Song Hye Kyo Radiant without Makeup at Incheon Airport Looking the Same as Her Late Teens

There’s a phrase called shock and awe but I’ll have to modify it shock and envy when it comes to K-actress Song Hye Kyo. She’s had one of the best years of her life in 2017 with the marriage to now-husband and also top Hallyu star Song Joong Ki, not because she married well but because she found the love of her life and got a happy ending and who can’t swoon over that. The media was thrilled this week to capture a direct shot of Song Hye Kyo at Incheon airport heading to Beijing for an event, the first time she’s been photographed by the media in public since her end of October wedding. The shock and awe part of the usual airport departure pic is Song Hye Kyo’s completely makeup free bare face and beautiful and radiant she still looks. I am on my knees worshipping whatever good genes plus skincare routine this lady has been doing because her bare face looks exactly like her face at 18 for Autumn in My Heart, a guilty favorite drama of mine due since it stars oppa Song Seung Heon and is so ridiculously cheesy I love it.


Song Hye Kyo Radiant without Makeup at Incheon Airport Looking the Same as Her Late Teens — 41 Comments

  1. And funny is how all this time after her marriage with joong ki netizen keep saying she become very ajuma, look old especially when she’s next to her husband. But I always find her so beautiful and want to have her skin look on my face.

  2. lol those immature netizens are angry because
    they can’t marry their oppa. or maybe they can?.. in their dreams hahaha πŸ˜›
    Anyways, nobody can deny the fact that SHK is one of the most beautiful and talented actress in K-Drama land. Haters should just get over themselves and shut their mouth. Learn some respect and get a life!!!!

      • She is the most beautiful for me too.. though others maybe have a different opinion on who is the most prettiest since everyone has a different taste..

    • Kim tae hee looks like every Korean woman .Doe eyes, fat cheeks and vacant expression. Song hye kyo has international appeal. She’s the only Korean actress I see making it to the beauty list of an international magazine.
      And she has often, kim tae hee is only ranked in China or Korea.

      • KTH has fat cheeks? Are you kidding?? lolol… Most Korean women don’t have doe eyes… they have small eyes… I think we are talking sully and boo here… Vacant expression, yes I may agree, that’s the look on SHK on these photos, correct?

      • Ditto on Kim Tae-hee, and vacant expression.

        I don’t put her on the same rank of beauty as Song Hae-kyo. Maybe because Kim Tae-hee’s mouth turns down – I can visualize that smile being a nasty sulk very easily.

        Or those images of her in Stairway to Heaven are wayyyy too ingrained (as to what she does with those eyes).

    • Yes…Have you noticed every celebrity regardless of ps or make up all have cracked lips in S.Korea..Coming from another part of the world its the thing I notice… I am sure it must be the climate.

    • Most koreans DO actually have cracked lips due to the weather and climate …As a Westener i have lived here many years and it is the thing you notice..Samantha you are very correct.

  3. I love her expression in that first pic, that’s exactly what I look like when someone sneaks a pic of me without my permission but that’s daily life for celebs. She’s a cute woman without a lick of makeup. Her skin is amazing too.

  4. I think Yoona is one of the most beautiful Celebrities in Korea. No one matches her height and beauty…Her following speaks for itself…Get real .

  5. SHK’s the only fav actress of mine and I do agree that she’s the prettiest but that doesn’t mean other ppl’s opinion is invalid when they think otherwise. Beauty is subjective. Let’s not give them another reason to dislike her and her fans. And btw this is not the list of the most beautiful korean actress..what’s with the comparison lol.

  6. is in the eye of the beholder and my preference is for Yoona..Though this for one moment does not diminish the beauty of SHK. How boring and disfunctional the world would be if our beauty preference was all the same.. Many things to someone make someone TRULY beautiful.

  7. @ldh.I agree with you as the saying goes beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so different opinion is always accepted.

    here is my list when every actress is at their peak gorgeous form. hye kyo
    2.Kim hee sun
    3.Kim tae hee
    4.Lee young ae
    5. sulli

  8. I think I love SonG Hye Kyo in her full house days best because her skin look darker which make her more sexy to me. Song Jong Ki is lucky tough to have her as a wife.

  9. Kim Tae Hee, Song Hyo Kyo etc all kinda look the same to me all very bland, yes nice skin but so do most of the actresses. I prefer actresses that have a quirk or interesting face ,that I find beautiful Gong Hyo Jin is my absolute favourite Choi Ji Woo, Uhm Jung Hwa, Seo HYun Jin are others.

  10. i was struck by her beauty in winter the wind blows when cameras were panned on her face most of the time kim for close up shots shes gorgeous

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