Hyun Bin Offered Male Lead Opposite Park Shin Hye for New SBS Healing Romance Drama

I legit let out a high pitched yelp when I saw this casting combo floated over the news. K-ent is reporting that Hyun Bin has received the offer to be the male lead of upcoming SBS drama Yeowoo Gaksibyeo (translates to Fox Bride Star). Last week the production announced that it was courting Park Shin Hye to be the female lead and currently both top stars are still considering the offers and neither has confirmed. But even the possibility (!!!) is so exciting and I am a billion percent behind it, I love the excitement that comes with stars I love getting a drama together and really does juice up the increasingly humdrum K-drama scene. Please accept Binnie, don’t let the epic failure of Hyde, Jekyll, Me still haunt you, even Gong Yoo came back to slay with Goblin after Big. And if both confirm then it’s going to be the K-drama to look forward to in 2018 thus far.


Hyun Bin Offered Male Lead Opposite Park Shin Hye for New SBS Healing Romance Drama — 142 Comments

  1. So true, so far nothing has peaked by interest in Kdramas this year until this pairing came along. If it does become reality then, PSH will be working with her university sunbae again and I will greatly anticipate it!

  2. as long not about poor people vs chaebol,ceo,halyu star,crazy mother,or lawyer vs press.
    i think dark romance theme like it’s okay that love not much in kdrama.

    • It is unfortunately about poor people vs chaebol. According to dramabeans, the summary is:

      Hyun Bin’s potential character is a genius advertising executive who has risen to the top, but in his life’s best moment, he suffers the worst accident.Park Shin Hye’s character is of a 27 year old woman whose father died nine years ago, while saving another person’s life, leaving her all alone in this world.She is left alone to figure out how to get by in this world, made tougher when she loses both her compensation and support funding.But when she meets our hero, they start to heal each other’s pain and change for the better.

      You can see why they are courting Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye for this.Both had mega- successful dramas(Heirs, Secret Garden) playing similar roles like this on SBS. Its an SBS drama.Maybe they are hoping for another hit like that.I dont trust the PD as well.He is the one who directed A Gentleman’s Dignity, Gu Family Book and Secret Garden.They were all successful ratings wise, but he makes the character’s personalities, either extremely arrogant or too passive.The silver lining though is that, the writer is the one who did Romantic Doctor Kim.I didnt watch that drama, but it had good reviews. So there is hope.

    • Yeah, can they make it without chaebol-candy type melo healing drama?

      How good it is if the relationship between the female and male leads and their characters like the OTP of Just Between Lovers. Sorry to mention this drama, but this is my type of melodrama.

  3. As long as the plot is fine. Otherwise both of them should stay doing movies. Hyun Bin is finally getting on track and I bet he is traumatized by dramas right now. I also have a feeling that PSH is really carefully thinking her next choice because people started having high expectations of her after Doctors and its high ratings.
    Dramas are no good. Especially for PSH, just attracts more haters. She should build up her career reputation in films so she wouldn’t get so much dumb hate from dumber i-fans. And lmao, dramabeans commenters already hating on PSH and then some commenters there naming me and blaming me of being hateful when I, as a non-fan, have been way nicer to PSH (and some other actresses with certain amounts of haters) than these dramabeans beanies.

    • hahaha… i read it too “suzyautumn”… LOL… @amy- there are a lot more idiotic hater beanies in DB, have you read through those zillions comments? same talk without any critical thinking… I believe here is better 🙂

      • haha yeah wtf suzyautumn.. they haven’t read enough of my comments then 🙂
        I’m kinda flattered to be honest

    • Don’t bother. I think you have been pretty fair in giving comments except a teeny bit harsh towards Lee Jong Seok. LOL. Some could hardly differentiate between constructive criticism and hate comments but that’s understandable esp when your bias is concerned.

      I thought Namgoong Min would be perfect for this role. I am not a fan of this writer’s works and not a fan of either PSH or Hyun Bin, so I am totally fine with whatever the castings turn out to be.

      If there is a drama in 2018 that I am so looking forward to…it will be “The Dream in Alhambra” from the writer of Queen Inhyun’s man. I know W was a mess that I dropped it halfway but at least she is one of the few writers who could come up with something fresh.

      • I liked Queen Inhyun’s man too and I agree that at some point W started losing its steam. I’m not fan of either of them but I like this writer, I thought RDTK was good. But the synopsis of this drama sounds like it either could be great or very boring. Depends on how the director and actors will work with this script.

    • Sorry to chime in here, to be honest, I’m one of koala’s reader who think that sometimes you are pretty harsh on your critics toward actors/actreeses. But I dont count you as PSH’s haters, I feel your genuine concerns towards her even if you are not her fan. Your comments are straight and without any shades. You are pretty famous now, that your name was mention on DB. Heee.

      And for the casting, I’m dumbfounded that some people dislike PSH being casted here and say, “Please, no PSH!”, while actually she is the first to be offered the role that Hyunbin. It happened too when Kim Raewon was casted, when he was the second next to Shinhye to be offered the role. I know, many don’t like her acting and I don’t blame them, but can they check that fact first before commenting and naming her?

      • I think she just gave an advice?i also dont find her like shin hye hater.
        Nah it always happen to her,they can skip this drama if they want.
        but they choose to enjoy hating on her,and both are not confirm it yet,they just make theirself look like a dumb

      • Thanks! Even though I’m not a fan, I find that those comments such as ’’please no psh’’, ’’she is not on par in acting’’, ’’she’s not on hyun bin level’’ or ’’she can’t kiss’’ are ridiculous. Those people said the same thing before Doctors but that drama became a ratings hit and created a girl crush syndrome lol. Still, people on dramabeans are saying that all credit goes to KRW or that Doctors was really bad. Like wtf? If they’re going to hate, then they should pick one narrative and follow that. I think it’s just a case of dumb and jealous fangirls who don’t want to see their oppa with certain actresses.

  4. Hmmmmm I’m ambivalent about this pairing. I’ve only ever enjoyed Hyun Bin in Secret Garden and while I was mesmerized by him at the time, I credit Ha Ji Won more for their onscreen chemistry than him. I wonder if this drama will be enough to tempt him back to dramaland. Maybe their vibe together will be similar to Park Shin Hye-Kim Rae Won’s.

    • Yeah I am thinking the same , it would be very much like PSH-KRW pairing. I would rather PSH pair up with LJS type in terms of age and acting style.

      • No more flower boy type please. PSH need a more mature or veteran actor to work with. She’s in another level.

      • @agree with LL, flowerboys and their fans attract more hate to her. It’s time for PSH to act with mature actors. LJS is 1000 times better with veteran older actresses than younger actresses.

      • Most of the actors close to her age are serving right now. I too liked the chemistry of LJS and PSH in Pinocchio. Hope to see her with Kim Soohyun or Park Seojoon one day 🙂

      • LJS-types are not beneficial to her career at this point.The way I see it, the majority of people wanting her to keep starring with these hallyu flowerboys. Do so, because they want to be shipping her with them after the dramas .Or maybe brag about her popularity or whatever.

        But they need to wake up.Park Shin Hye is now a grown woman.The girl is fast approaching 30.She herself has said in her recent interviews, that she wants to be taken more seriously as an actress.She has done more than enough to establish herself as hallyu princess and in terms of popularity.The so called “old men” i mean the veteran and mature actors are better for her.

      • PSJ will be good, great actor, not flower boy type, done with military 🙂 Binnie is good too imho, just not sure if he will return to dramas since he is doing so well in movies… JIS is good as some has suggested, but again why return to dramas when he is doing well in movies?

  5. Extremely surprised when I read news on twitter….I was just naming random actors that she could be paired with and he was one of them! It will be interesting how it will turn out. It would be advantageous for HB and also somewhat scary about whether it will be a success because of his last drama. I’ve always been a fan and think he is one of those manly man. As PSH fan, wishing for another good successful-drama, your fans are waiting ☺️

    • PSH is way way better than that HJM 🙂 thinking of that drama gives me nightmares, what a waste of Binnie’s hardwork and talents!

  6. Wow!!!an interesting pairing.Is this the start of a Kdrama revival?Last year was so boring.Mediocre scripts.Too many dramas of one of my least favourite genre(legal dramas).Good actors but uncharismatic couples for rom coms.I am ready for something fresh.

    Hyun Bin is a good actor who has had a stroke of bad luck when picking drama projects.Park Shin Hye has midas touch.He needs a co star like her to make a strong comeback to kdramaland. Her projects rarely flop.I support Park Shin Hye working with solid, mature actors like Hyun Bin.That will help her gain more credibility, and develop her more as an actress.Its a win win for both of them. I support this.

  7. Another healing drama, it’s the trend these days. I’m not keen with this pairing. Anyway, I hope hyun bin picks the right project this time as his last was terrible.

  8. Can I ask for a tvn for psh instead of sbs? I hope the writing of her character is a strong one … the title “fox” make me think that is her character a tricky and a cly one for survive and also lack of confidence then become better when she meet the heroine? A lot Emotion acting is required …
    However any other choice other than HB? Should be a mature one, no flower boy please…

  9. I used to love PSH but Heirs and Doctors kind of killed my love for her.(Could not make it halfway for either drama) I kind of wish she would do a drama that’s not so romance centered.

  10. Hyun Bin will be a chaebol AGAIN???? Aigoooo…. Just my opinion, Hyun Bin needs stronger actress. He can’t carry the show by himself. His acting is mediocre. Secret Garden had Ha JI Won while Kim San Soon had Kim Sun Ah. Other than that, he doesn’t has any dramas that carry by himself. Sorry to say.
    Park Shin Hye also needs stronger actor too.She’s good but not great. I prefer Jo In Sung than Hyun Bin since Jo In Sung is soooo good in melodrama. No doubt for that.
    The synopsis is nothing new. And it seems just like an old-fashioned drama. I don’t know…

  11. why old man? do he need her help in getting good rating?
    three of his last 4 drama flop. only resason secert garden didnt flop is he was with HJW. this old man acting is not that good.

    just look at JI SUNG he never act with big star. he even win Daesang all by himself.

    they should cast JI sung with PSH they both will blow the ratng away.
    with their acting.

    • Ji Sung act with big stars,what are you saying?? HWANG JUNG EUM is definetely an A lister and one of the TOP Stars in Korea, go search some facts before posting please.

    • @timo ????excuse me but WHAT????Please research before spouting rubbish like this.Park Shin Hye’s last kdrama partner Kim Rae Won is one year older than Hyun Bin.

      Did he beg for the role or the casting agents are the ones asking him to star in the drama?production? did he say he is desperate to make a comeback in kdramaland?He has nothing to lose if he rejects this drama.He is doing just fine in kmovie world.In Korea;Kmovie>>>>>>>>>>kdrama.They need him him more than he needs them with this cliche plot.

    • Haha how funny you are? Who do you think hyun bin is? Do some research if you don’t know, he is known for his acting skills unlike many who are known for their faces. Does everyone get good ratings because their acting is so great? It depends on many facts. And he doesn’t need psh to be successful. She is really average in acting(but improving)and can’t even compared with him regarding acting ability. If he is looking for a co-star to boost his status in acting he should go for someone like jjh. Lol!!!

    • “Hyun bin’s acting not that good!!!” Are you joking? Then who can act? PSH? OMG,you must be really out of your mind. HB’s acting ability is miles apart psh’s. Does she ever known for her acting? And ratings are not everything. No one can doubt his acting skills. And don’t even think of comparing it with psh. Lol.

  12. I love all of PSH’s works. Some i love so much, some i like medium. Her all works cant be hit or please everyone since not everything is up to her. So i love PSH and i love it whenever she does dramas or movies.

  13. Naaahh im pretty much sure 170% he will pass this offer. A hit chungmuro star doesnt do ‘lowly’ drama haha plus he has 2 movies in production (not sure they have finished filming or not). PSH has higher probability to accept tho judging from how fond she is towards melodrama esp temperature of love (wut??) type. I really hope the male lead goes to jo in sung at the end but yeah he’s probably has another movie line up after wrapping up ansi city (hit chungmuro star guys!) or just take another break… there goes my hope. As much as i desperately want to see her new drama (mostly bcs everyone doing drama back-to-back), just stay in movie scene for the time being instead, shinhye-yah

  14. PSH is doing good. Pinocchio, doctors, fbnd, miracle in cell no.7, blakened heart, sanguiwon, is her best project yet. She got a lot of international antis and idk why. Back when she’s doing heirs, i dont think anyone can save cha eun sang character anyway. What i like is, she never get over shadowed by her male lead. She got her own place. I’m all for hyun bin-psh pairing.

  15. My favourite costar of PSH is still LJS (and her for him). PSH has a mature vibe to her but in Doctors, I found the love line very icky and had drop it halfway through. Hyun Bin has not had much success in dramas (maybe still haunted by Hyde). There was so much hype about his pairing wth HJM that the failure of it came as double whammy. Just shows there is more to chemistry than just visual compatibility and age. I am open to this pairing.

  16. I feel PSH always seem to play the same roles. I can never feel her personality or sincerity coming out of the characters that she portrays 🙁 I am not a hater, just stating mo

    • How is her roles in fbnd, heirs, Pinocchio and Doctors even the same? She isn’t the best actress but people love to discredit her in everything. Why???

    • It’s not because she is playing the same character but their vibe feels alike. She should try something like an action thriller or a historical one without playing in romcoms again. Just like park min young. Her roles are so diverse and each and everyone gave different aura. And psh got the potential so she should try roles of different genre.

      • Everyone understand that but actor/actress can’t control what they offer. If they are success in certain type of drama then will get offer for that more often. PSH mention she wants to have action or police type role …

      • @LL i totallly agree with you,it’s not that her fault when she is always offered the typical romcom drama,and it doesn’t happen only for PSH,this happen also to some A list actress like Gong hyo jin she always play romcom drama,song hye kyo melodrama and romcom,even jun ji hyun latest character in the legend of the blue sea is almost the same with her character in my love from the star,and for your information,park shin hye always stated that she doesn’t want to be just known as a halyu actress and she wants to try a different role and genre,but unfortunately you know korean entertainment industry is very competitive and they have a habit to keep cast actors that is good in one genre,but i think park shin hye slowly try a different genre in her movie,like in royal tailor it was a saeguk movie and she played a queen,in heart blackened she played a lawyer

      • Shinhye actually said she wants to do a realistic melodrama after her cameo in Temperature of Love. So she is actually getting her wish here. I hope she will be able to do an action film next.

  17. Won’t be surprised if Koala do a recap since it is HB’s drama.

    I will pass this drama, neither of the lead shows a consistent good acting. I don’t check K-Movies so my comment is just based on how I see them in dramas.

  18. Oh geez all the childish comments. They are actors and can be paired with any actors. There age will not matter too as they will be playing their characters and not themselves.

    Why discuss the rating when the drama has not started yet? Besides rating is not everything as it all depends on the budget and the market. If it’s low budget one then domestic earnings would suffice. Ratings is not everything too and it does translate into revenue because advertisers would consider the demographics too.

    Give this pairing a chance. PSH Doctors was a let down to me. I was not able to finish the drama. Well that drama was well-ratd but I doubt if that fetch the producers good revenue overseas. On the other I love Hyun Bin Jekyl, Hyde and Me except that I had to except the mid part but despite that I love drama. It was better than Kill Me Heal Me if you ask me. I didn’t like Hyun Bin’s old drama except Kim Sam Soon which I think the most entertaining rom-com kdrama.

      • @Oyin I don’t think it as much as those dramas that actually earned. There are dramas which are sold overseas but do not actually fetch desirable revenue as much as other drama.

        Tell what what you know and which channel the drama is being broadcasted?

  19. i think they both are average actors and I hope this drama proved that they are nothing special,
    why, not for hate but because their acting is really average with no charm

      • their acting will get proved this way, it’s a win win situation,
        if they have great chemistry, my assessment all there years is wrong,

        if they are bad, why would they receive a good rating?
        bad rating for bad drama and bad performances is what makes the industry gets better, not just so called “fame”

    • You’ve got to be kidding me if you think ratings are solely based on an actor’s skills. Writing, directing and audience affinity often plays a factor. Their acting might not be the best but they obviously got the “it factor” to attract audiences.

  20. I don’t understand why are the some of people in every article related to shin hye showing their hatred and their poisonous words toward her still mentioning heirs as her only project acting like they know everything about her blaming her on mediocre writings which isn’t responsible about boring scripts really!!!!!
    When the male lead announcement released whatever who he is those people start their judgement about her acting, life, face….. etc
    For those people take it or leave it.

  21. It is actually quite funny how some commenters are praying for the project to fail because of blah blah blah….perhaps maybe some can’t stomach if PSH gets another hit in her belt. I bet some are even praying HB rejects the project. For us fans of PSH, just happy to see her on any screen, be it with such veteran great actors from Blackened Heart, or Miracle of Cell 7 or the coveted oppa of some ?. For some reason, Shin Hye has the Midas touch , I bet her co stars , from a long time ago to the latest are glad to be in a project with her. In my opinion , they need her more than she does them! That’s why was glad to hear PSH name caming first before the guy. Great for us women in relation to equality……hope to hear that she gets as much as her male counter part , they pay her peanuts considering her tract record.

    • Yes, PSH’s projects are overdue for a failure. That is what some people want. Remember, even she herself didn’t expect Doctors to succeed so let’s wait and see what this project will bring to the male lead (whoever it ends up to be). As to her role, please can the script writer give her a strong character with layers.

      • There is no way your appearance in a movie is the same as the length of the movie. Your screen time is shared, can’t believe you don’t get that.

        I said that Hyun Bin can only manage to be okay in the movie when he has limited expression and masked it by being in a movie.

        The drama has their own difficulty when you need to make people not bored of your acting for 10+ hours and hyun bin with his limited range for long character interpretation, same expression and same body language managed to fail in every drama he acted in. He can’t capture his present and he always has the same interpretation of his drama character even when he is in a different drama.

        Sorry to be the audience who understand that drama has their own strength than movie and drama actor has different charm than movie actor, people like to say movie actor is better but not all of them, especially hyun bin, okay enough in the movie, way worse in drama.

      • @kimi – same applies to drama, the screentime is also shared… can’t believe you don’t get that ? Usual k-drama is total 16 episodes, so total 16 hours. Your 10+ hours is a very wide range. Not sure what school you go to, but your Math sucks ?

    • if your comment directed to me, I have more problem with hyun bin than PSH,
      Rest assured.

      I don’t think both are good but hyun bin has way more problem in drama acting than shin ye

      • Just curious to hear what problem you have with HB’s acting in dramas… how many of his dramas have you watched? Have you watched any of his movies? I am not a fan…. but you sound like an acting guru, so just want you to elaborate because what you are claiming does not match with the hallyu status he has in reality. If he has no charm, why does he have so many movies under his belt? ?

      • if you read it again, I said drama acting when you need to charm people in multiples hours.

        He is okay in movie, 1 hours max with skilled director but in drama, he lost the charm, the type of actor who can’t carry a drama with different gravita without a good director.

        Goof acting in drama preserve bad directing, shitty but people can feel their present, HB died out after 2 ep max

      • I don’t know what type of movie you are referring to… But the movies I watch are all over one hour long. K-dramas on the other hand are usually one hour per episode, unless you marathon it after airing. Your reasoning has no substance, just to further illustrate what kind of a commenter you are… lol…

      • you need to count, I said that he can’t contain people interest for more than 1 hour,
        even if movie is 2 hours, their main actor doesn’t actually in the screen for 2 hour and what I said is that he emote the same after he is in screen for 1 hour, boring expression and nothing new appeared, sigh

    • @math i can feel you,i really sad and mad at the same time to SBS,she make so much money for them but she is really underpaid if compare with her male costar, you know in her latest drama doctors she is only paid 21000USD/episode and nearly the same with some idol actress payment,it’s not fair if we think how big she is and how long her career compare to some idol actress

      • That’s awful! There are idol actresses and worse actresses and even rookies and greener actors (like Nam Joo Hyuk) that get better or same salary per episode as PSH even when she is way better and has popularity and is called as the actress of her generation. I wish her agency would know how to negotiate a better salary, she deserves way better than this.

      • Where did you get the info from? I only saw a ranking in 2015 where she her pay was close to idol actresses; but that year she didn’t take on any drama. I’d expect her pay for Doctors to rise since Pinocchio was a hit. Ah, I just hope she gets paid rightfully for her work for this drama.

      • Underpaid? Are those info reliable? I read those article written by some kids about the per episode rate of actors but those aren’t correct. Some of those actors agency just use them for advertisements and probably to lure other actors to go into their agency.

        Just like how GDragon and Zico and other Idols are being marketed for having so many songs written and registered but there are singer/idol who have more songs created and registered. Like Wheesung have actually more than 300songs registered. He has songs sung by Ailee and other known singers but no one wrote about them.

      • My point i: no one really knows how much actors are actually paid and talents fees varies from contract to contract or project to project.

  22. Same comments by the same group of people for a few years?
    Some said she cannot act, some say kissing a dead fish some said she cannot sing and some said she is overrated but all still watching her drama because she always act with their favorite actors ? Just to watch her dramas to give bad comments?
    Why the director still pick her, it must be something that we cannot see or don’t know right?
    I don’t think there are any actor or actress that 100% well liked-by everybody.
    If you’re true fans, don’t insult other actress.

  23. In the first place, neither of them has confirmed for the drama yet so some of the comments are irrelevant. But as a big fan of PSH, i wish her to confirm any drama as I miss seeing her in my screen. I trust her drama choice as each of her drama has been a great watch for me. As for her leading man, it really doesnt matter because I have seen PSH chemistry with whoever she works with. In the single episode drama, DoN’t Worry I’m a Ghost, her leading man was no flower boy but she had chemistry with him. Actually, every drama she’s in, chemitry with all the cast is palpable and I feel this is her gift- being a team player. She makes all her co -actors shine too men and women alike. But having Hyun Bin will be a bonus if they both agree. I’m curious to see how well they work together.

  24. It is sad, to see all these negativity and venom coming out of jealous people, that can not stand and either understand all the love and recognition Park Shin Hye gets from all her costars, friends, fans, projects, hard job, kindness and more! She has not even confirmed! Any person with common sense, even though she has been offered the female lead, can see they are also using her to promote the drama , before even the production start! You can denied that Park Shin Hye is a star , and with her genuine humbleness and many blessings, she will continuing to shine even brighter. regardless! Either a drama or a movie , with whoever, it will be her decision and God’s will. And , I am sure her true fans and people that truly appreaciate her work, will always be by her side, supporting her and making her feel confident. The rest of you, choke on your on venom Snakes!

  25. if HB such a big star why does most of his drama flop? even his drama with SHK flop. that the only drama she srar in were it dint reach 8%.
    so who to blame for the low rating?

    unlike HB PSH help young actor get famous in japan china what actress that work with HB is famous after doing a drama with him in the last 10 year?

    PSH need to drop this drama if HB is lead. th drama will flop 80%.

    she need to help more young actor get money from japan china.

      • Japan for sure. There is but I doubt China. However if it’s not a big budget drama, then they probably don’t aim for overseas market. They have domestic market plus if they can get good revenue from streaming sites. Definitely not from Dramafever or Viki. It sounds like VIU pays more I guess as they have the volume of subscribers.

      • Agree with you. Just don’t understand why some delulu PSH fans have to step on someone to elevate her star status, so petty! What a shame she has these so-called fans… smh…

    • he has no persona in carrying a drama, the reason SC is a hit is because has her persona and present fot drama even if her acting is also mediocre.

      Hyun bin burn out in the screen for too long.

      As much I don’t excited with any of them, psh has better present than hyun bin

    • Very well said. I hope HB refuse this role badly too. Don’t want him to drag a wonderful and talented actress like PSH down with his horrible flop name. I felt super bad for SHK as well. She is soo unlucky. But, damn this untalented man really needs to stop riding on talented actress to get popular. It’s a damn shame on him when he is such a bad actor.

    • Lmao…Hyun Bin didn’t go begged the director to cast him with your princess. They’re the one that asked him. Your stupid as hell. Why blame Hyun Bin for the Worlds Within low rating? It’s the genre that didn’t attract viewers attentions not him. It’s my first time seeing him in Worlds Within and he out shine Song Hye Kyo badly. He carried the drama way better than she did. Stop being biases.
      I seriously skip this drama too if Hyun Bin accept it. Park Shin Hye can’t act for shit. Can’t even go pass an episode with her in. So shouldn’t complaint about Hyun Bin. He’s so much talented than PSH or Song Hye Kyo.

    • Seriously! I first time saw Hyun Bin in Worlds Within and he out shine Song Hye Kyo badly. He carried the drama way better than she did. Worlds Within flop with low ratings because of it’s gener. Stop being biase.
      Park Shin Hye is far behind Hyun Bin in acting and talents.
      Lol…She came promote others because they happen to out shine her in acting. While Hyun Bin didn’t promote anyone because he can carry his role better.
      I would pass this drama too if Hyun Bin accept it. Park Shine suck at acting. Couldn’t go pass two episodes of her drama anyway.

      • Your logic is flawed. The reason why Hyun Bin didn’t promote anyone is because most of his co-stars in dramas were more popular than him – from Lee Na-young to Kim Sun-a to Song Hye-kyo and Ha Ji-won. You can’t deny he was the one who got promoted instead.
        You can praise Hyun Bin without putting down SHK or PSH. They are perfectly fine actors who carry their parts well.

  26. Comment section tho, wut? Hyun Bin has proved himself, a great actor with visuals. Some people based their judgments towards him by his dramas ratings’ only, sad you can’t appreciate how good he was on all those roles and I don’t think his last drama was that bad, while his WW is underrated. And others comparing him with JIS, both of them are great actors, HB’s movies are also hits.

    I’m a PSH bias(disheartened to read comments by co-fans, you don’t have to say those words against other actors just bcuz some attacks PSH,the actors have nothing to do w/ those comments).

    Praying they’d accept the role so I could go back from kdrama hiatus.

  27. @Jane Other than her team and production, no one really knows how much she is actually paid. Actors don’t only earn on per episode but royalties as well on re-runs and sales of rights to other channels eps overseas. There are actors who are paid less per episode but are paid more % on royalties and there are those who are paid higher per episode but don’t earn any royalties.

    • @partner i don’t know about another payment,but i just said about her payment for episode drama,and if you compare to her previous male co star in pinocchio she really underpaid, and i think it’s not fair because pinnochio can not be so popular in overseas if there is no PSH in that drama even her co star admitted it

      • @Jane How reliable is your source? Contractual information are confidential. Besides, actors don’t only earn on per episode rate. In fact, many actors earn more from royalty in the long run. There are few Hallyu stars that even their 10 year dramas are still selling and broadcasting in different channels overseas. While many actors don’t earn royalty but few actors have the negotiating capacity to have this entitlement. With royalty payment, usually the per episode rate is not that high.

      • @Jane ‘even his co-stars admitted’ ?— You are totally making it up. lol It’s so funny you say that. Do you that some commenters here are mature people? Some are even bored business people.

    • I would rather see her with a good rookie actor. It’s time for her to step up into being the bigger actor in the drama. I believe she can carry the drama herself.

      • Oh well unless it’s a big budgeted drama, then it’s ok to have two big stars in it as the budget allows it. But if not, then, we can only expect a mediocre production.

  28. Noooo, not an ajhussi again, first KRW and now HB. PSH deserves better, someone popular and good looking like LJS again or LMH but he is serving. There are soooo many handsome and young actors but she chooses older costars, if she keeps doing dramas with notso famous actors, she will lose popularity and actress like Suzy will get more fans. It is a shame,as a fan I wish PSH stick to actors and dramas that made her popular.

    • @Rina Dear I wonder how old are you? What you just said was so funny? If Park Shin Hye makes decisions like how you suggested, she would have disappeared in the scene already.

    • Are you DUMB? KRW and HB are way, way superior actors than LMH and LJS. PSH would never develop as an actress if she kept acting with popular hallyu actors instead of critically acclaimed senior actors. I actually want to see her from now on only with older actors, unless the younger actor is Yoo Seung Ho or someone as good at acting as him. 

      • Superior in term of seniority yes but in term of popularity no. Both LJS and LMH are very popular internationally but I cannot say the same about HB or KRW. LJS is critically acclaimed as well, being the youngest actor to win grimae awards in 2014 but I cannot say the same about LML lol.

        PSH had a breakthrough withYAB but her presence was mostly eclipsed by JGS. Unfortunately, the drama was not domestically a success although it was huge internationally esp Japan, so she remained relatively under radar until that drama Heir when she acted beside LMH.

        If she’d chose to act with unpopular actors I don’t think she’d become this popular.
        Then she acted in Pinocchio which solidified her good status. Both of these actors help her to become PSH that we know now. So give credit where credit is due

      • @Amy: HB and KRW were also Hallyu flower boys back in their prime. HB had Kim Sam-soon and KRW had Love Story in Harvard. It’s normal for popularity to decrease as you get older. They have also won awards at Blue Dragon Awards and Baeksang, which are far more prestigious than Grimae lol. So they are not only superior in seniority, but also in their skills.

        Anyhow, PSH certainly didn’t get popular because she choose to act with popular actors. JKS wasn’t popular internationally before YAB, same with LJS in Pinocchio. And the fact that she got cast with LMH at that time already shows she is already popular (KES only works with popular actresses) because of her background as child actress + her hit supporting role in Miracle in Cell No.7 that came out in the same year.

      • @Amy Park Shin Hye has been Park Shin Hye before LMH and LJS. While LMH has BOF when it comes to popular but definitely, PSH helped LJS solidified his popularity.

      • @amy – I have to agree with @Partners here. Why do you think PSH was helped by LMH and LJS? PSH is a child actor long before both LMH and LJS were on the screen. Your theory of who helps who is totally BS!! Just admit your ignorance if you didn’t know PSH before their “so-called-help”. Credit is not granted… lol… Also your stupidity is shown by not recognizing the popularity of HB and KRW, this puts you in the same category as @Julianna. I am an i fan and I am familiar with European movie events, HB walked the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival when LMH & LJS could only dream… what kind of “popular internationally” are you referring to? Your world is awfully small as compared to most, idiot!

      • “if she’d choose to act with unpopular actors” – Erm if she didn’t already has a certain level of popularity, why would she be cast alongside those actors in the first place? Besides, none of her leading men except for Lee Minho was a top actor when they were cast alongside her. They became more famous after their respective works – YAB for Jang Geunsuk and Pinocchio for Lee Jongsuk. Park Shinhye was already a famous child actress and has some roles in hit films, so she was never under the radar.

        As for Hyun Bin and Kim Raewon, they were former hallyu stars who have managed to transit into talented actors. So no, they are not just superior in terms of seniority. LJS and LMH might be more popular internationally but they will be replaced by younger stars.

    • @Rina – your comment is the biggest joke here. Delulu fan like you who is so dumb and misinformed is a total embarrassment to PSH… I am not sure who has more fans, but your comparing her with Suzy is actually a disgrace!! May your wish come true and she will become Suzy#2… hahaha…

    • Hallyu stars are talented actors. But yah hallyu power is not that easy to maintain as actors gets older. It must be a lot of work to get connected with international fans. As fans get older, the lesser time they have to spend for their idols. Lucky are those actors who have their older fans stayed with them through time.

  29. There’s actually a big budget drama coming up that could potentially star at least two big actors. I think it would great if she will be the female lead in that drama. The drama also has the genre which she has not done yet.

  30. @Rina: u take the word out of my mouth. PSH need to stick to what make her get oversea fan. that is to star in drama with hot lead guy. like u say if PSH keep going this rout. her fan will jump on other actress bandwagon before long.

      • @Juan – I am beginning to think so… hahaha… @Julianna is spreading hate on Suzy coz she is so annoying and irritating, anyone with a brain won’t be writing those idiotic comments… lol… but this gives me a chance to call her an idiot, fun 🙂

  31. Wow OMG ?PSH and Hyun Bin are the pair that I been waiting for and I’m sooo excited for this. Definitely something to looking for to watch this yr and I’m all for it. Pls guys accept the offer already ????.

  32. The comments in this article is so hilarious. I keep coming back as I see the number of the comments keeps increasing. lol.

    Whatever project Shinhye will choose, I hope her the best.

  33. i dont even understand with some people call herself pshfan,but they more care about her co-star,rating or popularity.
    she is not young anymore,she need to improve herself,play mature role.whoever is her costar,her fans better support her n wish her get good script&character to play,so she get more recognition for acting!shame on people who become her longtime fans,but more care about her costar,rating/popularity also shipper who just bring her more hate with cringe editing&coincidence

    • seriously we don’t care about her costars popularity we know that park shin hye is working with the greatest actors in Movie section some people who act like her fans say stupid things to make you think like that we don’t care but when shin hye has an offer for dramas we read stupid comments shame on those write stupid words

      • I do not believe they are her true fans, when they can not recognized her value as an actress and appreaciated her hard work! Given all the credit to her costars!
        Park Shin Hye has prove over and over again through her hard work , that she always puts all her heart into, and with her aura, that she can bring out the best of others! She shines and makes them shining with her!

  34. One last comment before I retire from this thread. Why mention Gong Yoo in Goblin? Aside from tons of marketing and promo costs the producers spent on the drama, he has Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Ah, who are equally heavy weights, backing him up.

    The drama was said to be a big budget one but those $$$ didn’t translate into the production quality and value of the drama. Which obviously budget was spent mostly on the actors fees and promo costs?

  35. Great news about PSH comeback!
    We have been waiting for so long to see her again.
    No doubt that she will be great once again…
    Have watched HB in worlds within and loved him with SHG at the time. He is a charismatic star
    This drama will be worth watching just for them alone if they confirm.
    Of course there are other good veteran actors too but I’m happy with them in the lead.

    But, for true enjoyment and making best of this outstanding pairing I hope it’s fully supported by the script and how their characters are written.
    Will wait for more details to come out before I can put behind the concerns and just look forward excitedly to just watching this drama.

    To NileRose and Nistymaj….hullo …good t see you both…?

  36. @Rina

    is one of PSH bigggest fan. who are you guy to say she not her fan. if she not her fan she would not be looking out for PSH. she just dont want PSH to lose fan cuz of acting with old man. you all know damn well ifan dont want PSH to cast with old man. when their so many younger actor. who she can cast with. casting with old man not going bring in new ifan.

    • You are just as ignorant as Rina. Can’t believe PSH has such airhead self-proclaimed fans… hahaha…. Read the comments from Scar99, Nilechocolate and Rouge, true fans should be happy that she will appear in a new drama. HB is well known internationally, your world is just too small… PSH is already 27, there are not too many “younger” actor at her acting level unless she wants to be their noona… LOL…

  37. Lol…I hope Hyun Bin refuses this drama because his horrible acting will surely kill this project for sure. He seriously flop in every drama he play so please don’t drag PSH with down with him. She can do better. Please cast her with more popular actors that can actually act. Since he can’t even act but only ride on the female actors to get popular. What a shame on him. Anyway I hope he continues to play more movies. He’s doing fine alone. Can’t wait to watch his new movies.

      • Because he really can’t act. He only ride on his female lead to get promoted. I felt bad for SHK. If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t suffered the biggest flop with Worlds Within. Hyun Bin still have a long way to go to improve his acting. He is no where near Park Shin Hye. I don’t want Hyun Bin to kill another drama for other actors. I hope he continued filming movie until he is finally become a great actor. That’s when he can work with greater actors.

  38. I want to know who is playing the supporting roles for this drama, especially the second leads. I want some of my underrated faves in this, because the exposure might capitulate them into leads on their own.

  39. I love her chemistry with a non flower boy partner in Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost….so, saying that she should only have the “usual” as coactor is wrong! She had great chemistry with ALL her co workers and I’m voting for HB to act with her, just happy that she finally have something at least for the half of the year. One of the reasons I like her….she gives time for herself, her family and her loved one…..Fans should be thankful, PSH have enough clout to be able to choose projects and at same time have all these time to keep herself healthy in mind and body. Looking forward to this project whoever they choose as her partner!

    • That was said well!
      She has shown the ability to create chemistry with all ….be It dramas , movies, musical videos and even CFs ( cannot forget the ones with YYS in Median, Kang Haneul in Yogiyo, Sungjae in Mamonde, Donghae in LDF ).
      Hence looking forward to her new drama.

  40. @dramamovielover
    yep HB the reason she have her only flop drama. memo to PSH you dont want to be cast with lead man that have 3 flop drama in his last 4 appearnce.

  41. When people watch and put others down in drama for the look and popularity. Can’t blame a person for the low rating of a drama. Hyun Bin is by far the best korean actor I’ve seen in the korean entertainment. His drama flop doesn’t justify him as a bad actor. Not trying to be ment but to blame him for WW’s flop is too biased. His acting in the drama is so much better than SHK. Many have praise him for his acting in WW and not SHK. I hope he choose a better script and play more serious role. Rating don’t matter because I watch him for his acting. Not for popularity. If he is really that bad of an actor then the director and producer must be out of their mind to still coasting him as lead in their works.

    @yoyo lol read carefully before pointing fingers at Hyun Bin. @dramamovielover is being sarcastic about her saying. She clearly defined Hyun Bin is a better actor there.

  42. HB is a good actor. The failure of a drama is not dependant on one actor. Lot of factors chip in.
    His success in Movies is a good parameter to judge him by where one needs to make an impact in every screen time. He has that also a great screen presence.
    The foundation of a successful drama starts with a good script followed by the rest…..director, actors, editing. Cameraman, makeup, costumes, music…..etc….it’s a whole team!

  43. I’ve seen most of Hyun Bin’s films and dramas. I admire his acting; he makes his characters believable. But not all productions are well written so we tend to judge the acting when we should be judging the writing and direction. My favorite was World’s Within! I enjoyed the story line about behind the scenes drama production. The leads had such chemistry and are both attractive people, hot to look at. A memorable scene is when they were in bed facing one another. He has the best profile. I loved the kissing scenes. I wasn’t surprised to learn that the two actors were in a real relationship. Park Shin Hye is not my favorite actress but I thought she did well in Pinocchio and the Doctor drama. Realistic kissing scenes too. Heirs I watched for LMH. It was entertaining; kiss scenes, not so much, haha. So I am curious and hopeful that HB and PSH will work together. For people criticizing dramas for showing the same old story line, well that’s what the public wants for the most part. I’d rather see a funny rom-com than most other genres and I’ve seen lots and lots, rom-com, action, fantasy, spy, you name it.

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