Park Shin Hye Again in Talks as Hyun Bin’s Female Lead, This Time for Memories of Alhambra

Looks like the K-drama gods are going to make Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye a thing, at least fictionally onscreen as this is the second drama in a month that the two are in talks to star together. First came healing romance Fox Bride Star where both were courted, but he declined first and technically she’s still considering the offer even though the drama has been converted by the screenwriter into a different project called People of Incheon. Binnie accepted fantasy romance Memories of Alhambra and now K-ent is reporting that the female lead role offer is out to Park Shin Hye and she’s mulling it over. Please accept and make this Hallyu dream pairing a reality, and also I think Binnie’s fans can handle Shin Hye’s typically overzealous contingent of loyal fans and the two can hopefully coexist in harmony and sing the praises of this drama to heretofore unheard of heights. I’ll join the chorus is the drama turns out to be good and hopefully this will be indeed a worthy project as Binnie’s drama land return since Hyde, Jekyll, Me.


Park Shin Hye Again in Talks as Hyun Bin’s Female Lead, This Time for Memories of Alhambra — 48 Comments

  1. Yes at PSH getting away from SBS and “healing” romance dramas.
    And let’s just ignore her delusional and childish fans who keep calling older actors like Hyun Bin “old ahjusshi” and wanting her to star with young Hallyu oppas… They are irrelevant.

    • None of her fans call them that, they are just airhead casual fans. She’s finally kicking SBS which is something unpredictable

    • Yes at PSH at getting away from SBS but she herself always talks about liking healing dramas in her interviews. So, there no guarantee this drama isn’t a healing one too.

      • Come to think of it, Hyun Bin’s character is someone who has suffered numerous setbacks and thus went to Spain…. So yeah, maybe there’s some healing involved as well.

  2. I admit reading from synopsis of Alhambra, I thought Shinhye was a good fit….she plays the guitar and she has that aura of a young person who could be living in Europe, she did backpacked one summer and seems to enjoy that kind of adventure in her real life. I hope she accepts and it would be an exciting after watching her in The Little House in the Forest, can not wait!

  3. As she should if she wants to move on. Cable channel dramas is the way to go but it’d still be much better if she stayed in Chungmuro and built up her reputation there. Her childish shipper fans who want her with Lee Min Hoo are not even real fans because they don’t want to see PSH grow as an actress and diversify. International fans on Netizenbuzz are equally hilarious.. oh well, if PSH wants to be on the top of her game, she gotta blow their minds and make them shut up by staying in Chungmuro and getting critical acclaim. Even then, idol fans will hate on her because she’s a threat to their idol faves. Seriously NB has more Suzy’s acting defenders and these same people came to hate on PSH I’m actually so amused ha ha ha. In the end, only K fans matter though

    • Knetz are not helping by mentioning her as “the only good actress in their 20s” and using her to hate on idols.
      I mean, firstly that’s not true. And secondly, they are going to make all the fans of other actresses and idols hate on her at the same time.

      • True. TaeHyeJi aren’t great at acting either but they are always called the brightest of their generation. I think that’s what knetz mean. Same with Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun, there are better child actresses than these two but they are the brightest of their generation. So funny though how some random knet stating his/her opinion get so many i-fans so defensive and butthurt lol. Oh well, delulu fans will always exist…

      • There’s TaeHyeJi for 30s, Kim Troika for 10s…. I wonder who is the other two that is gonna join PSH for 20s?

      • I read those comments, they sounded very fan-like.Of course I know PSH is liked in Korea but the more objective comments were on naver than the usual(nate is hate).

      • It’s nothing new. NB has been posting positive comments for her articles for years to trigger international fans.

    • Couldn’t agree more because I want Hyun Bin to pair up with a better actress as well. So no Park Shin Hye too please. Couldn’t even go pass an episode of any dramas with her in it.

      • Exactly! there are many actress who can do better than her in acting. Park bo young, park so dam, kim ji won, (you can add other versatile young actress to the list).
        Its like PSH has put her own standard now, to be paired with with senior actor.

      • agree…PSH should stick to her flower boys. Binnie deserves to have other co-stars who can emote better than her lmao.

    • Really? Who should she act with then? I dint know 35 is old. Oh my do people in your country retire at 35? They might be so fragile. Why don’t you think about feeding them properly and making them healthy group of people like rest of the world instead of asking her to stop working with people in 30s If you don’t like her partner choice watch someone else and ship the perfect age gap couple.

    • tsk tsk tsk you even know your own bias? you keep pushing her to these flower boys but she seems to want to work with the “ahjussis” now though?Why do you think she accepted that variety thing with So Ji Sub?Just keep quiet if you have nothing intelligent to say.

      • Nothing is wrong with flower boys. There are many flower boys who can act better than ugly dudes.

        Mid30s is definitely ajushi. I don’t mind those flower ajushis too such as Hyun Bin.

    • I think this kind of comment isn’t from Park Shin Hye’s fans, but more like a troll to make people hate on her.

  4. This drama airs after Mr. Sunshine… I think from July to November all the other competing dramas are going to get buried lol. tvN is impressive with their casting.

  5. Park Shin Hye for sci-Fi, fantasy, action drama Alhambra in the role of guitar playing motel owner? Why not!!!
    Yes, there are many actresses but the main point is that….The production team thinks her the right fit. They are the ones who have the most facts and hence can visualize the drama as told by the writer.
    Regarding the matching of two leads?….They are good actors and hence will able to portray their characters realistically and make it believable as writer means it to be. Any role is always a challenge for any actor irrespective of their stature. I feel these two are upto it.
    PD should be good for this genre. He did great in Secret Forest…
    There is always an element of unpredictability in any project specially fantasy sci-fi. One never know how it will play out. All one can do is put the right team together.
    I am looking forward to and all for the challenge and will hope for the best…..if or when PSH accepts.

  6. I really hope PSH accepts this offer and drops out of the other project she was attach to. The whole bait and switch they did on her was totally disgusting and unprofessional. This project sounds like it might be a good fit for her and it might give herso room to grow as an actress going for a cable drama.

    • She dropped it. The whole project was cancelled (for the time being) as well. I think the writer was sincere about working with her but perhaps things just didn’t work out.

  7. Dramagods must be doubly praying for this pairing even if some here doesn’t , and that’s the one that counts. PSH paired well with KRW and with more mature ,not flower boy Bong Tae Gu.Producers and knets are seeing it and us fans can not wait! Love both actors.

    • There are many flowers boys who can very well than actors though. Actors don’t need to be ugly to be called actors. ?

    • I am just waiting for PSH to release a statement saying she has signed on to this drama. Please let this pairing and drama happen!!!

  8. After watching PSH with a mature man like KRW on Doctors, we all assured that if she accept this drama with lead actor other that HYUN BIN, it will be a outrageous HIT! Looking forward for a positive vibrations! YES! YES!

  9. Haha just so glad that Shinhye is turning from SBS regular to TVN’s! First a variety with Na PD and So Jisub and now a drama with a dream team! Hope to hear good news soon.

  10. I am really surprise about comments regarding lead actors age gap.It is as if PSH is very young, She is 28 and that is not young. Some people her age have 3 kids already & some even have more.

    • I know right? Actresses her age like Seo Yeji, Shin Sekyung, Kim Taeri, Lee Sungkyung are also working with older men in their upcoming or latest dramas, but you don’t see their fans obsessing about the age gap. Must be because PSH was a child actress.

  11. How is so hard to get her in a saeguk? I want to see her in historic drama. And no Hyun Bin please, tons of other, but not him… I cannot stand his acting… I finished Secret Garden only because I love Ha Ji Won

  12. YAy! ParkShin Hye confirmed for Memories of Alhambra! When Little House in the Forest was announced, my sixth sense told me……..she will accept the offer. Hope all comes together for another memorable drama for her. Can not wait!

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