Jang Geun Seok is the Promotional Ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

I hope K-actor and singer Jang Geun Seok is living a very happy life and is satisfied with his career trajectory. As a drama fan he was once one of the most promising young actors of his generation but his acting career basically stalled after hitting a career popularity high in 2009 with You’re Beautiful, and the intervening 8 years have not been kind on his visuals. This past weekend Jang Geun Seok was Gangwon for a media event as one of the promotional ambassadors for the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018. He received a white parka and scarf and posed with the provincial officials along with the Olympic mascots. It’s unfortunate that he really picked the worst ahjusshi hairstyle recently to compound the bloat but once again it matter most that he’s happy with himself and life as he seems attending this prestigious event.


Jang Geun Seok is the Promotional Ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics — 48 Comments

  1. When is he going to enlist? He’s a 87 liner so isn’t it about time? What happened to his face and nose? He hasn’t aged well and his face looks busted. His hair is pretty fried too. Maybe it’s a result of dyeing it too much.. His drama choices have been subpar after Beethoven Virus. Even You are Beautiful was okay (I hated that drama, it was so bad) compared to his other dramas. He did okay in Royal Gambler after such a long time. His reluctance of getting himself a more mature style and sticking to that outdated idol style is astonishing.

  2. I have such a huge soft spot for him because You’re Beautiful is still amongst the drama I rewatch from time to time. It’s unfortunate that he probably got so tired of acting after doing it for so long.

    In a way YB is to blame because introduced him to this Hallu fame. It also really got him into singing even if he did so even before that. I wish he’d just enlist and come back missing acting and being praised for his talent and skills etc. But what makes him happy is what he should do. I just want to love him again tho really, recently that’s been a bit of a struggle.

  3. Poor baby..his weight is fluctuating so much.I remember at the SBS drama awards last year in December.He weight was like it is now.Then in like february..he lost so much weight and he was looking gaunt.Then now its back to this weight again.In one year, i hope his health is ok.The hair he is rocking is also my least favorite.His Beethoven Venus hairstyle was ok.

    As for dramas, he did well with jackpot.But his idol image has overshadowed his acting career for a long time now.So much that, the Korean ahjummas and knets just dont care no more.But it seems his career is thriving in japan.He has also guest in variety shows in Korea.So if he is happy.Then its ok.

  4. Isn’t he supposed to have enlisted in Military Service, and if he can’t do that, in Public Service, like the rest of his mates? I hope this won’t become another scandal ala Yoo Ah In, Seo In Guk. Maybe he has some medical issues no one knows about?

  5. His weight fluctuates so much this year… maybe he has some health problem?… and he is an unlucky one that all weight gain shows on his face! his lifestyle is probably not helping as well (too much alcohol and smoking I guess)… He does not look good in these pictures 🙁 He is a very talented actor, he is a child actor, not an idol I believe…

  6. Read somewhere he is studying for PhD so he doesn’t need to enlist yet??? Looking at those photos I cannot believe he is the same JGS as in You’re beautiful.

  7. Gosh…he doesn’t age well.
    I used to have a soft spot for him because of Hwang Tae Kyung but he got so carried away with fame and kinda stuck with that image from YAB. I wonder why is he still not enlisting yet? As far as I know, he is slowly building back his career in Korea and it’s sound positive that he is taking his acting career more seriously starting with Jackpot and upcoming movie by Kim Ki Duk. I hope he got passed that stage of trying to be a singer wannabe.

    • Wannabe?
      Jang Keun Suk was the FIRST Korean artist who topped Oricon chart in Japan with his debut single and he sold more that 200 000 copies, which record stayed 6 years until a boygroup from a big company menaged to surpass this.
      His 4 albums solo and 4 as “Team H” always enter top 3 of the Oricon chart, his concerts are regularly shown on several TV channels and he makes tours twice an year meeting his fans in defferent cities.
      In 2018 there are already planned 5 concerts with 50 000 viewers.

      Aside of those concerts he has regular fanmeetings and other events like Zikzin festival in 2013, when he attracted 80 000 to come to see his show.

      Yes, this “wannabe” has a solid contract with Universal music and also a solid discography.

    • He’s gotten a lot of plastic surgery or at least fillers. Just look how his nose, which has collapsed. Look how puffed up his under eyes are. His whole mouth area looks very strange. His teeth look like he hasn’t brushed his teeth in several years… no offense by the way

      • LOL, your comment is not offensive at all, nooooo. I thought I was reading about Lee Min Ho.

      • Are you aware that Korean ADORE the under-eye fat and call it “salo”? This a feature everybody wants to have it and only the lucky ones are born with it. People even make PS to obtain it.
        So no, Jang Keun Suk has a natural salo and he will never remove it.
        His nose is natural too, proven in public in Korea too.
        And his teeth are not the usual idol fake teeth.

        So don’t judge before you really know a matter.

      • @Royana
        I know it’s a trend in Korea to have aegyo sal but I don’t care. If you get fillers, it will look ugly and unnatural. And that’s my opinion. And his teeth are just.. looks like kids teeth put in an adults mouth and they don’t look clean. And LMAO you’re not born with under eye bags. It’s subcutaneous fat under your eyes and people usually want to get rid of it. The reason why it’s been seen as a trend in Korea is because it gives an ’innocent’ look lol

    • Should I comment? But since @ prettyautumn always does… heck might as well.

      His face is bloated or full as you call it.

      In PS terms he is still young. Fillers or not if he goes for regular facials etc he doesn’t need fillers. His nasolabial skin folds shouldn’t be bad at his age.

      He looks to have dental veneers which shouldn’t show discoloration from smoking anyway. And we can’t see his gums.

      His lips look as if he had too shiny lipstick yes. Shapes looks fine. And he has fine looking pores… his foundation looks good. And the undereye bags can be from a variety of reasons. Not to the extent of requiring surgery to remove it.

      It’s just that sometimes I get sick of all those PS comments.

      And oh nasal implants are needed for nasal augmentation. Unless he needed to remove them… can’t see how someone can say it is collapsed. The implants are in a L shape anyway.

      Like seriously… when PS comments are made one needs to analyze all the elements on a face to see if there are evidence.

      Only saying because a lot of blanket statements are made for so many actors. So what if they do it? I don’t care. But I do like to read when there is actual truth or visible signs of PS.

      • Lol it’s obvious you did care when I made that comment, or else this long reply wouldn’t be necessary. I don’t care if he got PS either, Korea is known as the country with the most PS in the world so why can’t I make such a comment. It’s so normal there to get PS for people and celebrities. His face does look puffy so PS does come to mind.

      • Oh @Bean it wasn’t directed at your comment specifically. But to all the general PS statements because I used to work in PS. And the remarks that I read about PS… sigh. It used to be a work hazard during downtime just discussing about procedures. And examining what features we each want changed or enhanced.

        So it wasn’t at him as well. Just that honestly, there are things and signs to look out for. And it’s not as easy as someone ( not you) or any layperson to make judgments on the procedures. Or whether it is or has been done.

      • @ck1Oz
        Thank you for this. I get annoyed when people who think they are experts spout off things like they are concrete facts, when in reality they have no idea what they are talking about, thus being extremely misleading. If it’s a speculation, or an opinion, at least have the honesty to say so.

        And yes, plastic surgery has changed so much and is ever changing, it’s not easy to tell by just looking at a Photo.

    • i think he is within normal weight range as well for the general public… his legs are still slim… BUT his round face will not earn him a male lead role. When do you ever see an oppa with such a bloated face? the K-industry is hard on the celebrities. That’s why a lot of young idols are dieting constantly til they collapse… this is cruel…

  8. I’m sure he did some work on his face. He was so gorgeous with short cropped hair, started from Beethoven’s Virus. I’m not sure what he is into these days. I wish he will focus on his acting but i guess he’s doing what makes him happy.

  9. Hmm…maybe he has some health issues because his weight seems to be fluctuating a lot. Whatever is the case I hope he is healthy and happy.

    Only complaint I have about him I’d his drama choices. He is a talented actor but like others have mentioned after YAB his drama picks have been really bad. MSOAN, Love Rain….argh. I still have hope that he will pick a good drama and make a solid comeback.

  10. I miss him. I’m still so fond of his roles in Hong Gil Doing and You’re Beautiful. But I think it may be better for him, post military service, to do films.

  11. Weight, weight, weight???
    Face, face, face???
    Army, army, army????
    Is that all you care???

    Yes, he added some kg, but also he is not fat.
    His face is chubby and not a result of a PS. Even Koreans don’t say this, because they know him from 25 years and his nose is the same=
    The only people who talk about PS are those who have seen him twice and of course have always something to say about it.
    Army is something that will happen, calm down.
    He has no health issues, it is a matter of finishing his studies and also having his latest movie premiere. It is not his fault Kim Ki Duk was embroiled in a scandal, that delayed the postproduction.
    Meanwhile what Jang Keun Suk does?
    He is an actorq awarded in 2016 for his latest drama, he is a singer with 8 albums and many singles, he is director with 2 short movies, shown on festivals, he is a sharing professor in Hanyang University, he is an MC (“Produce 101” says hello), he is now an ambassador for the Olympics and is already doing more than the previously nominated faces.
    So if the face was the most important thing for someone, it is just his loss.

  12. Why I remember how Ockoala was loving his drama “Marry me Mary” so much?
    But now she keeps saying negative things about him and never writes his name correctly
    It is Jang Keun Suk – at least Wikipedia also says that.

    Maybe many people don’t know, but JKS is still very famous in Japan. Korean groups make concerts there, sell full arenas and thousands of albums. Teens know their names and enjoy them, But the general public?
    Jang Keun Suk speaks Japanese very well. He makes appearances in different shows and always impresses the general public with his wit, his fast reaction and the fluent Japanese. In the same time he always stays Korean and never tries to blend with J artists.

    Why people, who are commenting K-entertainment or just watch K-dramas, always say what he have to do or judge him for his past decisions?
    The short hair is something he did several times and didn’t like it.
    The choice of dramas made him popular and what he will pick next, is also his choice.
    yes, he will film movies – as an actor and a director.
    This a level, that he worked hard to reach and soon the critics will say their word.

    • Well, the problem with translating hangeul to roman letters is that it can be spelled in many different ways. So koala is not purposefully mispelling his name wrongly, but just spelling it in a different way. If I still remember my introduction to Korean well enough, her way of spelling is more phonetic whilst the wikipedia way is more literal.

    • hmmm… his popularity in Japan is only restricted to his middle-aged lady fans… Lee Hong Ki is more popular amongst younger Japanese fans just fyi…
      lots of people speak fluent Japanese (i am half and i speak fluently), there is nothing to boast about…

      • How many shows invited Lee Hong Ki in 2017?
        I like him very much though

        Speaking fluently Japanese for someone who is half-Japanese is something to be compared with speaking fluently for a 100% Korean celebrity, who appear in front of thousands and freely interacts with them or lead a good conversation with host on a show without an interpreter?
        yes, maybe not a big deal.
        Every Korean celebrity speaks fluent Japanese. Or not?

  13. Let’s see – people who don’t know Jang Keun Suk had a drama last year and even was awarded for best actor from SBS, but still saying he doesn’t want to take roles – checked V
    People who wants him to have the hair from 9 years ago, but for sure they don’t have their haircuts like in 2008 – checked V
    People for other countries who like Korean dramas, but don’t approve common Korean features as “salo” – checked V
    People, who think that they know better than Jang Keun Suk what he needs – checked, checked, checked V V V

    One question then – why JKS was chosen as an ambassador? Why not an young idol with perfect hair? Why not the most trendy actor who makes the teens scream? Why not the person with most followers on SNS?

    Maybe because the organizers were looking for a person who will care. Who will treat the games as a cause not as an usual CF deal.
    And a person who will really ask his fans to come to the games. Strangely there are not (barely any) news about Korean stars who mention the games. “Fighting$ is not enough. Stand with your name and tell your fans that Korea is having the honor the host the games, please support them by going to see a game.

    • they do have lots of ambassador for the winter games not only him, others are already announce last yr, some early dis yr, ur right they need the promotion, ticket sales isnt doing good.

  14. it is funny to read all the comments here. JKS or JGS is the same person, write in Korean if you are able, but I cannot, why argue? “Under eye fat”, “salo”…? what?? they are “eye bags” for goodness sake! If they look good to you, that’s fine… Too much alcohol and lack of sleep will give you loads of eye bags 🙂 no need to pay for PS. K-celebrities are heavily based on looks, which he does not have in these photos… he may look better next time, but not here… and he is not the only ambassador for the winter games… google them, you will see real athletes and olympians… there is nothing to boast about… I’d rather see him in another drama, Jackpot is a bit disappointing in its storyline (blaming the writer, not him)…

    • Funny is how ignorant you are! So something you are born with, like the salo, is a reason to be laughed at? You offend millions of Asians, do you understand that?
      Yes, JKS is not the only ambassador.
      He is just the only one (by now) who really said he will ask his fans to come too the games.
      If he will be in another drama or not, it is his decision. After the army, of course. 😉

      • I believe you are the ignorant one! If he wants to earn Japanese Yen, of coz he has to learn Japanese to interact with the crowd… Duh! I never thought of offending millions of Asians, I don’t understand what you mean, if you like eye bags then have big ones I don’t care. Don’t exaggerate in front of me. I don’t take your delulu comments trying to defend a bloated face.

  15. If PS can boost your self-esteemed or it makes you look better then why not. I don’t mind actors with plastic surgery as long as they can emote. JKS is a good actor and I liked him a lot during YOB. But, he did have plastic surgery on his nose cuz his nasal bridge look higher when compared to his nose during hwang jini. just sayin.

  16. I think he always had these eyebags, being an avid fan during ‘YAB’ days, I think no one has observed his face more than me loll, so the problem isn’t the eyebag or any PS imo. It’s just the bloated face, if he got rid of all the extra flesh in his face[ which he kind of did for the shooting of the kim ki duk movie? Looked quite lean too], everything would be good. I really hope he appoints a trainer, maybe who will help him get back to being fit. It’s upsetting seeing all the negative comments here, just shows how superficial or objective we have become, criticizing one, just because he doesn’t look all handsome anymore.
    I would love him to go back to his beethoven/ YAB days, also he is a very talented actor no doubt. Beethoven virus was really good, which shows his acting caliber, and judging from some other serious movies he has done. But anyway in Hollywood a lot of actors have been there, got all the limelight and then faced failure, and came back, revived their career. Like Winona Ryder did with ‘Stranger things’, so I am hopeful about JKS too. He is a talented actor, so acting isn’t a problem like some subpar idol/actors in Korea. Just hope he gets a good break again, like SSH did in Black. Fingers crossed.

  17. When he was younger he always seemed to look like the Asian version of the late American Superstar David Cassidy at his peak who sadly passed away a few weeks ago..For those who dont know him google him and see the resemelance when both in early 20s..Maybe he based himself on that 70s look..David Cassidy was the biggest star in the world back than.

  18. For me he still look so stunning regardless of his weight. He’s one talented individual. Go go go JKS. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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