Yoon Eun Hye, Chun Jung Myung and Han Go Eun Confirmed for MBC Rom-Com Love Watch

The long awaited confirmation is here along with a new cast member addition. MBC is ramping up to start filming Love Watch (Excitement Warning) heralding the return of K-actress Yoon Eun Hye to the K-drama world for the first time in 5 years since Marry Him if Your Dare (Mirae’s Choice) in 2013. Her leading man will be Chung Jung Myung in a pairing that feels meant to be since he was offered the male lead in Coffee Prince and the role eventually went to Gong Yoo. Joining the two leads will be Han Go Eun as the second female lead, playing the manager to Yoon Eun Hye’s top actress role, with the actress getting romantically involved with the very eligible plastic surgeon played by Chun Jung Myung. Sounds like a standard rom-com setup but with the leads I’m all in!


Yoon Eun Hye, Chun Jung Myung and Han Go Eun Confirmed for MBC Rom-Com Love Watch — 41 Comments

  1. Yay!! I can’t wait! I hope the writing is good, the plot is solid and the ratings are high. She’s a great actress and I loved him in Heart to Heart so I’m not worried about the acting aspect.

  2. Hope everything go smoothly for her. Even if it may not be hit, I hope everyone could realize how great she is as an actress.

  3. I’m happy it’s real…. some of us fans of YEH were skeptical until we saw a video of the main leads filming… LOL

    And I think CJM was also supposed to play Harry in Missing You….

  4. Finally. I’m so excited for YEH’s drama comeback. Her fans all over world are very happy. Fighting gorgeous Yoon Eun Hye!!!

  5. Five years is such a long time away from such a competitive business.Hoping she is able to make a successful comeback as it is a bit like starting again.

  6. Yay! It’s about damn time we have a confirmation with filming news and casting update!!! 🤗🤗 I’m so looking forward to YEH’s return in K-Drama land! Bring it on!!! Been waiting for so long. I most definitely wish YEH all the very BEST! Can’t wait to see it already! 🤗😁

  7. This is going to be an unpopular opinion but why is YEH always ended up paired with underwhelming actors? Aside from Gong Yoo and Joo Ji Hoon, the rest of her leading men are not appealing. And sadly, I am also not a fan of CJM. That partially diverted me away from watching her dramas.

    • Chung Jungmyung is not your standard handsome actor but he has his own appeal. He shows charisma when it’s needed and I find he can get into his characters easily.

      • I agree. I enjoyed LTM because of their chemistry. But agree that KJH is somewhat not so appealing and so as most of her leading men.

    • Maybe you are new to kdramaland but CJM is a good actor. He was in fact the first choice for Coffee Prince and Gong Yoo got the role because CJM declined due to schedule conflict. I think he has an appeal in the domestic viewers.

      CJM & YEH is a long overdue pairing.

      • No. Not new. I have been watching k-dramas since Winter Sonata even though they were some break period in between.

        I have watched some CJM dramas like Man of Honor, The Duel and Cinderella’s Sister (but didn’t complete any) but I still never find him charismatic or appealing. This is strictly my opinion ofc.

        On CP, ya I know he was the first choice for Han Kyul but I still could not imagined anyone else other than Gong Yoo despite not being his fan. And I also remember reading that Kim Ah Joong was the first choice for Eun Chan but her contract with pantene prevented her from cutting her hair short, alas the role went to YEH. And now everything is history.

  8. I’m happy to see CJM back ! His last drama could have been good but the writter messed up… But the food looked very good :p

    I think YEH and CJM will form a good couple 🙂

  9. At last, our waiting is over. CJM is a good actor with a steady career . he worked with so many good and popular actresses ( Go Hyun Jung, Moon Geun Young, Ha Ji Won, Choi Kang Hee…) I like him and “Foxy lady” is one of my fav dramas. As Han go Eun ( what a beautiful woman ) i know her since ” Bodyguard” and love her in Capital scandal. They may be not enough ” popular” but they are good. Even if i wish the best for my YEH i’m not waiting for buzz or popularity but for quality and for netizens to let her work without meddling. As we say in France : Merde à tout le cast !

      • Hi to you too @cahil 🤗

        I agree with your statement. Instead of popular or buzz worthy drama I need a solid comeback for our girl. She’s been there before (in some very popular dramas) so I don’t think that’s what she’s going after for now. Despite CJM isn’t the male lead I dream of to be paired with YEH but he’s a solid actor (we can’t denied it). It could be worse tbh. So I’m satisfied with this pairing.

      • I agree with you too @Lal, some may think otherwise but i really think that she wants to work as an actress and not a popular icône . I don’t know if you’ll get my meaning. Look at Joo Ji Hoon , after great popularity, a scandal, he is working ang gaining recognition as “a serious actor”

      • @cahill for older actors I would like YEH to be paired with Jo In Sung, Cha Seung Won, Kim Nam Gil and Lee Jun Ki (although the latter is less likely). As for younger actors I prefer Choi Jin Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook & Joo Won 😊

      • @Lal , we like the same actors ! I still remember when YEH once said that she saw CSW at the airport and it was like to see a god ! I have a soft spot for Yoo Yun Suk , yun woo jin, kim Young kwang

  10. FINALLY the wait is over. Happy nights again dissecting episode per episode of her drama!

    SHout out to old friends out there!!!

  11. Good luck! I pray the best outcome for her comeback drama and also her life. (I wanna know who’s her lucky husband in the future, she is such a lovely and nice girl who deserves a best guy!)

    It’s been long time, and I can back to watch korean drama again.
    Without her is so quiet.

  12. I am ready for her comeback, can’t wait. Good luck Yoon Eun Hye and wising you the best and success of this drama. I will pray for you.

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