’s that good of a actress. Nounen Rena would be great but she’s been blacklisted and I think she’s trying the become a musician now.

  1. i don’t mind. i just want to watch good drama, it will be great if it become josei drama than shojo. like tokyo tarareba girl or we millenial got problem.

  2. @Anneakemi But then there’s so much cringe that comes with current live adaptions. For some alternate world live action animes there is a mix of ethnicities which aren’t represented in the film (Assassination Classroom) or the cast is supposed to be white (AOT, Fullmetal Alchemist) and then there’s the miscast (Bleach) or bad directing (Jojo) and idk about the recent Aijin, Tokyo Ghoul, or Gintama but meh. And tbh these stories some have interesting source material or are iconic works to begin with. Now for shoujo adaptions, there’s nothing interesting about seeing Yamaken jump from one movie to the next. It’s like watching the same over with his monopoly anyway. Or the same old story of school girls falling for the jerks or their teachers, meh.

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