Park Shin Hye Glowing in Fall Colors at Pleasia CF Event in Seoul

It’s a nice to see Park Shin Hye doing a simple product endorsement event, she gets so much scrutiny which comes with her incredible popularity but I think she does everything solidly well there isn’t much other than the occasion nitpick. It was a busy week for her having attended the 2017 Asia Artist Awards, where she either skipped the red carpet or was late because all I saw was her appearance presenting an award in a white gown with cape sleeves and an elegant clean silhouette. For the Pleasia toothpaste CF event, she picked what I consider lighter autumnal colors in a peachy beige button shirt and an A-line tan wool skirt. Once again she’s dressing conservative and ladylike but befitting the occasion and looking very pretty as a full package.


Park Shin Hye Glowing in Fall Colors at Pleasia CF Event in Seoul — 31 Comments

  1. As always, simple and elegant, I think with enough rest, she’s glowing. Getting prettier day by day. But when you come back for dramaland ?

  2. I like her look here. Normally she tends to pick something matronly and heavy but for this appearance, she appeared perfect. The girl is getting more beautiful and has established herself as one of the top K-actresses and I hope she comes back with a new drama real soon.

  3. I hope she sticks with chungmuro. there is too many tasteless repetitive dramas lately. she can build a reliable career with movies and improve as an actress working with professional directors.

    • She should definitely stick to Chungmuro and be in movies for couple of years and hone her skills. I agree with you. Her most popular dramas (the teen dramas) were her worst ones imo. Mediocre plot, characters, acting… she has been better in her less known works.

  4. Some of her fans are absolutely rabid and annoying af and they’d get really mad if she did movies only the next year, especially the kinds of movies that bunch of juvenile minds couldn’t understand. The way PSH could get more merits as an actress would be by staying in Chungmuro and pick up movies/dramas that are absolutely different from anything she has played before. If she doesn’t do that and if she keeps picking repetitive ’’bright and optimistic girl with a sense of justice’’ -characters, she won’t be interesting at all.
    I can’t understand one thing. Sometimes she shows maturity but sometimes she really lacks maturity. I don’t know but even if Park Bo Young is way smaller, her acting has a different kind of maturity. Must be the fact that PSH played in way too many teen dramas

    • As a fan, I’m hungry for a one of a kind role for her too. But i also want her to do dramas that cater to the taste of many. Because personally, I enjoy watching those light romcoms, an eacape from RL. And dramas are more accesaible to Ifans. So I’m greedy. I wish her to do both kinds of roles

    • To me pby also play similar roles, cutie type one so pls don’t compare. They have their choice and stands in picking up roles. I believe they will change when reaching certain age.

      • hmmm… to be honest, PBY has a much wider acting range if you have watched her movies. PSH is certainly weaker in movies (not even comparable to any other movie actresses of her age). Yes, if you just watch K-dramas, there is no point in comparsion… but K-dramas only aim to bring in ratings & CF contracts, movies should be PSH’s focus if she wants to push her career to a higher level. She cannot keep on getting Popularity Awards if she wants to be recognized as an Actress! I don’t think she is at that stage yet… how old do you want her to be for the change?

      • @LL I don’t mean to compare negatively. I’m just saying it’s my observation. PBY wasn’t cute type in Werewolf Boy, Hot Young Blood or even in You Call It Passion. Even if you watch Oh My Ghostess, she wasn’t just cutie type eventhough she’s so small and cute irl. I was trying to say that PBY has a different level of maturity in her acting. It’s really because she hasn’t been type casted, and working in movies improved her acting to a more natural, ‘film acting’ style. Also, I agree with candycane.
        @nistymaj, It’s okay for fans to be a bit greedy, she’s mainly known for dramas after all. But if she takes a drama, it better be one where she doesn’t wear a school uniform, not even in the first two episodes. And it better be something completely different or more adult style rom-com. Otherwise it will just be repetitive

      • I don’t think PBY plays similiar type of roles. Have you seen her in Speedy Scandal? And she was only 18 years old then. She is extremely natural while acting and has wider range than most of her same age counterparts.
        Moreover PSH doesn’t measure up to the talent of PBY. She generally can’t hold her own on the big screen in front of her costars. She just disappers unlike PBY who steals the show even with her tiny frame.

    • But… Why do you usually (if not always) start your comments on PSH with “some of her fans”? Its getting repetitive that I’d remember your name.

      But anyway, I agree with you that in the time being, she should stick in Chungmuro to hone her acting skill and get more interesting and challenging roles.

    • yeah i realised prettyautumn always repeats the same thing in every psh article i think you should address the fans at instagram(?) or something lol instead of here where it just looks like you are plucking things out of nowhere.

    • You must really hate her fans LOL
      First of all not all of us hate Chungmuro.
      2nd there are reasons why her fans want her to do dramas because they can see her more and she has been absent for quite long.
      Could you please just leave her fans alone? since you don’t even know how her fandom is based on a few vocal comments.

    • And Park Shinhye isn’t like her role. Saying she lacks or maturity showing you don’t know her at all.
      Her fans don’t represent her either.
      You are quite judgemental aren’t you?

  5. @prettyautumn Chungmuro has less opportunities for women but if anyone can prove themselves in movies then their rep as an actor is truly set.

    That’s why the idol actor crowd mostly don’t touch movies, the lustre of fangirls comes off them instantly when you get mediocre performances + poor ticket sales. I admire PSH for taking the risk and going back to supporting roles in movies in the interest of developing as an actor. Not many dramaland leading actresses at her level would have that kind of humility towards their craft.

    I really like her clothes here btw. Very classic and flattering.

    • well said. PSH try to start her career in movie, BH is a starting point but on the other hand, depends on many factors and opportunity given. Wish psh has more opportunity in movie land.

  6. She always has such a fun fansign
    Fan accounts or videos ahow her dun and witty side. She really enjoys bantering with fans. And I learned to be watchful of herfashion because some may critize what she wears but after a while, i see the style trending in my country and many ladies wearing it. Anyway, she seems like a wine. As ahe grows older, she gets finer and finer. And you’re right Koala, she glows

  7. As always shining with her beautiful smile, and dressing appropriate for the occasion !
    The movie Blackened Heart , she did with Choi Min Sik is playing in LA and Buena Park in CGV cinemas. A totally different ParkShin Hye, the actress. Quoting part of an article about her performance
    “ . That said, it is easily her most impressive performance to date, and should tee her up for more exciting projects in the future.“

    Wish she will stay in the movie land for a while, to continue developing her career as a movie actress . Fighting !

    • unfortunately the tickets sale in korea was way below expectation,dont know if its a flop since i dont know the budget but it barely reach 500k admission

      • As I know general review and actors acting review are not bad maybe not fit with viewers appetise. At least SH acting get positive feedback. Fighting psh.

      • Their acting got positive reviews. Critics even said that this has been the best acting from Park Shin Hye and that she held on her own with Choi Min Shik. Only critique was that that she appeared to be too young looking to be playing a legitimate defense lawyer. The film got mixed to positive reviews. Those critic reviews are way more important than ticket sales when it comes to reviewing the quality of film. Sales matter to the production team though. But Battleship Island got negative to mixed reviews, both plot and acting even though it sold over 5 million admissions. Idk it’s up to you to decide which one is better. Choi Min Shik is a critically acclaimed actor but most of his films don’t bring in massive amount of admissions. Only his Admiral Roaring Currents has been the highest grossing film of his.

      • This kind of movies never big in ticket same with the other director’s previous project.
        They are going for reviews and this drama is winning in reviews
        That’s why PSH isn’t loosing anything here.

  8. There are a lot of more beautiful actors but PSH has a certain aura……like she can be anyone’s best friend ☺️. Giving back thru her numerous charities added so much beauty to her aura. Wonder how much she makes from her CFs? she sure gives back a lot! PSH not only gives her own money, but she uses her popularity for the charity and involves her fans, she is there physically not only in name. If only other fans of actors follow her example, instead of showering their favs with gifts(from what I read) then she will achieve her wish to be a good influencer, a great example to her younger colleagues.

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