Park Min Young is Fall Fashion Ready at Incheon Airport

Strutting like a girl boss through the airport is such a modernized K-drama image which was perfectly pulled off by Park Min Young this week leaving Incheon to fly overseas. She went from summer airport attire two weeks ago to full fall fashion ready this time, going for black miniskirt with white t-shirt, very sensible and comfy, topped with an oversized black trench coat left unbuttoned and unbelted to flap about theatrically as she walked. Her hair is lighter in color and matches her cute cross front purse, and even her gold hook earrings look like the side horsebit design. Keep on bring pretty and milking this very popular streak she’s on since Why Secretary Kim.


Park Min Young is Fall Fashion Ready at Incheon Airport — 24 Comments

    • you seem to have the urge to blurt out groundless rumours. here you said she has a bf when nothing is officially confirmed, you claimed an actor as a gay in another article. such a troll.

    • It’s sponsor outfit, gurl. She will have photo shoot in Berlin for Cosmopolitan. Furthermore this style airport is not KMS’s style.

      • Somehow to me she is still emitting KMS vibe. It’s time to change image now, maybe a hair cut? Just my opinion ?

      • I cant reply to u. FYI, she had cut her hair.Maybe u’re too obsessed to her role. Dont be worried, she lives her life as PMY. Even she moves on from WWWSK faster than QFSD.

  1. The coat is dwarfing her.Its too big and loose for her height.The black socks(?) too are cutting her leg length.Otherwise everything else is ok.

  2. Gosh her proportions are so bad. She should fire her stylist because there’s no way a stylist, who doesn’t know which outfits flatter different body types and heights, can be legitimate. A woman that short with short legs looks shorter with long socks and heels. That coat is too long. The only positive thing that can be said about the outfit is the bag and the glasses that frame her (surgically altered) face beautifully.

  3. seriously this site is so full of negative feedback, can’t even start replying the jealous and bitter comments here smh get a life she’s living hers

      • I am not a hater. You are making no sense in telling people to get a life. Guilty? What – you? Stop being a broken record. Preach somewhere else.

      • @PG – EXCUSE ME? Who are the Philippine girls here? This is getting racist! I can tell you don’t know me at all… hahaha… you are speaking nonsense. I don’t feel offended because I am not even Filipino. You have just revealed how stupid you are. Your world is very small if you only know of the Philippines!!! HAHAHA… LOLOL…. Never met someone as low as you. Go back to your Geography lesson.

  4. All I know is that I would be quite happy to look as good as she does! (And I wouldn’t mind being her when she gets to kiss such handsome guys, too)?

  5. Lee byung hun books ex-file was pretty common in k-industry lol. He write about all women score that he sleeping. All of top celebrity not clean at all they have dark secrets. If you don’t trust me you can check lee byung hun article in 2012 in koala lols. You must be new reader in k-pop. You can see in youtube clip about gong yoo and jo in sung they are pretty close to called friends.

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