K-actor Jung Kyeo Woon Enters Second Marriage This Time to College-age Fiancee

Dayum does this boy move fast. K-actor Jung Kyeo Woon was remarried this week in Seoul to his music college student fiancee after dating for a year. Turns out his marriage to first wife must’ve hit the skids soon after their April 2014 wedding and in March of 2016 he announced that the couple was officially divorced. The next month he started dating this new girlfriend and the couple decided to get married after a year of dating. I’m no fan of Jung Kyeo Woon but certainly the optics don’t look the best here, but it’s a personal situation between the parties involved and could be that everyone is happily moved on to greener pastures. The wedding photos are quite pretty so best of luck to Jung Kyeo Woon on his second, and hopefully final, go-around in marital bliss.


K-actor Jung Kyeo Woon Enters Second Marriage This Time to College-age Fiancee — 18 Comments

  1. Yaaa, the protagonist of my first k-drama!
    it was a tearjerker, 50+ episodes family drama with all the clich├ęs, but I still watched it
    It had Heechul in a secondary role too!

  2. For whatever reason … Park Hyung-shik reminds me of this dude. First impression, when I saw Park Hyung-shik in High Society (Jung Kyeo-woon!)

    But there the resemblance ends. Park Hyung-shik’s intense intense eyes beats this dude anytime!

    • Same. Last year their dramas were airing at the same time and screencaps of PHS were side by side with caps of Ji Sung on the Naver homepage….they really looked like the same person.

  3. Divorced couples do find happiness with different people in their lives later on and we don’t know why their marriage was short lived. Anyway good luck to the newly weds. The tone of this article is in poor taste, that’s all I will add.

  4. Hmm i think we shouldn’t nudge since it’s well know that his ex wife was involved with thugs who abused and threatened him

  5. I’ve always liked him, so why is the other person looking down on him and saying such bad remarks. We all make mistakes, he looks happy with his new bride and I wish him all the happiness with his new wife. I’m looking forward to his new project whatever it is. In an interview, he said he’d always wanted to be a cartoonist. And I’ve seen some of his art, fantastic. Best wishes, Gyeo Woon.

  6. I thought koreans hated second marriages and divorced people… Oh wait!! That unwritten rule is only for women. Get It!!!

    • What are you talking about? Lee Sun-Hee or Cai Lin are women who remarried. Divorce is looked down upon for BOTH genders. Smh.

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