Yoon Eun Hye Receives Offer for 2018 Rom-com Love Like a Human

There is finally news on the acting front for K-actress Yoon Eun Hye, coming at the tail end of 2017 when she was supposed to have made an acting comeback this year already. The drama is a 2018 rom-com called Love Like a Human. It’s the romance between a super emotional woman and a humanoid AI robot. Oh jeez this won’t end well, unlike the I am Not a Robot setup where the female lead is a real girl and the robot just one create in her image. Love Like a Robot is the followup drama from PD Yoon who directed Saimdang: Light’s Diary. Yoon Eun Hye’s female lead role is a high school physical ed teacher with many martial arts certifications, she’s very emotionally in tune and meets the man she thinks is her fated destiny two years later again but he doesn’t remember her. If she accepts the offer it will be her first K-drama in 5 years since Marry Him If You Dare in 2013.

Yoon Eun Hye’s claim to fame as a popular actress is from the classic K-ent rom-coms, namely Coffee Prince and to a lesser extent on the comedy side being Goong. Marry Him if You Dare was supposed to be a rom-com but I don’t think I laughed once, or if I did it was all washed away by the bile from the second lead posturing and the nonsensical handling of the time-travel element. I don’t know if picking this rom-com is the best choice for her acting career revival but I know if she’s in a drama I’ll definitely check it out.


Yoon Eun Hye Receives Offer for 2018 Rom-com Love Like a Human — 41 Comments

  1. Naver was on fire with her article I have never see this much hate for someone on naver like hers. Anyways I hope it a good project.

  2. Korean articles said it’s a romance drama not a rom-com. But whatever it is I’m sure she can handle it just fine. Anyway, it’s been long time ago since I saw her portray a “badass” character. It will be interesting to watch her in action, that’s if she takes this offer.

    • Coz she’s a SHE?????? Most fans are OPPA-lover, which is understandable since most are female fans. Really unfair especially considering the “offence” incurred by male (breaking the law and rules) and female (“perceived attitude issues”) actors. Female actresses with a semblance of personality are defined as having personality problems.

  3. At least on international front, her return is very much celebrated. I read at DB and soompi and based on the feedback, i-fans and excited over her comeback. But then, domestic audiences still matter the most.

  4. I hope she makes a comeback and succeeds. Her ’scandal’ was just an attitude ’scandal’, badly managed. But nothing too serious to stop her from acting. Her signature role I think is Go Eun Chan. I disliked Mirae’s Choice so I wish tis drama will be better

    • The scandal was just a designer trying to cash in over a design that she used that had jack all to do with his design but was inspired by a much earlier Italian designer..what made everything worse was how inept her PR and management team were

  5. She shouldn’t care too much about korean viewers. Believe me. They will still watch the drama IF the story is interesting. She needs to choose project from strong script writer plus good partner. Actually I think Eric is a good choice but after him married, some of fans turned out as antis which not good for Eun Hye who had so many haters already. The loved actor like Lee Jun Gi, Lee Seunggi or Gong Yoo will be better choice.

      • Pls don’t go and insult Lee Jun Ki because of the shippers. And yes, despite his dramas as of late not doing well in ratings, LJK still very much a beloved actor in Korea.

      • Moon Chae Won acted with Lee Jun Ki after IU and no one bashed her.Her collaboration with him was graciously received.It was a different story when she was first announced as female lead with Nam Joo Hyuk tho.

      • I wish YEH all the best.whoever she gets to be paired with, hope she has good chemistry with him.Ratings hit or not, as long as she gets to experience the joy of acting and networking with other artists.its ok.

    • Hyun Bin pls, he’s back in the market now, hahaha. Yoon Eun Hye and Hyun Bin otp pls. Or Jo In Sung, ha there’s too many handsome middle aged actors now in Korea. what matters is a well written script, she can pull it off. The screen royal beautiful princess is back, cant wait to see Miss YEH on screen.

    • I would love to see YEH’s pairing with LJK or Hyun Bin cause they’re good actors IMO. The thing is, I noticed SOME of their fans are very vocal in voicing their hate for YEH. So I fear for her IF she’s pairing with them in a project (I still can’t forget how vicious PYC’s fans were) Actually, most of YEH’s fans are pacifist. But they won’t be stay idle when their idol’s being “disdained”

    • Yoon Eun Hye and Eric is a nostalgic pair. And being honest, I think this two is so much compatible in acting, the root of being idol-actor plus kissing department. My feeling, Yoon Eun Hye will get positive welcome if she’s paired with Eric because everyone knows that they almost got paired years ago plus the cute X-Man history. Though Eric is married, knetz seems doesn’t like his wife, so I guess they open their heart widely for Eric to be paired with the ‘same level’ girl even if it’s just in a drama lol.

      But Yoon Eun Hye should choose better script writer and PD. That’s all the matter. Yoon Eun Hye should choose the charismatic and sympathy character which can make viewers love her character. Many people originally love the character of the drama but spread out to like the actor in real life. So, I think this kinda of strategy is important for her to gain love again from korean viewers.

      • @Lelie, I agree with you that Eric & YEH will be a compatible co-star, especially on chemistry department. I have no doubt about that lol (Tbh, I still love watching their X-man interaction on YT 😉 ).
        I also have no doubt of the chemistry between Hyun Bin and YEH. Just look at how cute they were on Basic House (CF) making film on 2009. With LJK she doesn’t have any documented interaction yet.
        But one thing for sure, to re-gain Korean viewers love, besides portraying a likeable character, YEH should be paired with a likeable actor also (love by Korean viewers). It doesn’t matter that he’s older, same age or younger actor, as long as he didn’t got into scandal (she can’t handle another scandal). And of course a solid plot & good execution too.

        As fans of YEH we don’t have too much to ask. It doesn’t have to have a high rating or very popular, as long as the plot is coherent and we can see her on small screen regularly, it’s enough for us 🙂

      • YEH and Eric collaboration is on my top wish list too. Their chemistry was off the hook during their xmen days. They may just bring the angst out of each other in a drama. Still praying and crossing fingers for them to do a drama, movie, or variety show.

  6. I wish her the best for her comeback drama. She is still very popular overseas despite not having a recent drama so she doesn’t need to worry too much and just act her heart out!

  7. I wish her all the best and hope she had chosen a different drama because the premise does not seem to have much appeal to me. However if she wants to get back in the field, she has to start from somewhere, hence I wish her luck.

    What I would have liked is all those dramas that seem to find “lolita” age actresses to pair up with men in their mid 30’s to 40’s to actually look at those women in their 30’s and use their talents because they are still vibrant, experienced and they clearly have it. The naivety swaddlers look and yet so called “grown up ” person does not cut it and does not bring a good feeling. Everyone ages, the discrimination should stop there where women are concerned in this field as they are better, look amazing and offer a strange thing called balance with the man who is also in that age group. I think YEH could act in one of those dramas, if not the lead but a second just to familiarize herself.

    As for knetizens regarding her “scandal” just like you she is human, bound to make errors. However the damage she has caused is not enough to warrant eternal non forgiveness. Get over it.

  8. Yoon Eun Hye is my favourite South Korean actress. I wish her the best to overcome the negative comments . As a french i know that she’s well loved by us and we”re delighted (me and my friends) . All i want for her is to have a steady acting carreer , not big popularity ( too much stress to handle).

  9. I want to YEH to be paired with Gong Yoo. As one of international fans of Yoon Eun Hye, I’m very excited for her kdrama comeback. Fighting!!!

    • I would like too, but i don’t want to be too greedy ! A solid actor would be good . I don’t want her to be the only one to support the drama. @Macon @ Lal and all the people who support her : fighting !!! And no pressure !

    • I’ve often wondered why, is it because all their males have to join the tough military training so they are lenient on them for everything else???

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