Yoon Eun Hye Updates SNS Account with Playful Pictures with Girlfriends

March is here like a wet tiger so it’s nice to see an update from K-actress Yoon Eun Hye that’s bright and charming. She posted a series of picture updates on her SNS account taking selfies with two of her friends. Yoon Eun Hye clearly is very close to these two girlfriends and she mentioned in the captions that they are both married but she’s still single, sigh I wonder when she’s going to find her special someone what with so many dating and married K-ent celebs around her. 2018 is also nearly a quarter done and I’m still waiting on the announcement of her promised acting project this year, which is confirmed not to be the drama Love Like a Human which both she and Yoon Hyun Min passed on.


Yoon Eun Hye Updates SNS Account with Playful Pictures with Girlfriends — 17 Comments

    • If she’s dating someone right now I doubt she will admit it. She prefers to a low key life on personal matters. She admitted that she’s dating in the past but never mentioned with whom. Her fans can only guessing lol.

      • no one can catch her dating. Hichic. Her fans can never know her boyfriend or husband. 🙁

  1. Yoon Hyun Min probably went Yoon Eun Hye- Robots? or Kang So Ra – Fairies? Ummmm I choose Fairies ? Wise n good choice too!

    • She deserves a better actor, someone with at least Gong Yoo’s calibre.. but I guess she needs to be paired with an actor who’s enjoying massive popularity so that she will get the limelight again.. she used to be so good in her Coffee Prince days.. Mirae’s Choice made me think that she can’t ever top her Go Eun Chan character ever again..

      • GY isn’t a good actor. Look at goblin and his recent movies…
        And with her current status being paired with him after Goblin -aka the peak of his career- is a bit out of reach

  2. I think her statement that “she’s still single” is stemmed from rumors that she’s already married (quietly). She’s a very private person, especially on personal life (love life). So I won’t be surprised IF she’s getting married (for real) without exposing it.

  3. her only hope is to pair up with GY. sad knet still so butthurt about what she say. why cant they hold that rapist for what he did too.
    she been ban from doing drama yet that rapist is on tv drama. her action is not even that bad compare the rapist. he acctually rape a woman while all she did is tell a little lie. if she a man knet would forget her little lie by now.

    • FYI, she has not been banned from making dramas. It’s her choice not to return. She’s been busy with other things like managing her real estate properties, cafe shop business in Korea and Thailand and last but not least managing a new boyband called W24 who’ve just debuted.

  4. Waiting for yeh’s comeback hope she will paired with gong yoo again.
    They are wonderful together and their chemistry and friendship is mind blowing…why did she mentioned she is single.. can’t believe she is still single and even Gy said he is also single..let’s see what will happen..

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