Graduate School Admission Rescinded for Jung Yong Hwa and Professor Disciplined by University

The speed at which this scandal broke, got confirmed, and now is getting addressed is one of the fastest such cycles yet. Idol-singer Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE was outed as the Idol A from the previous day news that was suspected of getting into a graduate program at Kyung Hee University thanks to preferential treatment since he didn’t even attend the required interview. Jung Yong Hwa posted a handwritten apology shortly thereafter, and then withdrew as MC of the variety program he was co-hosting. Now the university has responded by withdrawing his admission and the professor who admitted him has been removed from the position.

Netizen are rightfully pissed because this triggers their two most sacred mandates – having every student get into school on their merit and also on men serving their mandatory military service. Jung Yong Hwa applying to graduate school makes sense, since he’s a very successful singer and has an acting career, being motivated as a deferment to serve because men who are still in school won’t need to serve until post-graduation, and this includes undergrad and graduate programs. After his stock manipulation scandal from prior years ago and now a preferential acceptance plus military deferment scandal, I don’t know if he will bounce back yet again and if so how long that will take.


Graduate School Admission Rescinded for Jung Yong Hwa and Professor Disciplined by University — 31 Comments

    • I was just thinking that. But ultimately, it depends on what the priorities are. What if nepotism and dodging MS would is considered worse than rape?

      I’m not a huge JYH fan, but I find it weird that the JYH seems to be catching more flack for it than the decades-old university who should have policies in place to prevent something like this happening, especially since they have so many celebrities graduate from there.

      • Actually army and college entrance are the biggest things in Korea. It seems like they prefer DUI and rape than you got it easy in college and army.
        So it’s not it’s bigger than it’s supposed to, you probably don’t know how big it is there.
        The previous Korea president’s downfall started with people are angry about her friend’s daughter got in to uninversity with special treatment

    • He will bounce back. he is oppa.oppa never does wrong.its the uni’s fault.its aunt’s fault.its his mama’s fault.its his agency’s fault.its everyone’s fault.

      He is young, good looking with tons of fangirls and from the looks of it.He has a lot of people in his circle who baby him alot.Besides, there is a track record of men bouncing back from scandals so easily compared to the gravity of their scsndals.Example:Park Shi Hoo.Lee Byung Hun.Kim Hyung Jòon.Park Yoon Chun should have seized being relevant in media long time ago.But we still get news about him.

      • By the way, wait till you experienced being unfairly misjudged or received mistreatment down the track…. and I am curious what will you say when that time comes.

    • If likes of Polanski can make film post being proven guilty of raping a child, gets a standing ovation from Meryl Streep and likes of Oprah are lauded for a speech that has zero value in reality as she knew Harvey’s tales while sucking up to him all along, then yes this guy will be fine too.

  1. aslong as he still have crazy fangirl. he will be alright. they will buy all his stuff. now if you are a woman in korean that another story.
    fanboy is more into gaming they dont give much shit to music only uncle fan would buy the woman stuff.

  2. i dont think he is gonna have hit drama anyday soon with his acting. But he is a good singer and hope he sticks to that. I also feel he isnt that good human with these 2 scandals and the way he is handling things.

  3. Okies, details appreciated here please:
    K netizens and citizens of Korea seem to be rightfully harsh in certain cases and it does work to get things right. Just would like to know then –
    How is it that actress Han Hyo Yoo who covered for her brother’s ill doings when serving the military , get away from backlash and even no dent in her career? She is beautiful but not an exemplary actress , so how did she and her family come unscathed?
    And didn’t she take Byung Hyun Lee’s help , his lawyers; , legal help from him , to get her brother out? How did she get away with it?

    • I think HHJ, SHK and YEH were on the boat few years back. HHJ has a powerful agency (LBHs agency) and it seems powerful family, so she gets all the good movie roles, though her image is still not good. It just so happened that Kim Eun Sook took a risk on SHK, and coz of DOTS and now her marriage, she was able to recover her image. I honestly think that YEH’s way of recovering her image and career was through a KES drama, this writer has a tendency for casting 1 controversial lead, whether its coincidence or she wants the media coverage or she wants the challenge, i don’t know.

      • Shk, the tax thing? Didnt she pay everything back incl fines? So i guess she managed to recover. If she still hadnt paid, i dont think she’d get away that easily…

      • Of course she had to pay everything back plus fines, she was investigated and caught and then publicly scrutinized.

    • Im pretty sure she was terribly backlashed, along with her family too. She doesnt do lots of works i think..? And with every drama or movie she does, theres always upvoted comments on her scandal.. so i wouldnt say thats unscathed..?

  4. no one is perfect, celebrities are human too. but at least, he should have told the truth straight to the public, rather than writing letters. because to be honest, the person who has the most loss in this matter is his fans, because his role model cheated.

      • How many others never mentioned or never caught…Fans would be shocked!! The benefits of celebrity, money and powerful family all amount to privelage in S.Korea regardless of gender and thats fact.

  5. How to get away with a scandal ? Olivia Pope ? PR Annalise Keating ? NO ! 1- to be a man 2 – a powerful agency or background 3- to apologize without repenting ! and if you fail , beg goddess KES for a role in her dramas !

  6. Plus he is aging badly. after he fixed his teeth, he lost the charm he had. hope none of my fav celebs wont get married to him since his mother is a controlling and greedy.

  7. How difficult it is to show up for interview?????? That is some terrible arrogance. I know he is busy, but so are many other peeps who still have to go for interview. Glad he got busted.

  8. Just go and finish up the national service and be done with it for goodness’ sake! Why create all these unnecessary hassles and consequences for yourself? This boy is still young and 2 years later, which won’t take so long, he can return and continue his career… He has music and acting (even if his acting skills are bare) to bank on. Silly fella. Look at loads of other Korean male celebs who resumed their career…

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