MBC Offers Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Lead Roles in Upcoming Drama Come and Hug Me


LOLOLOLOLOL OMG I CAN’T EVEN! Sorry for the all caps but this drama casting is either a joke or some casting brain trust at a production company is blind and unable to assess acting ability with this extended offer. K-ent is reporting that MBC has offered Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk leads for its upcoming drama called Come and Hug Me. Dang, I’m going to need major hugs if this casting comes true and I have to watch this drama out of sheer trainwreck curiosity. I love Suzy, don’t get me wrong, I can watch her limited-to-bad acting only half the time.

When it’s limited but in the right character and directorial discretion such as While You Were Sleeping and Dream High then I enjoy it to some degree. But when it’s just plain bad such as in Gu Family Book (oh the horror!) and the first half of Uncontrollably Fond then I just wish she would stop acting until all the stars are aligned. She also needs a very strong male lead and goodness gracious Nam Joo Hyuk is basically the male version of Suzy and this drama with the two of them may have end up being the blind leading the blind. Apparently both stars are considering so let’s hope they consider wisely and one of them declines, doesn’t matter which one.

Come and Hug Me sounds like a romance drama but it’s darker in that the leads find their fates entwined after a murder affects their lives. The drama is scheduled to air sometime in May, likely in the Wed-Thurs time slot but hasn’t been confirmed yet.


MBC Offers Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk Lead Roles in Upcoming Drama Come and Hug Me — 119 Comments

  1. Wed-Thur timeslot? Competing with Jang Dong-gun and Park Seo-joon? It’s very obvious MBC knows what its doing and its called GIVING UP. Lol. On a positive note, they do match – age, visuals and ACTING SKILLS. So let’s anticipate.

  2. This is a combo of bad acting, goodness!. But in a way, I find it funny how people condemn Suzy for not matcing up her leading men’s charisma and acting, and now that there is a possibility that she is to be partnered with her male equivalent, still also she is being bashed. Both of them should just settle for supporting roles for now. That’s the best thing they should do till they progressed to be deserving to be called “actors”.

    • The criticism is mainly that she hasn’t shown herself to be fit for lead roles, the matching her leading men part is a close second.

      I agree that both of them really need to step back into supporting roles if they’re actually serious about acting and not just doing dramas for cf deals (who are we kidding lol, look at their acting).

  3. Honestly Suzy should stay away from this drama. I think she needs to strong costar due to her lack of acting skill and NJH as we all know is terrible. And to be honest just in terms of star status they don’t match. She’s a A star whereas he’s a B/C star at best. Not to mention his shippers with Lee sung kyung are crazy. I don’t understand what she would merit from being in this drama. I know it’s not their fault but I cannot bring myself to like NJH and LSK due to their crazy shippers (and their acting too). It was disgusting to see them attack Shin Se Kyung when Bride of Haebak was airing. Idk how people can be so immerse in their shipping culture…

    • Suzy should not be expecting her co-stars to ‘carry’ her. If she can’t lead her own drama, she should take on supporting roles.

      • I hate to break it to you but fame > acting skills in K-drama. Choi Hee-seo, who swept film awards last year, is going to play 2nd lead to… Han Ga-in. Probably one of the few actresses whose acting is as bad as Suzy. It’s impossible for Suzy to lower herself down to play a supporting role.

  4. Now that all the 1980s male leads have gone to the army or are already committed to a project… time for Suzy to be the bigger star and lead her own drama. Hahaha.

  5. The criticism just so funny. You have not even watch the drama yet. It’s like every actors perform the same it every drama. If you don’t like the pairing then watch another drama.

    Another comment which is also funny – Suzy is an A lister. lol

  6. Doesn’t matter. They will win top excellence award at the end of year awards. I think they match brilliantly- looks, acting and company backing. Please accept the drama both of you.

  7. My first reaction is the same with Koala here. LOL
    It’s hilarious news! I wonder what knetz comment thou. MBC certainly going with popular names and ignore the acting skill. Well somehow i really want this to happen just to see how it would end up (rating and reviews).

  8. Great news…Suzy continues to show the way being offered roles that more experienced actors dont even get a look in. I Know its her popularity over her acting that drives her opportunity but lets face it korean drama is a business and her popularity is great business and gaurantees viewers.Thats not her fault and every acting role is an opportunity for her to become a better actress through that experience. She has all her fans full support with everything she is offered and our hope is she uses that golden moment to make the most of that chance to perfect whatever she chooses.

    • Uncontrollably Fond failed all expectations despite being pre-produced and high budget and highly anticipated. Lee Kyung Hee is known for being a hit maker, but she can do as much if her main actress is talentless.
      While You Were Sleeping was, too, pre-produced, high budget, highly promoted and anticipated but it still failed to be the phenomenon Park Hye Ryun’s other popular dramas managed to be. This, despite the fact PHR knows Suzy’s limitations and acting style and tried her best to write around her limitations -which she partially managed because Suzy wasn’t as atrocious as before. But the fact remains that WYWS was not a ratings hit.

    • What viewers?her last drama(wyws) was hyped from November 2016 till it was aired.Like one year of promos with a star writer, a hallyu actor and all they could average in ratings was 8%.They couldnt even hit double digits with all their combined popularity and visual.The reason she is being offered roles that no experienced actors dont even look in, is because those experienced actors dont come from powerful agencies like JYP.

      Plus her popularity didnt stop her movie in 2015 from flopping.Her drama “Uncontrollably fond flopped too in Korea and she was acting with Kim Woo Bin and the writer of Innocent Man couldnt save her.

      • her pre release song did manage an all kill on the chart, her songs in her new album is doing just fine but cant compete with group like red velvet who release just a repackaged one and ikon just release der album 1 week before her.for physical i dont know the numbers.

  9. Not Suzy, again. She should take some time to recover from recent failed dramas and ponder upon her acting. I dont understnad why she insists on acting. Maybe take a year’s worth of acting classes? I don’t know. Someone close to her please tell her she should seriously learn to act esp if she gets all the offer while so many great actresses are pit there.

  10. Let’s hope the “double negatives rule” applies… K-dramas have been so boring these days so why not put the worst artists on the screen? These people still have to make a living while their talents are so lacking… Their schedules are basically blank without any bookings. Agencies say why not bank on them when their delulu fans still think they are popular & is great business, right? ???

    • Actually, NJH and Suzy combo would be so popular amongst delulu idol fans, who are mostly international fans and who only care about visuals. Imagine, Suzy’s and NJH’s IG follower number will increase with millions if they did that drama, proving how popular they are and this will make their fans too cocky, claiming how ’great actors’ their biases are ?

      • Y other I-fans think Bugs Bunny is a gem? Suzy has zero visuals without her long hair & photoshopping… She looked blah in WYWS imo… Must be different cultures, different eyes… NJH may be very tall as an Asian, but his visual sucks, no charisma, not manly at all…. just my opinion!! ?

      • @candycane, I agree. I don’t get the hype about their looks. both of them are very average at best, they lack charisma.

      • its so funny how these kids these days brag about IG follows to measure actor’s relevance and what not.The current most popular actors; Gong Yoo, Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum etc dont even have an instagram account but they are always at the top in them popularity polls.They are plenty of korea actresses with little followers than them or no social media accounts who are much more credible and popular than them in and out of Korea.

        This is why I respect idols like Gdragon and Taeyeon. They are megapopular but they did not let their popularity, make them to think they could just venture into acting, when they dont have the skill set to back them up.I hear they have rejected offers many times to consider acting.

      • @RubyRed – good point about GDragon and Taeyeon, it just goes to show idols do get the choice over whether they want to act or not, instead of blaming their agency for ‘making them take’ every acting project in which they were crappy.

        Even Hyuna, who isn’t exactly musically talented unlike GD/Taeyeon has my respect because she sticks to doing what she likes – music and idol activities – instead of acting, which she has no interest in. She even turned down The Wailing when it was offered to her.

    • My goodness what made you so obsessive with out of control hatred. Are you actually happy being this way? You dont even sound rational and sound extremely juvenile.I woder how old you are.You and P.A seem the same pain in the Ass and probably the same person if known.

      • @Lisa – who are you? Everybody can state their opinions here. I don’t have any hate until now that you crash my comment!! What don’t I sound rational? What part?? My Math theory? My humor? This is my writing style. I don’t take your accusations. Save the A__ word for yourself. I have never used any foul language in any of my comments. FYI – prettyautumn and myself are two separate persons, and I have not read any hatred in our comments. I only read hatred in yours. You are the one out of control and being obsessed with my humor. Please examine yourself before you speak!! Don’t make me called you an Idiot… but from what you wrote here, you absolutely sound like one. I can write you more if you like to read my comments so much… LOL…

      • @Aomer Honey you must be really innocent if you think people merely saying two people who get paid to act are crappy at acting, is “evil”.

        Please tell me what la la land you live in, it seems like a nice break from the real world and I would like to move there.

  11. Both have big agencies backing them up. Both are conventionally attractive. Both suck at acting too. they’d be a perfect match. They’d both probably win MBC top excellence actor award (just like Suzy already won excellence actress award from Gu Family Book, not even a best new comer but straight up excellence award…), they’d even win daesang if this became ratings success (meaning 11% because that’s a ratings hit for Suzy and NJH fans).
    But JYP will turn it down because there is no way Suzy would downgrade from LJS to NJH. JYP doesn’t do that. Only the best co-actor and high budget production to ensure that Suzy stays afloat. Imagine if she alone had to pull a drama off.

    • JYP is probably already begging Kim Eun-sook to cast her in her next drama. And probably trying to request Yoo Seungho or Park Bogum as the male lead LOL. She’s so mediocre she has to depend on top stars and huge writers so that her bubble doesn’t burst. Wonder when SK will see through her shallow facade.

      • SK already knows she’s just a bubble but what can you do when she still gets lead roles? Pretty and popular are the criteria of getting a lead role it seems, and there is no way JYP will let Suzy to play secondary roles. I bet she will be paired with the next trendy top actors in a drama written by a top star writer and star director. You see that trend in Suzy’s dramas, she doesn’t work in no name dramas lol.
        I think that KES won’t be sending Suzy offers any time soon because KES works with the likes of Lee Byung Hun and Kim Taeri nowadays. There’s day and night difference in acting skills when compared to Suzy. This means that KES cares about acting after all, or at least mega popularity, which Suzy doesn’t have when it comes to films. Anyway, it’s for sure that only trendy hallyu stars or mega popular or respected actor is good enough to be Suzy’s co-actor

      • I dislike a lot of Kim Eun Sook’s dramas but even I admit she’s too mindful about acting skills to ever offer a lead role or even a significant role in one of her dramas to an ‘actress’ like Suzy.

        I mean, after Kim Go Eun, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Ri and even Park Shin Hye….heck even her supporting and second female lead roles go to actresses like Kim Ji Won, Yoo Inna and Kim So Hyun. KES dramas are mad popular and get tons of advertisements anyway, she doesn’t need Suzy’s dead eyes for the cf money (which is Suzy’s only value to any drama at this point).

      • KES has weak script and story so she always use actor and actress that CAN ACT. Even if she use idol she will cast someone who can act like sung jae.

      • KES’s writing is bad but her leads are good, have hypes and usually fits the roles.
        She has hype but no acting skill so I don’t think she would cast her.

  12. When u think Kdramas can’t get any worse than 2017… This is the end for Kdramas! If these are the main leads, who will be the supporting cast?! I am sure there are some talented actors and actresses that probably never get the chances to shine beause of crappy casting decisions like this. I had such a fondness for Kdramas, but lately all that’s left seems to be disappointment.

    • Talented supporting actors should take this. Look at WYYS… people like Jung Hae-in, Shin Jae-ha, Lee Sang-yeob managed to get more popular. It’s a great opportunity for talented but undermined actors.

    • Im Ju Hwan I bet. He’s again going to be the second lead, just like in UF and BOTWG and has played the second fiddle already to both Suzy and NJH

      • I was thinking the same… haha… IJH, what a waste of your talent & visuals to be stuck as second lead?

      • Im Ju Hwan crossed my mind as well.

        Those days I remember he was so good playing male lead with Kang Sora in Ugly Alert. Like this OTP in that drama.

  13. I have a feeling Suzy is gonna reject this. Her fans are looking down on Nam Joo-hyuk when honestly their bias is the female version of him.

      • Good luck on that. PBG is extremely picky about his project; seeing how he has rejected so many works.

    • Hahahahaha..as if suzy is in a position to reject dramas.She has 8 years acting experience and she has shown little to no improvement.In fact, I do think this casting news was released, to distract from the issue that she couldnt showcase her own solo album at the press conference. JYP is a smart agency, they cant mediaplay about suzy’s role this time around, because her acting in her last drama wasnt that great.Go to naver, there is no news about this when you type in her name.They are letting MBC do the work.They are not even putting out more news about her album, when she is supposedly having a comeback.They are still mediaplaying about how pretty she is.

      To be honest, I understand why JYP pushes suzy to acting when she seems more passionate about singing.When you put her against solo artist like IU, TaeYeon, Heize, Eunji, Bolbbalgan4 etc..she just pales in comparison in terms of talent.Besides, the idol industry is over saturated with a short shelf life.While acting career has a bit more longevity.

      As for Nam Joo Hyuk, YG is still in lala land where he thinks he can make a Lee Jong Suk(model-turned actor) version two out of him.The problem is that BOTWG exposed his glaring acting flaws.One of which is his inability to emote.He also lacks the charismatic qualities, that lead actors should have to lead a drama.He needs to go back to supporting roles like Ahn Jae Hyun did until he sharpens his skills a little bit more.If this drama has any resemblance of a melodrama.It will be disaster.Or better still, stick to modelling where he shines the most.

      So conclusion, its an equal match.

      • She does reject dramas, especially when she knows she will get hate. Like A Girl Who Sees Smells and Cheese in the Trap where webtoon fans were strongly against her casting. So she might reject this as well seeing how she probably knows she can’t carry a melodrama with Nam Joohyuk as her co-star.

        Jyp has really tried hard to distract that issue, even by claiming that the journalist who wrote those articles was paid by SM. But c’mon who are we kidding? Suzy was never known for her eloquence – she has messed up several times in award shows. Even on variety shows, she can’t speak well. She’s really better off as an actress – where a mysterious image is preferred.

        NJH is sadly, not gifted in acting lol. Idk what YG is doing as well by sticking him in idol dramas with actresses similar or only slightly better than him.

      • That is exactly what Koala is doing, distracting from the real issue of the album showcase!

  14. Wow YG and JYP collab. Except this casting seems to be more for visuals. Suzy had some minor improvement in wyws. NJH was better in WFKBJ compared to the watergod mess. They both needs to be in good directing hands to direct them. NJH performance oso dependent on whether he relates to his character or not. Its unfortunate this casting news is met with mostly double negatives.either they prove ppl wrong or they get panned again..

  15. Wow, her resume is no joke, kim soo hyun, lee seung gi, kim woo bin, lee jong suk now nam joo hyuk. and her ex was lee min ho. she has captured almost every hottest guys in dramaland. the visuals alone might work, who gives a damn about acting lol.

  16. I’m not really surprise, they gave her the excellence award… It seems the korean industry sees her as a good actress and they’re ready to give her only main role.

    For NJH is a buzz actor too, so I guess is enough to find money for the drama.

    And with that, Kang Ha Neul never had a main role in a drama…what a world…

      • Kang Ha Nuel is a good actor but don’t over estimate him. He still has a long way to go.

        Nam Joo Hyuk on the other hand has a long way to go when it comes to acting skill but he has charisma and he has a big agency backing him up and willing to spent tons of money to promote him.

      • It was what my sentence was implying… And I don’t compare, I just don’t understand drama industry…

      • Kang Ha Neul has something none of these acting black holes have, and I don’t mean talent, I mean a lead role in a hit film (Midnight Runners, 5 million+ admissions) right before he went into the army. Plus good reviews for his movies, which these cf-model ‘actors’ can’t even dream of. He’s not even on the same playing field as them.

      • There is not comparison when it comes to acting skill really. But objectively you can’t compare movie and drama either. Korean movie has not penetrated the world yet. Yes producers send in their entries to film festivals to promote Koreas movie content but that is about it. Korean dramas on the other hand has able to establish it’s market overseas even and that for a long term basis. Even a 10 year old drama can still be sold overseas.

    • excellent actor don’t need main lead character,they just need an excellent charismatic characters so they can challenge his own skill acting. so no wonder sometimes actor like him choose the antagonist character.

  17. Great casting call, pairing two leads who can’t act. At least their partners won’t be burdened with the acting load. And audience who prefer some acting chops can stay far away from this drama.

  18. I think they are on in rom coms but not when they need to emote. This is a melo I believe. For their sake and ours, reject the roles…

    • Just look for another drama. Your problem is solved. I started two Suzy’s drama but end up not finishing them as I don’t want to torture myself.

      I started the Weightlifting drama but did not finish it as I don’t want to torture myself. I survived and finished the Bride of Water God with few fast forwards and skips because I kind of dig the story which I find alot better than Goblin and Shin Se Kyung wasn’t too painful to watch there and visually appealing with Nam Joo Hyuk.

  19. Oy Vey!Ve haf a vinner ladies and gentlemen… Grab your blankets and get ready for the snoozefest. This ve haf to vatch…and torture ourselves

      • @panda_eyes Lol of course no, I love Junho! He has really established himself as a lead in Just Between Lovers. All I need now is for him to be a lead actor in public channel for more people to notice his talent.

  20. ????? WTF is this?sorry but LOL.Just take the writer of “a hundred year inheritance” and the PD of cheese in the trap.They will make the perfect combo of crappy production and crappy acting.

  21. Sorry, but i’m not into the LOL mood. Finding a good drama thèses days is like searching the ” Graal” . And producers or whatever doesn’t seem to be Indiana Jones, so the ones who are suffering are us, the audience. I don’t care about who is a star or not I just want more good dramas . Not only 1 or 2 each year ?

    • Sorry, But if you care about quality abit… There is alot of upcoming project with promising content. There is Are You Human too? with THE Princess Man as a Screenwriters, Noona who buys me food which critically acclaim PD-Ahn pan Seok at the helm. New drama with secret Of Forest screenwriters starring Jo Seung Woo and Lee Dong Wook called “Life”. “Just between Lovers” despite is flaws is a solid drama with PD Kim Jin Won “Innocent Man” at the helm which end this week. Also There is an airing drama which seems promising called “Mother” with Kim Chul Kyu PD-Nim at the helm. I think 2018 will be a good year for Korean drama!

  22. Lol I like NJH as a person and he’s super endearing but as an actor? Omg, NO. Unless he’s playing 2nd or 3rd lead lol. In this case I think Suzy’s even a little better (and that’s not saying much hahah) than he is tbh lol

  23. Well, the supporting male and female leads will have to be the ones to outshine them…probably not a bad shiw to be on if one is a newbie in acting in a kdrama, as chances are high that they can shine through the two bad lead actor and actress. Nam Joo Hyuk is so good looking though…he hd that “IT” factor, that even as a 3rd supporting lead, you notice him right away ala that Cheese Trap drama. Suzy does not stand out whe. you put her next to other pretty actress. I hardly took notice of her in Dream high, since Han Eum Jung was the one female that led that drama and in BIG..I did not even know it was Suzy.

  24. So which scriptwriter is going to have to bend over backwards this time to write roles that don’t go beyond the miniscule acting range of these two?

    • And you probably need to spend time praying these two raise their acting skills to lead role levels instead of whining about how everyone is ‘jealous’ of their crappy acting and all criticism is ‘hate’. Go back to your kpop fansites, your tantrums won’t fly here.

      • @Julianna – yeah, real ‘winner’ you are, thinking that word is spelled ‘looser’.

        I feel sorry for people like you, spending so much energy and bandwidth defending some talentless two-bit idol who doesn’t even know or care you exist.

    • You are right, if the drama is bad result, do not watch it again. it’s still a lot of other korean drama. even if this drama fails, its a loss of their own money

    • If a doctor sucks at their job.They lose their license.If a cleaner doesnt clean his area, they get scolded or fired.If a student produces subpar work, they get a fail grade.If a singer brings out crappy music, their album flops or get poor sales.If an actor consistently delivers poor/mediocre acting performance.They get negative reviews.

      No one is jealous of suzy. Besides, Nam Joo Hyuk is being panned as well.So are people jealous of him too then?How about every other actor who has gotten criticism for their acting?are people jealous of them too? When suzy is signing up for acting jobs, she is being evaluated as an actress.An experienced one at that, because she has starred in many productions as a lead actress.She will be under the same test, that lead actors get.In drama world, She is no longer the idol that people will worship just for her beauty.Acting is an occupation where the job evaluation is done by the public.If the public dont like what they see, they will tell it as it is.If her or her fans, cant handle the criticism.Then she can stick to doing commercials and looking pretty on magazine covers.Or sit back, take acting lessons and improve, instead of just signing up to every project that comes her way.Nam Joo Hyuk too.

  25. 2 bad acting. how is this going get rating? oh i know this is for china. they could care less if the actor actress can act. they only care how pretty the actor actress look only. guess the pd have china invester if they willing to cast these 2 sux actor actress as lead.

    • It’s not only China. Most international Kdrama fans can’t tell what is good acting anyway. If people cared so much about acting, Kdramas such as Secret Forest and Prison Playbook (which has theatre actors) would be international hits but they aren’t. They only care about shipping the OTP and prettiness.

      • Hit the nail in the head. I hate when people recommend dramas like Boys Over Flowers or Heirs to get people into dramas. I hate when dramas only get recognition from fans because the leads are attractive.

      • @abc I must admit this is a little bit true. For me personally, I have to read the subtitles hence I get distracted and not really notice the bad acting, UNTIL someone points it out and I pay closer attention to the acting haha. I DID watch Secret Forest and you’re right, even without the subtitles, it was brilliant acting. I also didn’t realize how bad the acting of some idols were until I watched Jo Jung-Suk act, who is always great at acting (and singing, dancing).

    • Yeah I don’t think China is stupid enough to prop up some flop kdrama by throwing a lot of money at it now. Or did everyone forget what happened to Hallyu there after THAAD?

      • China has always been a fickle market. And don’t pay as much except for few kdramas which generated attractive revenue per episode.

        Japan is the one which is alot stable market. That is why if you notice, most of them are back there.

      • @Partners – I think Japan is cutting way back on spending on K-dramas… Last time when I was back in Osaka, my cousin was telling me there is only one TV channel playing K-dramas off & on, not all the time… Most Japanese don’t watch K-dramas on TV nowadays. Koreans cannot earn any money from streaming, it is the selling of dramas to TV stations which can gain revenue I believe?…

      • @candycane on Public TV channels- yes
        , but not other media such as other free view tv channels, cable channels, streaming sites & others . They have gazillion channels over there, then the DVD & Blu- ray sales. Unlike China that actually blocks South Korean media & entertainment and high piracy cases, Japan only limits viewing to protect their own entertainment industry AND has strong intellectual property laws that IP rights are well protected.

        Though for actors, only very few who are still enjoying popularity with their contents being patronised over there.

      • @Candycane Japan’s IP laws are strong and IP rights are well protected. Regardless of what kind of media platform, it earns the producers good revenue. The traditional TV market is dying. In my country, free-view channels have already expanded into streaming to meet the demands of the new generation.

      • @Partners – yes only very few K-actors are still popular in Japan. I don’t see any hype of watching K-dramas there… I think the Chinese probably watch more K-dramas at their streaming sites than the Japanese… lol…

      • @candycane Whether many Japanese watch the kdramas or not but they pay well. What is the point of having too many audience but only a handful who actually pays? DVD and bluray sales over there is also good.

      • There are many Chinese in different countries and territories. I am only comparing Japan vs the mainland China, the country that banned Korean contents.

  26. lol people, can you stop the hate already!!
    industry experts think they are bankable that’s why they keep getting the offer. whether they are good at acting or not does not matter, as long as they can bring money, these less talented people will always be the first choice.
    but u all have an option NOT to watch the drama right?
    I’m gonna watch it coz I think Suzy has improved a lot since recent drama and NJH is HOT so yeah!

  27. I guess Suzy is indeed popular? This post has the most comments this year (I think haha). I mean the post about Park Shin Hye (whom I like to watch) has less comments than this post. I don’t think Suzy that bad of an actress until I saw articles about her acting, but I’m not from S Korea, so I’m probably too distracted by the subtitles that I don’t notice how bad she is 🙂

    • PSH’s post with Hyun Bin has over 100+ comments and nearly 200 at DB. But that’s not the point. Suzy here is getting dissed and scolded in almost every comment, so it’s not a good thing to have this many.

      After Pinocchio and Doctors, people can’t really nitpick PSH for anything. They might not like her acting skills but she proved she can carry a drama. Suzy, however, has not proved herself in anything so yeah :/ Thankfully not many of her fans lurk here.

  28. PD already know the drama will flop. no one going sit through the whole episode watching SUZY NJH bad acting. one is bad enough having 2 bad people in one drama will ruin the drama for sure. PD must have made his money back if he cast these 2.

    • mbc weekday ratings mostly the lowest out of the three so another one doesnt bother dem anymore ,atleast they will still be trending in social media, and i think suzy’s tf isnt that high atleast prod. company can have her cf for the ppl

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