Suzy in Radiant Sporty Mode Throwing First Pitch at Baseball Game

Baseball season ended in dramatic fashion this week in the US professional league but in South Korea it’s still fall classic for a country that also loves this sport. Korean actress-idol Suzy made her fourth pre-game celebrity first pitch appearance on the mound since her debut, looking radiant and believably sporty. She’s not so thin that seeing her throw a baseball makes me fear for her health, and she has that girl-next-door vibe that I can see appeal to sports lovers as well as her singing contingent of ahjushhi fans. Suzy’s currently airing K-drama While You Were Sleeping is my favorite of all her dramas now, which isn’t saying much since she doesn’t have a huge drama oeuvre but she does have bigger rating hits where I found her acting so awful even I couldn’t get through it (Gu Family Book, imma talking to you). For all drama lovers sakes, I hope Suzy continues this positive acting improvement from WYWS in the same vein she keeps getting prettier.


Suzy in Radiant Sporty Mode Throwing First Pitch at Baseball Game — 86 Comments

  1. Now Suzy has 3 consecutive flops. She should just stick to doing cfs lol because looks like she can’t really bring an audience

  2. Suzy keeps getting prettier and prettier, it’s like every appearance she makes she peaks in beauty, wow.. And I love love love WYWS too, I’m actually surprised that I do. hwaiting sujiya!!

  3. No matter how pretty please no more leads in dramas. Stick to your strengths and she is getting better doesn’t cut it. She is awful and writers shouldn’t have to pander to the lowest common denominater but the highest.

  4. She’s so pretty.No doubt it. But, please stay away from acting. She still can get lots of offer from CFs tho. Same goes to Yoona. They ruin the stories coz of their acting.

  5. Girl has no acting talent as proven umpteenth times, better stick to modelling and CFs. Don’t deprive others who are actually talented of the opportunities.

  6. She’s super pretty and growing up beautifully! One tends to forget she’s been in the industry since she was about 16 and is actually younger than YSH, LHW, PBG, JS and even Shin Jae Ha! She looks the same age as PSH and HHJ! Same for Krystal, Hyeri and Sulli. They are all so beautiful and look much older than their real ages.

  7. She should just stick to doing CFs, there’s no shame in that and frankly, if she can’t deliver a good performance (people say ‘improved’ but she’s still uneven and struggles) after all this effort from top writers to write roles that suit her, she should step back from lead roles.

    It’s not like her last three projects were hits or anything, she can just embrace that It girl status and focus on music instead since she seems to like it more than acting.

  8. Why people tell Suzy to do this or that?
    It’s her choice to do dramas and she’s chosen by drama producers

    If you don’t like her works, just don’t see it.. ^^
    cause there are other people who still watch her dramas

    Like if you don’t like coffee, just don’t drink or buy it.. why you tell others to not sell or make it?

    just that simple, right?

    • I agree. It’s that simple, yet so many leave comments just to hate. Do haters think we need their “expert” analysis? Everyone has their own taste. Let’s let everyone enjoy what they like.

    • Would have been interested in the coffee but for the insect in it. Better to boycott than to get frustrated by ‘improvements’ only a Suzy-stan can see. If other idol-actors or actresses are getting panned regularly for their bad acting, why should Suzy be immune from it?

      • Oh, honestly, f* u. Comparing a human being to an insect just bc you don’t like her work is ridiculous. Commenters here try way too hard and I will never understand why Koala’s blog is the only one that amounts to these kinds of people that have their ego up their ass.

      • @Lit, thanks for the immense civility. Hope you don’t represent all Suzy-stans and that your idol tries a lot harder and genuinely improves in her next acting project. That way you should be less pressed.

    • More like if the coffee producer keeps force feeding its consumers bad quality coffee.The buyers have the right to complain.The problem is not even the coffee, its just that some of the ingredients are spoiling the whole thing.So the consumers are only saying, remove the bad stuff and give us back the good stuff we fell in love with, at the beginning.The audience is the one keeping them in business.The acting industry is not like the idol industry.Where that “hater’s gonna hate hate hate, or am so pretty so baby me” is gonna fly.Or subpar talent can be covered by visual.If one aspect of the production(acting, directing,script) is not ok, it brings the quality of the project down and it shows.Actors are the face of the production, so if the actor/s are the weakest link.They get the harshest criticism.Dont like your bias to be criticised and only praised.Thats why fanpages exist.If people are simply hating.Its ok to defend.But in suzy’s case, its not mere hate.She is in people’s list as ok in personality, looks,, modelling variety and even singing, just not acting.Thats why her recent acting projects keep tanking while she is successful in everything else.Thats why the same criticism keep being repeated over and over again.

      The top 3 Korea beauties were once bashed for their acting.Kim Tae Hee is considered by the Koreans as one of their top beauties.Han Ga In too.To date, they are praised for many things, but acting isnt one of them.Kim Hee Sun was once an IT girl like Suzy in the 90s.Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun.All have been bashed for their acting before.And many many others.They all had to work their asses off to prove themselves, and change from bad to at least watchable and some became good. until today, they still get polarising views.So Suzy isnt immune.Every person needs compliments and sometimes confrontations to grow.Suzy herself knows that.

      Also her stans here should be thankful she is in Koala’s like list.Unnie Koala isnt very lenient either when she wants to drag actor/actresses she doesnt like and their works.Perhaps this is why Suzy gets dragged harder than usual.She is put on a pedestral compared to those who are deemed to be less prettier/popular.

      • No one is forcing it down your throat you have the option to watch a million other dramas or re watch throne you have watched already or don’t watch at all. No one is saying you have to watch WYWS. God and your government have blessed you with the freedom of choice and so enjoy your freedom like she is allowed to enjoy the freedom of chasing her own dreams.
        The drama is not a flop so clearly some people are interested. Why should we suffer not being able to watch someone we like because you don’t like watching her? Change the channel or turn off the TV.

  9. Suzy’s acting leaves a lot to be desired, and that’s putting it nicely. She is very pretty in Koreans’ eyes and that’s the main reason producers still want her. Koreans are obsessed with beauty and youth and right now she has both. Like it or not, Suzy will continue to ride her popularity until she needs anti-ageing procedures in her 30s. Btw, she looks much nicer in pictorials when her lips are not parted.

    No, it isn’t fair to actresses who can actually act but that’s the Korean entertainment industry for you. Pretty idols rule.

  10. I do agree shes getting prettier by the day. Theres a Yoon Eun Hye quality to her but frankly her acting is truly pretty shitty… its sad when her best performance struggles on the borderline of passable. Call a spade a spade. It sucks. I prefer to watch real actresses that posess the character they play than these girls that remind us its so and so playing the character. Watching wyws… im tired of justifying for her every ep.

  11. She’s very pretty. But I don’t really see how she’s better in WYWS. In the serious scenes, she’s not bad. But all the lovey-dovey or cute scenes, I can’t watch them, it’s not like if LSJ was good in this kind of acting eitner… She overacts a little bit and she uses this cute voice. I really think they should forbid the actresses (and singers) to use cute voice >_<

  12. We can not make everyone pleased. I think, suzy thinks the same. But of course, those who are pleased with her are more than those who arent since she keeps getting the offers as lead in dramas, cfs, and music. There are a bunch of talented people in this world, but you just cant depend on talent only, right? X factor.

    Why people keep offering her a script while her acting doesnt improve? That’s the x factor. Either korean cant get enough of her nor she’s just one lucky girl.

    Accept the fact and move on. I havent finished anything with her and the same goes to LJS. So leave it or take it. Im either fan nor hater. But she seems nice. Watching her interview with JYP, she was so friendly and easy going. I just cant hate her despite of her acting. Im not an expert so i cant judge her acting. But i just cant relate to her acting. That’s it.

  13. The sponsors money helps with production budget. They sell the lots before the drama starts, in between and after the drama ep to all the brands using her to recoup part of their expenses. Thats THE only reason why shes still casted in lead roles. Anyone can see that she is a ratings poison increasingly and her movies are also panned but production budgets are getting crazy these days making her a sure guarantee to make a little back. End result – viewers suffer. Rather watch TVN and the cable networks these days. Quality is much better and casting is also on point.

    • Yes for tvn and other cable networks. But tvn’s revolutionary love is just meh. Siwon’s acting is soooo annoying and seems like he cant move on from ‘she was pretty’. Poor woman rich man thing isnt a thing now. Prefer avengers club. Like u said, quality and cast, both jjang!!!

  14. All these comments sum up her reasons of popularity – Koreans are shallow only liking her for her looks & cable tv dramas are sponsorships driven. Yes she looks prettier with her mouth closed… she better suits to be in pictures because we cannot hear her squeaky whiny voice. She can probably still ride her fame for 10 more years until aging catches on… I am glad I have dropped WYWS, really can’t stand their pretentious cutesy in such poorly written drama. I watched Gu Family Book solely because of Lee Seung Gi & Choi Jin Hyuk, it is mostly male dominating & I almost forgot she was in it ?

  15. Woohoo go Astros!!

    Suzy looks pretty as usual and I’m glad she’s at a healthy weight. She looked really skinny in her 2014 appearance.

    • seriously? her legs looked fatter in the May 2014 picture… just judging from the above pictures, not her fan and never follows her looks over time. She never looks “really skinny” to me. Yoona is skinny, Suzy has more meat… just saying…

      • She looked much skinnier in the face in the 2014 pic especially in comparison with the one before it where it’s taken from a similar angle. People lose fat more rapidly in some areas of the body compared to others and it varies from person to person. For her, it looks like her weight loss/gain is easily reflected in her face and in the same way.

        And I meant skinnier FOR HER. I’m not comparing her to anyone else but herself.

        Either way, it’s all just a passing observation and I’m probably way off since I don’t know her or her eating habits. It’s not something I care enough about to discuss about beyond this honestly (of course you can reply and discuss with others but I know how people can get on this blog regarding certain subjects).

      • No worries… hahaha… I am just saying… She is lucky to have high cheek bones & relatively slim face. She is quite “bottom heavy”, not very well proportioned unlike some other real actresses. She is lacking in many ways, but as long as she is well liked in Korea, she will get jobs. Just wanting to chat with you, hope I didn’t offense you by replying ?

  16. the reason suzy is doing pretty well in the drama is bc the character is very similar to her personality lol when it comes to heavier scenes, her crying scenes, u can really see how weak she is at acting. its kinda jarring cause even the kid who plays the child version of her is better at acting than her. i mean when kim so hyun cameoed she acted circles around suzy lmao

    • Why do people keep comparing kim so hyun to suzy? I mean the ksh is a veteran actress and a pure actress whose acting talents run deep while suzy is an idol actress with limited skills as has always been noted even by her own fans. That’s like comparing Bae Doona to an idol actor and saying she acted circles around her. Of course she will! Same for ksh!

      • I don’t think there is any comparison… Just because they were both in the same episodes… Have you watched them acting together? My goodness, if you are still trying to defend for Suzy, please give it up!!!

      • Kim so hyun may be a veteran but suzy has around 6 years of experience around her belt (AND leading roles at that) as well so there is really no excuse for her crappy acting.
        Also just to add, this is her job lmao?????she’s getting paid to do this (Like, a LOT of money) this isn’t her hobby?????? it’s her responsibility to give good performances and if ppl aren’t happy abt it it’s fair game to criticise her acting skills. The thing is, ppl have been talking abt her acting for YEARS and if she still hasn’t improved (and idk if she even tried going to acting classes to improve or whatever) ppl are gonna get frustrated that a less than mediocre actress is bagging roles that should be going to more talented actresses

      • Why shouldn’t we be able to compare Suzy to other actresses? If Suzy wants to act and be an actress, then comparing her with her peers is fair game. Just because she is an idol, doesn’t excuse mediocre acting. There are some idols that have successfully transitioned to talented actors and actresses and are comparable (or even better) than veteran actors who have been in the biz for awhile.

      • I think this person was talking about not making an apple and orange kind of comparison. Suzy to be judged alongside other acting idols like Yoona, L or Eunji and KSH to be seen as an actor not at the same level as an acting idol but far superior. Or so I think that is what the comment is about.

    • Her crying scenes are AWFUL and downright CRINGEWORTHY. They are the worst I have seen in any drama or movie from any country. The only reason I haven’t given up on WYWS is because of the second male lead and the supporting cast. LSJ’s acting is weird too. I feel like fast forwarding their scenes every time they are on screen together. I didn’t even notice they became a couple even after they kissed. It’s that bad.

      • Me too. Still in it for Jung Hae In only. I cant wait for the TVN prison drama to start. The posters are intriguing and Jung kyungho looks gritty in it. A far cry from his usual pretty boy self. May cable networks continue their integrity and bring back solid actors and actresses like Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ah Joong, Bae Doona , Han Yeri…. list goes on. So good compared to the casting crap on the big three now that is getting money from the YG and SMs and sponsors to keep their dramas afloat. And you wonder why ratings magnet Park Bo Young insist only on doing cable dramas.

  17. Y’all in these comment sections are the Nasty kind of Petty. Here is a young woman chasing her dreams and everyone is busy attacking her for it. Like faces we see of Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Her and Song Hye Kyo are just pretty faces but awful at acting and yet when Suzy does it she is offending you. Please, focus on your own life and let the girl do what she loves. She is lucky to have people supporting her and getting her in front of the camera and if your faves are getting what Suzy is getting that is not her fault. At the end of day you don’t have to watch anything she is in. She wants to act and she is gonna act and I thought this was fact already. Just don’t watch her if you don’t like her acting. I mean come on! Let the girl live.

    • JJH, SHK and even KTH have some good performances under their belt and in their case, I can really see the beauty too. Suzy is just an overrated product of mediaplay. Her acting is pretty bad but tbh LJS’s acting is quite bad too so Suzy is paired with someone on her league acting-wise. And when we’re discussing dramas, we are actually supposed to criticise her acting

      • Of course you can criticize her acting but you can’t tell her to quit there is a difference. When you start telling not to follow her dreams then you are going beyond criticizing. I think Suzy is doing a good job and has years to improve. I actually can’t think of any of the three actress performances that can be considered to be good performances under their belt but it just shows you how personal preference and perspective can be. What might be bad for you can be alright to me. You act as if Suzy media plays herself. It’s called marketing. It’s a business out to earn money so of course they are gonna pit all their efforts into advertising. That hoe the real world works.

    • Wow I feel very sorry for Suzy if her dream is to be an actress and she performs like this… lol… I have already dropped WYWS after KSH cameo was done… the drama is unbearable to watch, so cringy imho, of coz her fans can disagree, which still won’t stop me from commenting… the three actresses actually have a lot of dramas & movies to gather praises but sounds like you are a blackhole just like your fav ?

      • Don’t feel stopped from commenting at all. By all means you have the freedom to state your opinion. Like I said criticism is not a bad thing. What’s bad is asking for her to quit doing what she wants. Yes even if she is awful in your eyes there are plenty of people who enjoy watching her. Clearly the drama is not a flop so that’s the evidence there. She is only in her 20’s and has the rest of her life to improve. You can feel bad for her all you want but at the end of the day she is young, rich, famous and beautiful, and has a lot of people who love her. She is allowed to chase after her dream even with the lack of talent.

        I’ve already said I don’t agree that the three have anything to gather praise from but to each their own opinion

      • She is not that young (KSH is younger). Not sure how rich she is but I don’t really care. She is famous for having no talents, the more she acts this way, the more she shows her weakness. The three actresses are more beautiful than her because she cannot even make to the top 5 list. Just stating the facts, this is not even criticism anymore.

      • You are not stating a fact though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would say Jun Ji Hyun is prettier than Suzy but I could argue that Suzy is prettier than the other two. Everyone has their preference. She has an incredible voice and she is a great model. You obviously just don’t like her so you see her as famous for having no talents. If you live in Korea you would know that people love Suzy’s personality and feel they can relate to her which is why she gets a ton of investments. Which yeah she is very rich, she makes most of her money through CF’s and owns a luxury apartment for herself, and bought her parents’ house.
        FYI she’s only 24 so yeah she is young idk why you are bringing up KSH because of course there is always gonna be another person who is younger. That’s how life works.

      • Obviously you are biased by saying she has “an incredible voice”, her squeaks, whines & screams are unbearable. I am glad I don’t live in Korea. She won’t make it big anywhere else. I bring up KSH because that was my original comment & the only reason I watched WYWS. I didn’t tell her to quit, so you got the wrong target. If you think Suzy is prettier than KTH & SHK, then hahaha… go ask 100 Koreans & see what answers you will get ? That’s some statistics you may want to learn, delulu

      • And oh, don’t accuse me of not liking her. I have said she looks pretty with her mouth closed & I still think she looks fine in pictorials. But she sucks as an actress!! I don’t really care if she keeps on acting because I won’t be watching her dramas. You got the wrong target.

      • But she’s not trying to make it anywhere else tho??! Her homeland is enough for her. You don’t like her voice and that’s your preference which you have your freedom to have.
        Here in Korea her single debute was quite successful and many people enjoyed it. She was on top of the charts for a good while.
        If you notice this thread begins with my commment not yours. I didn’t respond to you thread, you responded on the conversation I started. I am the OP. So I don’t know why you thought my comments to people telling her to quit were targeting you because it makes no sense.
        As a Korean myself I can tell you that many people don’t like SHK because of her Tax evasion scandal so I dont even need to bother asking because they would say Suzy.

        KTH went to a really good school so that’s why she’s really popular but Im pretty sure I would get a mixture of people who would prefer either or. Stop assuming all Koreans have a one track mind we are diverse in our interest and we all have different preference.

        I am well aware that many people would disagree with me in saying she is prettier and that’s okay too. But many others would agree with me that Suzy is prettier which is also alright.
        It’s okay for people to have different opinions.

      • I also don’t know why you keep accusing me of targeting you becaus like I said this is my thread and people like you have been responding to my original comment not the other way around????????

      • You might have originated the thread, but I thought you were replying directly to me… that’s how the lines of the boxes go. Okay I will ignore you from now on, no worries ?

      • Idk why you think that since I’m none of my responses to you I talked about her quitting. I think you might have gotten confused. And yes. Please, ignore away because you are starting to accuse people of targeting you when it’s you responding to me.

    • Uh she’s getting paid for her “dreams”, in any other job if people don’t do it properly they get criticised. Why should it be different for these people?

      • Spot on. There lies the great divide between butt hurt kpop fans and a mature viewing audience who lives in the real world, making their own living, giving their best while at it, accepting criticisms for any work underperformed.

      • You obviously didn’t even read my comment so I don’t even know how to respond to this

    • Dreams or not, her performance should be up to mark if she wants to play the lead. While her fans are oblivious to her flaws, the wider audience won’t be as blind. We just recognise that there are other areas in showbiz where her pretty visuals are better deployed.

    • @bomchoi u said many koreans dont like shk, wow i wonder if she is like in korea like suzy, what will be the ratings of her drama, and why do i always read in her articles comments like when will she act in a drama again, and since u follow suzy do overseas terrestial tv network bought wyws?

      • Because she still has fans and and people who do like her like in America many people don’t like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber buy they still have fans and people who like them no?
        For your second question I really don’t get it sorry.

      • @bomchoi so where are those koreans who like suzy, that ratings are far too low for a well loved “actress”

      • @bomchoi, fyi…cris brwon n justin bieber still have a fans because they know their talent, for they personal life in here we don’t really care, don’t compare sz with them.. in here we talking about sz acting wise and we never argue about cb or jb as a singer, btw we never argue or bring how rich famous or wealthy cb or jb, because we know it how they are. typical sz fans if they can’t defense sz acting, their always bring how sz famous, wealthy or rich. Get real girl.

      • Not everyone has time to watch dramas. Do you make it a point to be home in front of the tv just because you like the celebrity in it? People have things to do.

      • @AwholeNewwoltd lol kdrama watchers dont have time to watch suzy drama but why are previous drama of that timeslot have higher ratings then, do they magically became busy

      • Times are changing and I’m just saying people don’t have to watch the drama because they like Suzy or else dramas with new actresses would never have a chance. Suzy is not the whole drama. Writing, directing, cinematography, other actor also affect ratings.

  18. I’ve already said that it’s okay to criticize her. So you can’t get paid for your dreams now??? Psh okay.
    Interesting that you claim yourself to be an adult but here you are making an assumption about a stranger you don’t know on the enternent insulting her as a “butt hurt Kpop fan”. Yet you call yourself mature?
    There was no reason to turn this discussion personal, it’s completely alright for people to disagree. It happens in life. You don’t have to be Nasty about it.

    Because I enjoy Suzy’s acting and I defend her from nasty comments to quit working on her dream and career that is not rejecting criticism or being “butt hurt”. It’s pointing out the ugliness of telling someone to quit doing what she loves when you can easily avoid her work.

    • girl, next time use word pfft or psst even better with sigh, and we not confuse with Psh word..and you said you are korean right and how come sz drama rating still low, I live in korean now( almost a year because my job) and I ask around with my co worker: why this drama so low for rating, they said because their acting in not convinced enough and the story is recycle from their past drama. that’s reason until now this drama low rating.

      • I can use pshh if I want omg now I can’t even make or write the sounds I want? Her drama ratings are not that low, it’s ranking in the mid 8% that’s like the avarage trend lately. It’s true that obviously some people don’t enjoy both lead’s acting but people are clearly still watching.

  19. I am not a kpop fan but I like watching k dramas and I find her performances sub par which then make me not watch the drama. I was weary of WYWS read rhe reviews and yep have chosen not to watch it because of her. So I criticise her performance nothing to do with her personally. I feel sorry for other more capable actresses that don’t have the sponsors or aggressive marketing machine behind
    The. That unfortunately is the acting world and as some have said I have chosen to switch off and watch other dramas rather than watch something that will upset me because of bad acting and little to no emoting. LJK is passable but he does only one role. I agree with some I think his best was IHYV.i certainly don’t consider myself a hater but I will criticise bad acting.

  20. People are so busy hating on people who don’t even know they exist is a sad reality, like wow so much strong feelings and time investment in this discussion.

  21. some delulu suzy fans equate not liking her acting to hating here. I want to argue a point that her acting is so bad that anyone with eyes can see, but this does not mean “hate”. I don’t see any hate here, only very honest opinion that this person cannot act!

    • Damn I guess some of us don’t have eye then lmaoo. Everyone who defends or likes another human being is generalized as a “fan girl or fan boy”. Damn like how do we focus on our lives fan girling over every human in the world.

    • Cause the Suzy-stans can’t defend her on the basis of her acting ‘talent’. Hence the need to resort to screeching that those criticising Suzy’s acting are jealous of her beauty, wealth and what not.
      Frankly she would be out of sight out of mind for me. Unfortunately WYWS is heavily promoted so I’m getting daily reminders of the epitome of a poor idol-actress.

  22. @bomchio song hye kyo isn’t hated in korea at least not any more most of her articles on nover are all positive with lots of upvotes don’t spread fake news

    • If you don’t like SHK you are obviously gonna avoid reading articles about her. Unless if someone is so bitter in life that they specifically choose to read a comment about someone they hate just to leave a mean comment.
      People tend to read articles about celebrities they like and leave positive reviews under them. I kid you not there is a large population that don’t like her from the scandal. Tax evasion is viewed as a serious issue in S.K

      • Lol Korea tend to witch hunt you lol Koreans will continue to witch hunt the person to the last if they don’t like you they will continue to leave lot of negative comments on your article like lbh sulli kjh etc. And as for her beauty even when she had the tax scandal her beauty was never disputed she is always among the top five with kth jjh etc

      • @bomcho so ur avoiding shk articles but continue to say she is still hated in korea, how do u know then, u dislike her but still drop her name in an article abt suzy throwing a ball,

    • If you say so. I already said beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I think someone else is prettier that’s not gonna change just because someone else disagrees with me.

  23. I think that Suzy can actually act, but only in comedy. She’s probably the funniest actress I’ve seen in a drama in years. She can stay away from other roles, but comedy? She has that large potential to shine in it.

  24. Me Koala please listen to me. Suzy just earned you over 80 comments simply for throwing a baseball. If I was you I would post any article about her and you will be rich by the holidays ???????

  25. I still dont find this Suzy girl pretty. Maybe only in photos and with make up done. But in drama, or moving camera, nah, she’s got common Korean plain face, not that exceptional.

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