Lee Seung Gi Settles into Fall for L’Officiel Hommes Pictorial

The transformation of Lee Seung Gi continues, now in increments in his 30s rather than leaps when he was in his 20s. As a long time fan I’m still impressed at his sincere hardworking intensity, he’s really earnest about his entertainer role without coming across as too thirsty or desperate. He’s also looking mighty fine in the fall 2018 issue of L’Officiel Hommes magazine, pensive and probing as if already in character of his upcoming drama Vagabond. That makes sense as the drama is fully pre-produced and already filming with overseas shooting in Morocco and Portugal. His character is an aspiring action star who suffers a plane crash and gets embroiled in a national level conspiracy, with Suzy as his female lead playing a NIS agent. The drama is scheduled to air in the latter half of 2019 on SBS.


Lee Seung Gi Settles into Fall for L’Officiel Hommes Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. Wanna bet? His drama with Suzy would be flop. Suzy need good writer, director and actor to help her acting and drama from flop. She can’t carried drama alone.

    • Suzy’last two dramas were ratings flops. And her movie where she was the main actress, even veteran Ryo Seung Ryung was side character, flopped hard. Now they put Suzy as main actress in a huge production. Does Suzy have any sense of responsibility? Because of actors like that, I turned to c-drama and j-drama. Only tvn has good writers and actors left…

      • I like how Suzy gets the blame for the dramas not doign that well and not her costars or the writing or anything else. Though she’s never really had a huge flop drama if we want to be honest

    • The BIG FACT IS!!! Seung gi do not have flop dramas. All his dramas in a national tv, sbs, mbc, kbs are all double digit ratings.. His lowest so far in a n-tv network is 12% .

  2. Jisabu is like my favourite variety show these days. Love all members, especially the one and only LSG. Btw, spotted Yook Seungjae at Singapore Bugis Junction this afternoon!

  3. I never liked Suzy’s acting in Dream High, Gu Family Book and Uncontrollably Fond, that’s why I didn’t watch While you were sleeping. In Dream High I noticed her acting wasn’t okay, unlike other members of girl groups who can act.

    I watched GFB and UF because of Lee Seung Gi and Kim Woo Bin who are good actors. The producers of Vagabond should have casted a better actress than Suzy.

    • Yes, not sure what LSG fans did to get stuck with her again. I barely got through GFB. He has made comments a couple times that suggest romance is not a big part. I hope not. I may be able to watch it,if that’s the case.

  4. LSG looks good. He is a good actor/singer, Suzy needs to work , forget the past, and give her a chance without negativity , wait for the drama to be out. Do not jinx, please.

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