EXO’s Chanyeol and Han Bo Reum Cast in Supporting Roles in K-drama Memories of Alhambra

I’m liking the further casting of upcoming K-drama Memories of Alhambra which has already confirmed high profile leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. After a relatively well-received supporting role in last year’s Missing 9, Chanyeol of the idol group EXO has been cast in Memories as the younger brother of Park Shin Hye’s character. Joining Chanyeol in a supporting role is K-actress Han Bo Reum who plays Hyun Bin’s character’s second wife that he’s in the process of divorcing. The drama is a fantasy tinged tale about a company president on a work trip to Spain who crosses paths with the guitar-playing owner of a small inn, and the get stuck inside and can’t leave. The drama is slated to start filming later this month for a fall 2018 premiere.


EXO’s Chanyeol and Han Bo Reum Cast in Supporting Roles in K-drama Memories of Alhambra — 12 Comments

  1. The visuals of the drama is god tier!!! Lol.
    Have not watched Chanyeol in anything but I remember Han Boreum from Master’s Sun as So Jisub’s dead girlfriend.

  2. I like both leads but the drama sounds like a flop imo. the resume of the writer and what has been leaked from the plot says it all.

  3. Wow adding Exo member in addition to Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye on a TVN drama means this drama will be mega hyped.However, the writer and director need to work with him to make sure his character shine and his acting is good.Otherwise if this drama flops, the netz are gonna crush him with hate like Baekhyun in moonlovers.They will blame him even if there are way more significant factors dragging down the quality of the drama.Also Han Bo Reum’s acting can be stiff sometimes.I saw her in “Modern Farmer”.

  4. This drama sounds like a mess. I really do hope it’s not another aloof genius chaebol and hard working bright girl story. When will they stop picking up dramas like that? Is it that they get type casted or that they really cannot move on? Park Shin Hye really needs to do more movies if she intends to not be ’’just a hallyu star’’ because drama characters offer her little to no challenge if they keep being like that; bright innocent hard working girls. Same with Hyun Bin.

  5. Idk why people repeatedly put down PSH… and Hyun Bin as well, just because he had a flop drama in 2015. Oh well, they’ll prove everyone wrong anyway. I still laugh at those who say Pinocchio and Doctors will be flops.

    And so it seems like SM is capable of putting idols in supporting roles – Kai, Chanyeol and D.O (in the past). Maybe they should practice the same with their female idols (*cough* Joy *cough). Being a supporting role in a high profile drama is more beneficial than a lead role in a flop drama.

    I’m happy to know Kim Euisung is coming back as well (from above comments). He is definitely a strong addition to the team.

  6. Whoever they cast as supporting actors, they’d better send the person for a full background check. After reading the news about Lee Seo-won, I feel bad for About Time’s cast. and production crew.

  7. 2nd wife? So who is the 1st one? How many wives he has for God sake? Im watching a drama for the story, so i rarely blame actors except their acting are awful.. Well, chanyeol isnt bad. But we have psh, she has a lot of repetitive high rating dramas under her belt… Well, hyunbin has some.. But except my name is kimsamsoon and secret garden, the rest were so so. Well, one or two episodes wont hurt, right?

  8. Hope for the best….as per PSH and her agency, they didn’t hype nor expect Doctors to be a hit. So let’s just wait and see what the end product will be. Of course, media will do the deed for the drama themselves. Fans are just excited for her comeback, we wished she is more greedy and film a drama one after the other like some….that’s being sarcastic by the way. But alas, I think PSH has grown, giving herself time for self improvement, getting more experience about life other than all entertainment. I like that about her. With her Little House in the Forest, she is showing just how special she is to her fans.

    • You made it sound like is a bad thing work often, what i actually disagree. I mean in the end an actor will get experience through their work. I think she reached a point in her career on the small screen that she can be picky and demanding. She shouldn’t take whatever reach her hands but i’d like to see her use her breaks of small screen to be more active in the movie industry. Instead of a movie between her dramas, it’d be good see her working in more a few ones.

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