Lee Min Ho Still Looks Like a Hottie in Army Fatigues From Basic Training

K-actor Lee Min Ho has been serving his military enlistment for over a year now but he’s finally donning the army fatigues after going in for basic training last month. I’d say army private Lee Min Ho is about as believable as all the hottie oppas before him but then we all accepted military genius god Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun hahahaha. He seems healthy which is a good sign, and after four weeks of basic training he goes back to his private service duty post with a little less than a year left on his plate.


Lee Min Ho Still Looks Like a Hottie in Army Fatigues From Basic Training — 11 Comments

  1. He looks very healthy and well rested. Missing him, Kim Soo Hyun and Ji Chang Wook. Look forward to their return to drama land or dream land in my case.

  2. I’m shallow for writing this but he is like absolutely gorgeous and Ive never bothered to look at him before and I haven’t watched him in any of movies but why would Suzy finish it with him? Geez…….he is like HOT! ❤️ Sorry Lee Jun Ki I’m just fawning over Lee Min Ho just this ONCE.

  3. Never got the hype of his looks.. whenever I see him, reminds nḿe of that BOF curly perm.. but old ahjummas like Lee min Hoo’s tight butt, never mind his mediocre acting.. he should finally do something else than play chaebols with the emotional range of a spoon

    • I knew it! I knew you would leave a nasty comment about his acting. Every time there is an article about LMH unrelated to acting you always bash his acting skill. I can say anything about how you feel about his looks because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But you literally feel the need to comment negatively on everyone one of his post even when he is simply just being a private citizen. It’s actually really sad.

  4. How come their allowing him to do basic training???
    His injury from the car crash was so bad it put him out of the grade needed for active military service so i would have thought it would excuse him from the training,i know from my time in the Navy that the weeks spent training are some of the hardest when in the military..

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