Lee Jun Ki Goes Dapper Professor Chic Leaving Incheon for HK Event

I’m loving Lee Jun Ki‘s total look from last week when he left Incheon airport to head to Hong Kong for a brand promotional event. His hair is growing up and he’s paired it up playfully with a full on long coat, shirt, and pants combo that screams trendy young professor and I totally dig it! The spectacles finish the ensemble and lend a studious vibe that’s broken up by Lee Jun Ki’s super smile and friendliness with the gathered media. He’s always so warm and professional, here giving a course on how to dress like a covered K-ent celebrity leaving Korea. Be fun with fashion and friendly with the photographers stuck outside in the cold covering your comings and goings.


Lee Jun Ki Goes Dapper Professor Chic Leaving Incheon for HK Event — 22 Comments

    • Definitely has swag and is ultra cool wherever and whenever he is out in public. Agree that he always has time for his fans. Waiting for news on his next drama and or film don’t care what genre or character it is.

  1. I am not too keen on the hair tbh.But he looks a lot happier and freer again compared to last year.Miss him on TV.I am looking forward to the next film/drama offer announcement.

    • He toned down a bit on hairstyles, rings, earings, necklace & other accessories than his younger days. Querky as he looks but he is Lee Joon Gi. He looks dapper as always.

    • I agree, he can do with a little weight gain.
      Like his last drama Lawless Lawyer with Seo Ye Ji.
      Let’s see whether he will pick another drama next year.

      • Feeling uncomfortable when he does action scene with that frail skinny body it’s so dangerous for him. He’s even thinner than the female lead I can’t even see him as the leading man anymore

      • He doesn’t look frail though. He slim and very lean for his height I supposed but he looks very toned and muscular though. With those muscles, he probably weigh more than anyone think.

        He does not have a round face that is why he looks much slimmer than be usually is and his hairstye makes his face smaller too. His face looks slim yet it’s very toned, something a person can only achieve through exercise.

      • Define “hater” please. Rather, I think it’s motherly love who always pampers and wanting baby to eat more. Your “hater” theory is so negative that does not fit into the whole tone of this discussion. You are one of those who like to call out haters but you are the only one with hate in your heart here! ?

      • You call that a motherly comment. You are too positive in a crooked way. ? Read few of yours comments, you are among those who loves to bash even at the most superficial reasons.

      • @Diane – Hey, you have not defined what you mean by “hater”. Either you don’t know what you were saying or you feel inferior to respond. I always give my honest opinion. I never mean to bash, however I cannot control your state of mind if you wish to interpret that way. Do you think I am bashing you now? Define “hater” please.

      • @candycane Funny that you mentioned about inferiority. That’s exactly how those people who only see things, even the good ones, in negative way. Most of your posts are not constructive but rather mostly negative which can be reflections of your current state of mind.

      • Read carefully, I write positive most of the time. Now I am being very positive and am wondering why you are calling people as “hater”. Isn’t this a very wrong way to spread negativity? People calling out “hater” everywhere can turn a neutral discussion sour. I see a need to delabel this “hater” term… starting with you!

  2. Ooooo… love the jacket ? He looks so cool in this outfit. But why always a shiny face? Koreans like greasy bb/cc creams? Hmmmm….

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