Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, and Song Hye Kyo are Top 3 Voter Selected Best Drama Stars of 2017

It’s pretty hilarious that the top four (4!) vote-getters in the just released Galluop poll of Korean drama viewers on the best drama actor/actress in 2017 did not actually star in a K-drama in 2017. Well, one of the top four had a 2016 started K-drama end in January 2017 but otherwise it’s clear that star power on a super huge drama hit can last for quite some time in the minds of viewers. Song Joong Ki has been selected the top K-drama actor of 2017 in the viewer poll still riding the Descendants of the Sun success, followed by Gong Yoo for Goblin the drama that straddled year end 2016 and beginning 2017, and rounding out the top three is Song Hye Kyo also for Descendants. Park Bo Gum came in fourth thanks to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds which was also a 2016 drama and he didn’t have any dramas in 2017 either. Starting in the 5th and 6th place is Lee Jong Seok and Suzy, respectively, for While You Were Sleeping which finished airing just last month.

Here’s the top ten:

1.Song Joong Ki
2. Gong Yoo
3. Song Hye Kyo
4. Park Bo Gum
5. Lee Jong Seok
6. Suzy
7. Kim Hee Sun
8. Lee Soon Jae and Kim Joo Hyuk
10. Go Doo Shim and Kim Hae Sook


Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, and Song Hye Kyo are Top 3 Voter Selected Best Drama Stars of 2017 — 53 Comments

  1. Suzy continues to rank above actual actors in addition to landing Lancome endorsement and having a highly awaited singing comeback. She’s conquered all fronts at this point. Queen only.

      • if IU did UF, ratings wouldve soared
        her drama flopped because of poor directing

        but her next one is in TVN with great director and producer, 5%+ guaranteed ratings.. i know if suzy did it, it would not even reach 3% with her nonexistent acting skills

  2. In terms of popularity the list is quite accurate. Songsong couple were trending everywhere on sns on the day of their marriage announcement and wedding day. They are indeed a Power Couple. Park bogum too is insanely popular and post goblin gongyoo is everyone favorite.

  3. I don’t know if I’m happy with our faves become this popular? Should I’m happy or should I sad? I wonder what will be their next project?

    • You should be sad.
      It will take years for your super-popular bias to act in a drama again. For eg KSH. after 2 successful dramas, he became CF king. To capitalize his popularity, he stopped acting.The same thing is happening to PBG. Thank goodness, I’m not a fan of these actors.
      The Productions also probably scare to offer scripts as the fee probably get inflated or the super popular actor may not ready to act again with the fear that the next drama might flop.

      • isnt that normal, nobody stay on top forever, impt. is longevity, and some of dos on top dont do 2 to 3 dramas a yr. and the tf fee increase thats normal too,

      • I won’t see them often then. I don’t mind if my fav took 2 movie a year and no drama. Since to find quality drama as of late are few. The most frightening think is they will only do cf for so long. I don’t want to imagine Song Joong Ki will do that. Ahhh… He is too talent for that.

      • I hope he could care less about CF offer and do more challenging acting role. Well but it’s an selfish in me talking.

  4. Kim Eun-sook’s drama effects are strong. But in DOTs, both leads were popular and in Goblin, only Gong Yoo benefited.
    And wow, Park Bogum’s church issue did not affect his popularity in Korea at all.
    Surprised there is no Park Boyoung, since her drama was a hit.

    • yup, i get her comment already, she is saying that overseas fans arent ask in that survey, but i think that list will still be almost similar if overseas fans are ask、。一

  5. None of the actors from ‘golden life’ or ‘witch court’ got listed. it proved despite acting in a very popular drama, it does not secure you to be on the list of popular actors. People love makjang regardless of the actors.
    I agree with the study….. these are the most popular actors in Korea right now.

    • Both Park Sihoo and Shin Hyesun are listed in the top 20. This list only shows top 10.
      Yeah Witch Court actors aren’t listed, cos the drama didn’t receive much buzz in Korea. Even Confession Couple is more popular despite having lower ratings.

      • Park Shihoon actually ranks above Shin Hyesun in the full list. A rape scandal means nothing in Korea.

  6. I just read in soompi and surprisingly Oh the Mysterious and Two Cops Top Content Power Index Rankings, I would expect The Golden Life to be at no 1, it means the weekend dramas are not as popular as what rating indicated….probably immensely popular only to grandmas and grandpas lmao. Another surprising finding is Because This Is My First Life is at no 10 despite its popularity among Inetz.

    • Its not surprising, BTLIOF was never a big hit in Korea. There will always be dramas that are much more popular overseas, right now that’s I’m Not A Robot. WYWS was very un liked on this site (I didn’t care for it either) but it was popular in korea and also with a good amount of international viewers and this list reflects the former. Ratings and popularity are of course not always a direct reflection of quality, its just particular audiences’ tastes.

      • I wouldn’t say INAR is popular overseas its only on DB the comments rank it over BK but DB is only one site with a handful of commentators who recite the same thing over and over but they are about the same in terms of streaming popularity. With Hwayugi and Bad Guys coming out those numbers might change again.

      • I never said it’s widely popular overseas but that it’s much more popular overseas than it is in Korea right now. The ratings are low and reception is generally negative there whereas I see nothing but positive comments on every streaming kdrama site (I use legal and illegal streaming sites) and there are more and more people watching with growing interest. Also, I’m not trying to compare it to BK or any other drama in terms of popularity, that’s a whole other discussion.

      • @Deb – I would say remaining in the CPI top 10 ranking two weeks after it finished airing is proof BTLIOF is popular in Korea, but then what does a lowly peasant like me know.

    • Because This is My First Life ended three weeks ago in November, the CPI ranking you were looking at is in December.

      If anything, BTLIOF – a cable drama – remaining in the CPI top 10 when it isn’t even on air anymore is proof it was popular in Korea, contrary to what some people here are claiming.

      • BTLIO finished on 28 NOV, so the drama was within the range of study. If it was popular, it should top CPI rating as people usually talk about drama ending.

    • @ teacakes, LOL ok, if that’s the case and it’s an accurate representation of the show’s popularity then I stand corrected! I only interpreted from the limited information I have access to. I really enjoyed the drama so I’m happy to hear it’s more popular than I thought it was in Korea!

      I honestly don’t care about ratings or a show’s local popularity just on their own, I pay attention to them because I assume networks are molding future dramas based on what korean audiences respond positively or negatively to. It’s why I’m sad to see INAR fall so flat in Korea so far because I miss fun, sort of zany rom-coms like it and I doubt we’ll be seeing many more dramas like it in the future. I won’t fault korean TV watchers though, they should be able to watch what appeals to them.

      • There are at least 2 more Human Robot dramas for next year. The trend will continue. The CPI ratings run two weeks late always so the ranking you’re seeing is for the last week of November which is when BTLIOF ended and Two Cops started. A show that has just ended should finish higher like Rebel in its final week.

  7. I have noticed that most of the k stars named have huge Instagram followings..So no real surprises and consistent with fan numbers.?

  8. @fadedaydreams – they flopped about equal, UF probably a bigger flop because after W started, nowhere after week 3 could it manage to top the ratings or get double digits even when W didn’t air.

    Moon Lovers at least got to be #1 for its last couple of weeks and had 11 percent for its finale. Sad but there it is.

  9. Jang Hyuk is not there. Jisung is not there. Kim Sun Ah is not there when she was the one who ruled Woman of Dignity and not Kim Hee Sun. This poll is irrelevant.

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