Gong Yoo’s Name Graces CGV Cinema House in Hong Kong with Proceeds Going to Local Film Industry

It certainly is a first ever for a K-actor and I couldn’t be happier that the cool honor goes to Gong Yoo. CGV cinemas is naming one of its houses in a newly build Hong Kong movie theater to one of the current reigning kings of Hallyu entertainment. Gong Yoo will have his very own Gong Yoo cinema in the soon to be opening D2 Place Phase II in Lai Chi Kok at the end of the month. The movie house will feature all sorts of Gong Yoo cinematic goodies and all proceeds from movies shown in that house will be donated to Hong Kong’s film industry, in a nod for spreading Hallyu with (financial) goodwill with a side of movie hunk.

Gong Yoo CGV Promo Video:



Gong Yoo’s Name Graces CGV Cinema House in Hong Kong with Proceeds Going to Local Film Industry — 6 Comments

  1. I mean, he’s no Andy Lau.. if high profile directors like Zhang Yimou or Ang Lee directed a film with Gong Yoo, he’d get so much leverage in the international arena.

  2. Hey Koala!
    I know you’re quite busy churning out entertaining news from all of Asia. And I love your biased posts about different celebs. But your writing has gone down quite a bit. Maybe you don’t double check mistakes but it’s getting really hard trying to read what you’re writing.

  3. In a totally irrelevant subject, can Ms. Koala perhaps post something about “Story of Yanxi Palace” which is currently setting a huge wave not only in mainland China but across other Asian countries?

      • Oh, I am loving Yanxi so so much. Ruyi is a bit underwhelming despite the hype, budget and big names. And it feels weird watching Ruyi since the same characters were portrayed as complete opposite in Yanxi.

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