Kim So Hyun Lolls Around Los Angeles in New Nylon Korea Pictorial

It’s a LA kinda mood for K-actress Kim So Hyun and actually fits her vibe to the T. She’s in the pages of the October edition of Nylon Korea in an Umbro branded pictorial showcasing the brands athleisure wear including the ubiquitous in South Korea puffy down jacket. This pictorial with the washed out colors and gritty urban backdrop is the kind of cool kids wandering around town aesthetic that Kim So Hyun blends into, and even brings back some Heirs memories from the overseas shoot with the leads at the start of the drama. Up next for Kim So Hyun are two dramas, the webtoon adapted Love Alarm with just 8-episodes and the K-drama remake of Miss Granny. The girl continues to power forward smartly with consistent projects and a keen selection eye.


Kim So Hyun Lolls Around Los Angeles in New Nylon Korea Pictorial — 66 Comments

  1. She looks so pretty in this spread but all I can think about is how unfitting these jackets are for LA weather, especially second to last pic with the turtleneck included

    • Exactly. She looks pretty but it doesnt suit LA weather. This reminds me of JKH’s latest photoshoot for autumn wear in Bali. Travelling to a tropical place to shoot for autumn wear is weird

    • Yes, that’s what I was thinking too. It’s still hot in SoCal that no one is wearing that kind of clothes yet. LOL But, I like the casual style and prints. It’ll be great for January.

  2. She’s stunning and so so talented, I hope all the Kim girls blow up because they really deserve it, particularly her. They’re the next gen of leading ladies/It Girls.

    Also it’ll be nice to see the hype going to talented actresses rather than some vacant-eyed idol-actresses who only do acting roles (badly, and written to suit their low capability levels) because they want the ‘actress image’ to get more cf ₩₩₩₩ with.

  3. All 3 Kim girls are super gorgeous and fantastic! KSH ‘Radio Romance’ was a fizzer though. I guess the actual storyline and her bangs weren’t happening for me. However she always takes great photos regardless of the stying and location. Now waiting for Kim Sa Ron’s photo spread.

    • That curly hair was kinda cute though. So different from her usual look so refreshing in its own way. I wouldn’t mind if she tried that look again in a few years.

      She does look stunning irrespective of styling or whatever coz of her naturally good looks.

      • I like her the most as well of the three! She’s always been girl crush no? Killer good looks!

  4. She’s so gorgeous in every single picture. The intensity of her expressions is on another level. I’m excited for everything she’s going to do in the future because she’s just so increadibily talented.

  5. Good luck baby girl for your new projects! Thank you Ms. koala for writing about this super talented young girl and keeping everyone updated about her activities! We are always happy to read your articles!

  6. While waiting for her dramas in 2019, to whom didn’t know, we can see KSH in her travelling reality show in LA on Lifetime Korea YouTube channel. She’s so witty and cute there. Love her to the bits.. and don’t forget to see her MCing for new Idol survival show ‘Under Nineteen’ this coming first week of November. *Love ^_^

    • Can you believe I just started watching her travel show today! She’s absolutely bright and lively in it! What is this survival show? Where can I watch it?

      • Under 19 (the new Idol survival show) will be airing on MBC this 3rd November. She will be the sole MC to carry out the whole shows.

        Btw,she just starts promoting it over her Instagram.

      • Sounds great and she’s really multi talented! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the show!

  7. Waaa! This girl is so beautiful and every time I see her I think she just prettier and prettier. Although 2019 is so far away I’ll happily wait to see her brilliant acting chops again! Time to go get that Netflix subscription again.

  8. I really like her in ‘who are you’ but her latest drama where she acted as a radio writer wasn’t that great. Hopefully she will come back with good drama soon. As for modelling, I don’t think she is really photogenic but in her drama or film,she looks lovely and more pretty than her photos..

    • Your comment is extremely negative I don’t know why you even bother to write. She is extremely photogenic and has been brilliant in all her dramas. Page Turner, Lets Fight Ghost, Ruler and Radio Romance her performances have always been top class and she received major praise for them as well. Her goddess level looks transcend to any different plane in any photo shoot and she looks visually stunning in this one as well. No one will ever agree with you on that comment because she’s pretty in pictures and dramas and films. She’s just an absolute Goddess in looks and aura. A fact acknowledged even by Korea itself.

      • I was just being honest with my comment.. and I am not her haters… I like her as an actress… I watched almost of her drama.. Extremely negative?? Wow… Yeah.yeah…from now on I will say only GOOD things about her… And yeah… She is EXTREMELY PHOTOGENIC like you insisted… Happy????

      • I work in photography field, based on the picture above, she is surely pretty but photogenic? Not really, especially in the first two pictures.If I can name k actress who are photogenic, there are song hye kyo, kim yoo jung, jun ji hyun and many others. don’t get me wrong, some beautiful people are not really photogenic, it is just normal thing. Sometimes even kim tae her picture looked not that good too. It will not reduce their beauty,don’t worry, they are still as gorgeous as them are especially in their fan’s eyes.

      • @Athena don’t try to drag down KSH to push up your faves. She’s known to be photogenic within the industry experts themselves. Take your experience elsewhere.

    • Oh how dare you write a comment not praising Kim Sohyun as the second coming of Jesus, here to save K-drama world? You are gonna get bombarded by her mindless and delusional fans from now on, saying you are a “hater”, “tasteless” yadada.

      • no one has even mentioned taste but you clearly don’t like her. stick to the celebs you do like without commenting on her article won’t you. don’t spoil the reading experience of others if you nothing better to do with your life but thanks for proving her popularity by even bothering to make a comment.

      • Yeah.. Now I got it.. hahaha.. I even said she is lovely and that was not enough..are we supposed to say only greatttt thing about her… wow…some fans are extremely scary.. hahaha…

    • what’s with the passive aggressive hate towards her? she’s the most down to earth celeb so I don’t get people’s comments towards her.

    • @Cilimanis – Kdrama “who are you”? She was not in it. This is TY’s drama and I watched it many times, there was no KSH. Anyhow, I don’t find your comment “extremely negative”. This is your opinion. She is pretty but not necessarily the most photogenic. That @Lana has to be more open to different opinions. Anyone can comment here. I agree that KSH is prettier while in action than in stills. I guess I am that “No one”. hahaha… Fake praises calling her an absolute Goddess is totally delusional in my opinion. LOL.

      • Pretty sure she’s called ‘Fairy’ ‘Angel ‘Goddess’ by every single media outlet in the country. She’s prettier in motion is well known but she’s beautiful whether or not in motion.

      • Fairy Godmother? Time for Halloween. There are lots of Fairy Godmother costumes online 🙂

      • A Fairy Godmother prettier than anyone you’ll ever know. Its not even a halloween theme since she’s good magic but sure you’re logic is juvenile.

      • Did I ever say the Fairy Godmother not pretty? You are assuming too much. Are you hearing things too?

  9. I wouldn’t call them delusional. She’s a great actress and very beautiful so I don’t see the point of your comment. Btw, most people don’t believe Jesus even existed. Just a myth. I see stupid comments like yours on Park Shin Hye and Song Hye Kyo posts as well. When someone is attacking a good actress are you meant to stay quiet and not say anything? Don’t pollute the positive comments on this article by bringing in your pointless opinion.

  10. Do KSH’s delulu fans think they own this article by not allowing others to comment or what not? This is crazy! Start your own blog. I clearly cannot stand people telling others “why you even bother to write” “without commenting on her article won’t you” “don’t spoil the reading experience of others”… oh oh oh, my fingers cannot help themselves but to type a comment here again. You are delulu crazy. You don’t have to read. Close your eyes!

    • I don’t remember this being a blog for haters either. Your logic is not reasonable. Type all the hate you want on your own blog don’t bring it to this one. I don’t think Koala writes articles so you can hate on artists but then again what to expect from those who make fun of people’s nose.

      • Liking someone does not mean others cannot say negative things about her. I am not as juvenile as you think. I like KSH and I have watched all her dramas. I just hate those who tell others to stop commenting. Anyone can have a say in anything here.

  11. This escalated pretty fast. It’s called having ‘alternative opinions’ and I guess if it rubs people up the wrong way or puts their noses out of joint then you’re gonna be labeled a hater and troll which is really unfair. Geez this is a playground and of course there is going to be differences in the comments section- that’s the whole point. Yes I agree no one has the right to determine what should be written. Whether it is Good or bad be happy that your actor has relevance and is being commented on.

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