Park Min Young Jets Off for Overseas Photo Shoot with Bright Smile and Big Hair

It’s been a whirlwind week and a half past for K-actress Park Min Young with treble the news articles on her than normal thanks to the conclusion of hit rom-com Why Secretary Kim followed by tabloid reports that she’s been dating costar Park Seo Joon for the past three years. The two has thus far denied the reports, whether due to needing to deny it for their career sakes or because the reports are indeed false, so now it’s onward while the iron is hot. Park Min Young left Incheon airport this week headed overseas for a photo shoot, dressed comfortably in jeans and a blue strappy top, accented with slim sandals and a quilted shoulder bag. The only odd part was how squarish her hair volume looked on top, it’s noticeable in some pictures more than others and seems like she’s got fillers underneath to give her lift but it’s not falling smoothly. She still looks great though, keep on rocking the success girl!


Park Min Young Jets Off for Overseas Photo Shoot with Bright Smile and Big Hair — 13 Comments

  1. I’d be barely smiling and cursing under my breath at those photographers and reporters but I know she has no choice. Some of them still wrote negative headlines focusing on her hair, so annoying. She should turn her trip into an extended vacation and just de-stress and relax (and avoid reading articles and comments about herself!); she absolutely deserves it.

    • It’s sounds like she will. Photo shoot in France. Next to Singapore. Then to Phuket Thailand for reward vacation…

  2. She’s wearing hair extensions, it’s on top at the back part of her head. It’s all too common in Hollywood, even when they go for ordinary coffee runs, blame the Kardashians, haha. But yep, nothing wrong with that, people enhance their eyelashes, contour their cheekbones, noseline, etc.

  3. The stylist overdid it with the extensions.I think she has enough volume in her natural hair.She would look just as nice without piling up all that extra hair.

  4. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but through all the episodes of Secretary Kim, all I can think of was where does her real hair ends and the extention starts. I found myself staring at her head way too much.her hair was gorgeous, it’s just my curiosity that I cannot shake off.

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