Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for K-drama Love Watch Opposite Chun Jung Myung

While K-actress Yoon Eun Hye is in China this week for promotional events, the great news is that she’s also confirmed to be coming back to Korea in her long awaited drama land comeback. Yoon Eun Hye is confirmed to be the female lead in the upcoming 2018 romance drama Love Watch. Her male lead will be Chun Jung Myung and it’s totally meant to be that they would finally get to work together. Chun Jung Myung was famously offered the male lead role in Coffee Prince coming off his drama stealing turned in Fashion 70’s but he turned it down and we all know what happened after that as Gong Yoo turned it into a K-drama romance for the ages. Chun Jung Myung also later could have worked together with Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You but he turned down the second male lead role which later went to Yoo Seung Ho. I love Chun Jung Myung as Yoon Eun Hye’s male lead here and he’s also worked with another fave of mine Moon Geun Young in Cinderella Unni so lucky PIE!


Yoon Eun Hye Confirmed for K-drama Love Watch Opposite Chun Jung Myung — 82 Comments

  1. Yup Chun Jun Myung openly said in an interview how much he regretted declining the role of Han Kyul in Coffee Prince due to conflict of schedule with him shooting for his movie Hansel and Gretel. “Thaat is something I will regret for the rest of my life” he said.

    Has he confirmed to be in this drama? I am reading some articles saying that they haven’t decided on a male lead yet.

    • That’s true. I haven’t read any news about the male lead and isn’t CJM confirmed for the K-remake of Absolute Boyfriend?

  2. In all the articles tha I’ve read it says that they don’t have a male lead yet , so I want to know where Koalas read it ?

  3. Thank goodness. Finally, I really missing her on screen and now she is surely coming back. Can’t wait for this.

  4. Thank you Dramagods for this amazing news. I’m so happy to know that YEH will do a kdrama. I don’t care who will be her leading man as long as I can watch her in a drama. Your fans all over the world are so happy. I can’t wait to see her fashion style since she will act as a famous actress on the drama. Fighting Yoon Eun Hye. Mwuahhhhh.

    • Just wait for the fashion (in her drama) to be a hit. She’s one of Korean actresses I know that has a “selling” power. Many of her style (fashion, makeup etc.) were sold out or become a hit when the drama’s broadcasted. Even in her ‘flop’ drama “Marry Him If You Dare” her pink jacket was sold out. She’s a trend setter.

      The other actresses who I believed have this “power” are JJH and SHK

      • At last…Too happy for words…If it’s with CJM it’s great . he’s really a good actor who acted with great actresses , moon geun Young, go hyun Jung, ha ji won , choi kang hee, kim min Jung,… and during Xman days they were face to face “Of Course” game.

  5. Which network is this gonna be on?

    Al the good ones are on Tvn and Jtbc these days.
    Either way I’m looking forward to YEH’s comeback 🙂

    • MBC is most likely.She is their darling.Her biggest hits(coffee prince and Goong) were from that station.”I miss you” was from there too.I mean MBC takes on rookie actors and idols in lead roles.So taking YEH shouldnt be a problem.

  6. It’s about time she’s come back to dramaland. Her fans around the world are waiting for this moment and now they are celebrating, including in my country. It’s a wise decision to take Romcom despite she’s also good in other genre. Welcome back Gorgeous ?

    • She doesn’t need anyones name to use…her name Yooneunhye is enough….she is one of the top most acted in Korea and she is one of the internationally top actresses…

    • she is never rude. On the other hand, people complain her too polite. Some people may think she tries to be polite and caring but it’s her character. Instead, I find your comment so rude.

      • @lovewadaw I’ve followed her for years, even some of YEH fans have already followed her since Baby-Vox days, IF the blind item is true we are the first ones who will know it and will unfollow her for sure.

        Most of her loyal fans are mature and know what is wrong and right. So don’t referred us to your uncredible source…

    • Kindly stop spreading nonsense statement here. This is all about YEH’s kdrama comeback. For all Yoon Eun Hye’s fan, let us just be positive and happy for our YEH. Ignore the haters and bashers. Fighting YEH.

    • No,she’s not dead and she is coming back! There will always be haters (jealous and bitter ang peg)…but many fans are excited to see her again. (this one’s similar to those self-righteous “conservative” netizens who petitioned for lks’s and suzy bae’s death penalty sentence)…i don’t know what your motive is,or your issues, but yeh has been through a lot and cut her some slack…she is not perfect,and so are all of us

  7. Yaaay, finally. It`s the best news in this month. I really hope this drama will get good reviews and at least 6% ratings 😉

  8. Cahill must be really excited! Anyway, I hope all these years of hiatus didn’t make her forget acting. Hopefully it will be a success for her sake. Her scandal was ridiculous. She should definitely get a better management team and stop self managing and focus in acting, that’s if she wants to prioritize acting. Coffee Prince was her absolute best performance and those days (Goong and Coffee Prince) were her glory days. I didn’t like Mirae’s Choice and Lie To Me but that’s because of the awfully annoying characters.

    • @prettyautumn , you know me well ! thanks for reading the comments ( bad English !) . As for ratings , even solid and popular actresses as Shin Min Ah , Moon Chae Won, Ha Ji Won… don’t get great ratings, so why should it be different for YEH ? It didnt’ prevent them to continue to work.

      • Shin Min Ah and Ha Ji Won do get good ratings(though not in their last dramas) but i think that was the dramas not being right for them,good call though as Yoo Eun Hye`s career and rating`s for her dramas follow a very similar track…really buzz for her new drama..

  9. Candycane aka pretty tantum they are same account to attack me lol.they didn’t even know kim ji won fans talking shit about song hye kyo and park shin hye. And for kim ji won fans they always put some actress down to make kim ji won up.

  10. The best news ever!!!

    Now i can actively join in the group again. Like they say, don’t care who the actor is just make him human..

  11. My only reservation is if it is MBC, the production team may not be up to expectation as compared to tvN or other cable channels nowadays. YEH’s good acting will be a guarantee but I am afraid the script and PD will be weak…

  12. This woman is a strong, talented woman who doesn’t always go with the flow. This multi-talented lady, has fought an uphill battle of trying to be her own person. It isn’t isn’t easy to do in the entertainment industry. She represents S. Korea with dignity, they are lucky to have her.

    She deserves to work with another capable professional.

    • Glad that there is still person like you who always appreciated her for who she is and not for who they want her to be. Her career maybe not like it used to be but her perseverance is what we appreciated more. Whatever the outcome of this drama her fans will always love her ?

      • Yes, and if i ‘m not wrong about the description of her role in this new drama, i can say that she’s a woman with a great sense of humour ! As we say in France “un pied de nez” aux colporteurs de fausses rumeurs !

  13. can she make a comeback? what with her copying someone else’s design and make it her own.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like her as an actress…

    • She’s so nice that people have higher standard of morality for her. Other actresses have 5-6% rating dramas. They are considered success. Why are her dramas 10% -19% considered failures? It’s ok for other actors/ actresses to break the law. But because of someone’s unfounded claim of a design, she becomes the most serious & hated criminal in Korea. It’s so ridiculous.

    • Does it worse than drug and rapist??Why people always point out that little things as a unforgivable sin without proof. No one can tell this is a mere plagiarism without even knowing it. I think it is the concerns of Goddess Fashion’s judges not you. Every one make mistake. Anjelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt. She was a drug addict. Her teenage is a mere trash. She is a bisexual. But she is an actress and best at acting and a figure of humanist. What’s so wrong with that. Plagiarism is a disgusting act but don’t accuse without even knowing it. you suck.

  14. OMG! Can we just move forward and stop harping on the past. Who knows the exact truth except GOD himself. I wish YEH all the Best and looking forward to her new drama. GOD Bless her, her co-stars and the whole production crew!

    • yes, there’s some people who’s stuck in the past, how much little the bump it may be, they would need most psychiatric help than have their opinion be taken serious, lets just lol.

  15. Yay, so glad she’s finally coming back to K-Drama land!!! Been waiting forever for her to have a new drama! I wish her all the best and will be sure to watch it whenever it premieres. Hopefully, soon!

  16. At least she can dating and marrying costar like song hye kyo did and all will forgotten and forgiven.lol.and you can fine article on onehallyu blind item about yoon eun hye being diva in 2013.

    • You seem to always have something negative to say about everyone. I’m not a fan of YEH but I think you’re being ridiculous right now lol. Funny how the ones who haven’t even spent a day working with her have so much to say about her attitude.
      And btw SHK wasn’t forgiven because she decided to get married to her co-star. She already got praised way before her wedding announcement. If you wanna say something at least make sure it didn’t come from your imagination.

  17. Just please do not feed the trolls, they can say whatever they want, but they cannot change the fact that no matter how they hated our girl, there are still a lot of sane people who love her and support her until now. Do not let the negativity of few to dampen our joy…and to all the NEGATRONS out there,please,just please, do not rain on our parade, just go and please find your own happiness somewhere else.

  18. So if yoon eun hye can caught hoke up with hyun bin, gong yoo and jo in sung so everyone will treat her better and she can gain more fame.lol???

    • actually, Yoon Eun Hye havent work with Hyun Bin or Jo In Sung yet, so you’re giving us a good juicy idea for her next leading men haha.

      • Just saying, she already hooked u with Lee Byunghun but it got her nothing but hatred. A better solution would be to beg Kim Eunsook for a second lead role to get some of her former fame back. Or else she’ll end up like Lee Sungkyung, an actress with a loud international fandom but low public recognition in Korea.

      • who’s hooking up with ugly LBH, it’s nothing but a gossip both sides never confirmed. who is Lee Sung Kyung? why compare her to Yoon Eun Hye when YEH started her fame by having well rated drama locally until she gained fame outside to international worldwide audience. and her drama were timeless pieces, funny & light, you can never get tired watching it until today and beyond maybe 100 years from now. stop hyping Kim Eunsook. aside from YEH is very beautiful and sexy, those factors or elements will get her in and out of showbiz, with her charm continues burning. now that everybody’s getting married in K ent, it’s advantage for single ladies like her, she can have that playground all to herself hahaha.

      • Eh YEH is the only woman to be rated above 90 for her sex skills by LBH. YEH fans should be proud, since they revere her for her kiss scenes and chemistry with her leading men anyway.

        Don’t deny it. YEH needs KES, no matter how overrated her dramas you think. She saved and revived multiple careers, including YEH’s former hook-up partner Lee Byunghun. A role in a KES drama would do wonders for YEH’s career than flop romantic comedies. She should use her beauty and sex appeal to bargain with producers for more lucrative roles. She might have two timeless classics, but she hasn’t been a top actress in status for more than half a decade.

        It’s true that the actresses in her age group are getting married, but I think you forgot about all the up and coming actresses. The playground won’t be empty for sure.

      • @Eye: why are all of your comments so horrible? your head can only think of awful stuff like that?

  19. I hope this is on a cable network. There’s just less restriction on cable and writers and directors are given more creative freedom than on fta networks. Please be on jtbc!!!

  20. Yay! Am so excited to hear this. And glad that the male lead is none other than PIE. Looking forward to their chemistry.

    • I am not from Korea so I dont care about the local ratings game. as long as I can see my beautiful Princess again on screen that’s all that matters.

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