Song Hye Kyo Toggles Black and White at Omega Event in Hong Kong

The Hallyu superstar that is Song Hye Kyo was already bright presence at the airport arriving in Hong Kong, she’s added some hair extension and two different outfits for the subsequent Omega watch event. She went for a white shirt black skirt combo for the store visit, and later changed into a black short A-line dress to meet the press, of course always paired with sky high platform heels to give her petite frame a boost. I tend to think she always looks fine but never fashionably interesting or cutting edge, other than for her fashion pictorials where she gets to be playful and eccentric. She also gave a treat for the media by answering the burning question of when she and husband Song Joong Ki would start working on having a baby, to which she replied that she would leave it up to the natural course but would love kids. 


Song Hye Kyo Toggles Black and White at Omega Event in Hong Kong — 37 Comments

  1. Wow ? impressive nonstop article about song hye kyo lol ?. Maybe she will comeback soon or not. But maybe she should take rest for awhile cause her nearly 40 (now 38 korean age) being risky for having children. Let sjk make comeback drama and shk just doing cf endorsement and being model.

  2. I think it’s a good idea for her and hubby to have kids asap. She ain’t getting any younger and I would love to see a mini SHK or SJK.

  3. Gorgeous! Btw she said she’s currently reviewing offers so hopefully there’ll be some good news soon. And no confirmation on Boyfriend yet.

  4. The A Frame skirt or wrap is fine for short legs but her hem length is all wrong. She makes her legs look shorter with mid thigh. She needs to go just below or just above the knee to lengthen her leg line. Honestly does she not have stylists.

    • Exactly. I always see problem with her styling that does not compliment her figure. And I noticed she loves (or that’s her stylist’s choice?) “A-style” cutting on skirts and dresses which not going well with her physical shape.

    • She does. Maybe you can post your comments on her stylist’s ig..if you’re lucky she’ll listen to you.

      • Shk is lovely and beautiful but the dress doesn’t flatter her in right way make her look fat and short. If you remember her dress in Prada hongkong 2016 make her look like widow lol and esprit hongkong 2017 is fashion disaster too and also in dior 2018 also wearing wrong outfit so why you suprise, even her wedding dress make her look like little ahjuhma but doesn’t mind as long she has song joong ki.

    • She does have one, but she’s her good friend and rather terrible lol. It’s a good thing she has such a pretty face.

  5. What’s with people getting concerned about her getting pregnant or not. It’s her own life and she can decide and plan as she wishes and when she wishes.

    • I think it’s Asian thing (I am Asian btw)… People will always ask these silly questions to women such as: “where is your boyfriend?”, “when are you going to get married?”, “What are you waiting for – find a husband! You’re getting old no one wll want you anymore”, “When are you going to have kids?”, “when are you going to have second child?” Etc etc… The questions will never end!!
      I wonder if asian women have choices… Maybe she prefer being alone? Maybe she just doesn’t want to have kids? Maybe she and her partner decide not to have kids?
      Why put pressure on someone, especially about baby? She probably trying but hasn’t succeeded yet..

  6. Just worry about your own body lol. It’s her life she can do whatever she wants with it ?. Seriously it’s nice that fans are all excited to see her baby but do you think it’s something she has control over? How do you know that they’re not trying? Smh

    • She is a celebrity and that’s why people report on her triviest little things… She will be crying if no one writes about her,, asks her stupid questions, or takes pictures of her unflattering dresses… You do not need to be so defensive. Smh… And be prepared that when she has her first child, reporters will immediately ask when she wants a second child… lol…

  7. She is gorgeous as usual but her choice of clothing made her look plump and short of which she probably doesn’t look like that in person.

    • She is short. Most reporters are taller than her so the camera angle will make her look even shorter. These two dresses are ugly and make her look wide… yikes…

    • She is plump and short, she or her stylist just doesn’t know how to dress her to complement her figure. Her styling is stuck in the 90’s.

  8. Her style is so plain. I’m not her fan but even I’d say her stylist should be happy to do something with her fashion to compliment her physical appearance. Instead she never is WOW on the carpet.

  9. What this all about her being short and plump??!! She is born with that figure and she admitted that she doesn’t have an ideal height. Plump? haha….wait till she appear in another drama or film…she can be skinny just like people want her to be again, I doubt she is far more smaller that what you saw in pictures, I actually saw her in HK during DOTS promotion back then, oh my, she is so petite and has a small face,simly like a doll…. and about her outfit…she is the type of person who stick to her preference no matter what people said…and her face is too beautiful that people tend to ignore her fashion choices.
    I am not trying to be so defensive but some people are just being bitter and deny it..

    • Wow, lucky you to be able to see SHK in person, I have heard and read from all sources that she is even more prettier in person.

      • Yup…I still worked in HK back then and came to the airport when I heard she will come with JK to HK for DOTS promotiom..
        She is a petite person indeed..and yeah many of her picture didn’t gave her justice..she is a lot prettier in person,glowing skin and deep eyes..and when you see her in real..nothing about her body is weird like in some pictures..just perfect for her..

    • Being plump and short is not a bad thing per se and that’s what the people are saying. You just have to dress according to your body type to accentuate your asset. In most cases, her choice of clothes don’t do her justice.

      • Angelarina, I saw her as well in person she is so stunning & flawless I was like man she is shining bright like a diamond! Kkkkkkk and she is farrrrrrrrrr from stocky, plump like what some people here are saying. But picture and videos made you gained weight so her stylist have to pick styles we’re she will look like how her body in real life petite but with curves on the right places.

    • She’s a really tiny person, but she’s never been known to be super skinny (not plump though!). She has a nice figure and boobs. Her stylist could do more, but SHK fans have learned to deal with her. She’s never going away considering she’s one of Kyo’s best friends. In this industry, I think good friends are harder to come by than a good stylist anyway.

  10. Like what I said she is knock out in person with nice curves although she’s petite. I also want her stylist to up her style so her real body in person will be showed in pictures. Probably a fitted dress is a good style.

  11. Pretty but unfortunately her style look almost the same in every event that is A-style dress with super high heels. She has nice curve thou so i think it would be better and more elegant to go with a slim pencil skirt under the knee.

    • I agree, she needs to up her style & I’m sure she has people that tells her or maybe her stylist is stubborn.It’s just I want to see her in something new but decent,in beautiful clothes that matches her beauty.

  12. I can’t see how SHK is plump n short in the same sentence. Elegant; pretty and demure – yes but definitely not short and plump. I’m sorry I’ve looked at the pics and it must be me. As for her stylist maybe she’s been instructed to keep it matronly and strait laced for these particular events? She looks like she is dressed for the occasion.

  13. I like the black dress, but the black and white combo with a short skirt like that (and the hair style) makes her look like she’s trying too hard to look younger, which she does not need to at all. She’s gorgeous and obviously looking amazing for her age anyway.

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