Popular 80’s HK-actress Yammie Lam Passes Away Alone After Exile and Mistreatment From Industry

This is such a sad story and one I doubt would get any coverage in English-language publications and I feel compelled to give this lovely actress her due. Former HK-actress Yammie Lam (Lan Jie Ying in Mandarin) was found dead in her home on November 1, 2018 a full two days after she died, alone and without family or friends as she’s been living for the past two decades since being blacklisted from the HK-ent that initially lifted her to the top of stardom. In the 80’s she was one of TVB’s top female leads, working with the biggest names in the industry including Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, and many others, with four dozen dramas and movies under her belt in the 15 years or so she was fully active.

She was reportedly blacklisted after she asked for contract termination and also started having health problems due to a car accident, but in recent years she gave a television interview claiming to have been attacked and raped by two of HK-ent’s “Big Brothers” (famous big wigs) in Singapore during a movie filming and has since then suffered PTSD and mental health issues stemming from the rape. In recent years she’s been photographed looking very old, haggard, unkempt, and reportedly living in poverty. Her passing may not be a surprise but I’m truly heartbroken for all she suffered regardless of the veracity of any or all of the reporting surrounding her life. May Yammie rest in peace, I remember her only fondly for some memorable roles and always looking incredibly beautiful during her heyday as one of HK-ent’s top beauties.


Popular 80’s HK-actress Yammie Lam Passes Away Alone After Exile and Mistreatment From Industry — 24 Comments

  1. Very very sad. I’m saddened by her treatment from the industry and sorry she suffered such deep mental health problems. May she now finally rest in peace. She was very talented and an excellent actress but never won any awards. Her crying scenes always touched a raw nerve and she was once known as the most beautiful actress of TVB.

    Last week has been a very sad week for HK entertainment with the passing of Louis Cha, Raymond Chow (famous film producer) and Yammie Lam. These were all heavy weights from the 80s. It really feels like an end of an era.

  2. I remember when she acted in “Looking Back at Anger” she played a character that went mentally unstable. People say she was so into her acting she couldn’t “get out of character”.

    Her personal life is so sad. Both her parents died in a car accident and her boyfriend committed suicide. She’s not in good terms with her sister. And of course being raped twice and feeling the need to not report it cause she was so scared, breaks my heart.

    Rip Yammie to me you would always be an 80s’ legend!

    • The drama that everyone said she became unstable was not “Looking Back in Anger” it was another drama that has Sean Lau and Vivian Chow in it. She played Sean’s stepmother and her character was mentally unstable towards the end of the drama. I think this was one of the last drama’s she was in and then she started to become unstable in real life when the drama ended.

  3. I can’t say I know much about her. She was pretty. I feel so angry for her. I hope the men responsible for her rapes, will get whatever they deserve. What I feel most victims need is acknowledgement that it happened, by these people. Money and power can be such a scary thing, so sad that it’s usually rotten people who have it. Hope she can rest in peace.

  4. That’s so sad. I’m so sorry for her. I hope she found her peace. And may the ones who wronged her, get punished in some way or another in their lives. Karma is a bitch

  5. Thank you for posting this, God rest her soul in peace.

    This is one of the reasons everyone should encourage women who are sexually assaulted to come forward and tell their story. Yammie Lam could not, for a long time, and it cost her a lot and not just her career, more importantly her mental health. If there was an environment that allowed her to come forward and tell her story and accuse her rapists maybe she would have led a healtier life.

    Also this is a story that tells us something. We should not let rapists get away with it, ruining lives. If a man is known to be a rapist we should not watch his films/TV shows, we should not buy anything involving him. Same thing for the assault/violence towards women. We should stick together and no matter how handsome or talented the man we should show them all that hurthing a person will have dire consequences. So that other men who are similarly inclined will not do it so easily in the future.

    • The Hong Kong Entertainment during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s had a lot of Triad/Mob/Gangster connections, either from the actors/actresses or through investment in the movies/dramas itself.

      I was not aware of it until I became an adult of how dark the HK entertainment industry was.

      The two that was allegedly identified from Yammie Lam’s rape story was not very good looking but allegedly had some Triad backing them also, so no one could come out to oust the perpetrators nor even dare to come out and really defend Yammie.

  6. She was so beautiful. May her soul rest in peace.
    May those inhuman criminals suffer/have suffered the worst kind of punishment. If not by the hand of man then by the hand of higher powers.

  7. No one person should be able to wield that kind of power over another person. To destroy someone’s life because you can should NOT be possible. There must be more accountability with people of power.

    PTSD means she never recovered from those nightmares. It becomes her life. She has my deepest sympathy and regret that only death gave her relief. I feel so helpless when I hear about these stories.

  8. This is so sad. To think how common this is actually in entertainment industry, it’s sickening. Sad news from HK entertainment.

  9. Yammie suffered from mental illness. Unfortunately, mental illness is highly stigmatized in a Chinese society like HK. She probably never received proper care to help her regain some semblance of a normal life. Treatment for mental illness includes proper calibration of medication and other in-patient treatment that is very costly. Instead, Yammie became tabloid material where people photographed her disheveled state and compared her before and after photos. Yammie was treated extremely cruelly by everyone. She lived in poverty and isolation due to her mental illness. Yammie’s poverty further degraded her life due to lack of financial capabilities to care for her medical needs. The moral of this is, despite high profile mental illness cases like Leslie Cheung (suicide) or Yammie Lam’s passing, the subject of mental illness is not broached in HK and the ultra stigma continues. I hope death has released Yammie from the torture and confines of her situation. May she be free and happy now, wherever she is.

    • I think her wealthy ex boyfriends and other actresses that started out the same time as her tried to help her, but she refused help. Unfortunately, the HK paparazzi was unrelenting on taking pictures of her when she was at her worst.

  10. I hope she can find peace at last. Though I also want her to go get the black flag (justice flag) from the underworld so she can get her justice. Those guys who hurt her will get their punishment.

  11. Yammie was one of the beauties from TVB”s golden era of television and was able to act well.
    I hope that the perpetrators from her trauma will be brought to justice. To think that one of the rumored one is still in the business and is thought of highly by the entertainment business sickens me. I cannot watch his movies or his variety shows without thinking of the horrendous act he committed towards Yammie. To think that another fellow HK actress even asked this alleged perpetrator to reach out and help Yammie when she was mentally impaired. I hope that other actress truly did not know the whole story as she should be the one that would understand Yammie the most since she went through something similar.

    It was hard reading news about Yammie’s deteriorating mental health through the last few years. May she finally rest in peace.

  12. My goodness…I just saw this article in 2019, and I am shocked on many levels. Did she commit suicide or was there foul play? And her rapists must be held accountable, and should be arrested for this horrible crime. Sooo sad for her. Rest In Peace, Yammie. You will be missed…

  13. Just her mental health is poor but her physical health seems fine can’t be a coincidence that months after she exposed that scum Eric Tsang (which had triad connections which is also probably why she didn’t report the rape) for rape that shes found dead. N the fkn corrupted pigs can’t even tell us her exact cause of death its so fkn obvious. He will fkn get his one day soon. Can’t believe i actually watched his movies makes me sick

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