Park Han Byul Takes Wedding Pictures in Hawaii for InStyle Korea

Other than the picture above of actress Park Han Byul in a wedding dress, which is exquisite and she is absolutely stunning as a bride-to-be, the rest of this Hawaii shot pictorial doesn’t give off any engagement photo vibes. Park Han Byul has been enjoying a steady acting career these past few years, not as dogged by the bad actress vibes from earlier during her debut days, and her love life has found a happy ending with her upcoming marriage to a non-celebrity. I could see her taking the career route of Park Shi Yeon and working consistently albeit not as a prime time leading lady all the time. She is one of the prettiest K-actresses I’ve ever seen and I love how warm and inviting this pictorial for InStyle Korea is, almost can feel the Hawaii breeze and bask in the sunlight through the screen.


Park Han Byul Takes Wedding Pictures in Hawaii for InStyle Korea — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful and yes could be my number one in beauty also…Great to see a non celebrity marriage for her too…probably a better chance of a happy ever after.Congratualions and all the best for the happy couple for that forever happy ever after?

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