Park Min Young Radiant Modeling Delicate Jewelry for Elle Korea

I’m curious to see whether upcoming tvN drama Why Secretary Kim succeeds in the ratings, and if so whether it heralds the resurgence of leading lady Park Min Young. She never really left but after Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter she lost her buzz for a bit, and I blame the wacky Man of Honor which I couldn’t help but got addicted to the crazy. She did well a few dramas later with Healer but that drama gave all the buzz to Ji Chang Wook, and I find myself so loving Park Min Young’s vibe in Why Secretary Kim I hope she gets a boost from this role. She’s definitely gotten a boost of radiance lately, looking her absolute best in promos for Secretary Kim and further extended to her latest Elle Korea pictorial modeling jewels and also her flawless complexion.


Park Min Young Radiant Modeling Delicate Jewelry for Elle Korea — 4 Comments

  1. I really love this actress ! She’s beautiful and good at acting in comic or serious role. She always has a great chemistry with her costars.

  2. I thought she was excellent in Seven Days Queen too. Still hard for another re-watch since was so emotional. Really looking forward to Why Secretary Kim 🙂

  3. There is no fake media play around her. So people think she is underappreciated but she has a sucessfu’ll career. I think namoo actors should give her movie projects. She has no good presence in movie industry but that’s the secret and the way of all the hype

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