Episode 4 of Memories of Alhambra Blurs AR and Drama Worlds and Rises to 8.154% Ratings

The tide has turned for tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra and not a moment too soon. The drama finally reversed a two episode slight ratings dip since it’s premiere episode as this past Sunday’s episode 4 rose to 8.154%, a notable increase from episode 3 which was in the 6% range. The ratings increase also coincided with episode 4 being the most narratively interesting episode to date, making me care about Hyun Bin‘s character Yoo Jin Woo finally. He’s still the only character of substance on screen as Park Shin Hye‘s hostel owner/candy character Jung Hee Joo or her NPC character Emma is full on background filler. But the slight uptick in cohesiveness in episode 4 gives me optimism the drama will do more with her (soon please!), and until then I can watch Jin Woo fight his dead/maybe not nemesis in the game and in his drama real life all day long.


Episode 4 of Memories of Alhambra Blurs AR and Drama Worlds and Rises to 8.154% Ratings — 42 Comments

    • Second this. I planned to quit watching it but ep 4 brought me back with the story getting interesting. Hyunbin really carried this drama alone. Psh needs to work more harder. Her acting was too ordinary for a top star. Yet, i adore her fashion style in this drama. I hope the twist wont be as crazy as W, which i dropped half way.

      • Ordinary? Lmao the girl barely had screentime and room to act but she did everything she could.
        Hb should carry the drama when he has 80% of the screentime and the story resolve around him

      • @Bye – tbh, PSH screentime was almost 50% in ep 3 & 4. I find her acting cringy, eg. lying on the bathroom floor trying to sob with no tears in her eyes. Her acting is plain blah, I agree with @Yui. The only charming scene was when she appears as Emma (but that’s just her face & the veil). I don’t understand what you mean by “room to act”, even 20% screentime will allow her room to act. The second male lead has less screentime than PSH and his acting is Excellent!! If her performance so far is “everything she could”, this tells us something… Just trying to be objective here. Yes, HB has been hard carrying this drama, but why? because the female lead sucks.

  1. Sometimes I love being proven wrong. It was def. a surprise especially with the ratings for episode 3. Binnie in the rain with his hair up and wet.. ugh, can we get him back please? even tho he was sad, he was sexy sad.

    I guess episode 5 will take a dip again. They should have left episode 4 without a preview.

  2. Holy moly: looking for trouble golden line.
    I feel literally attacked by Hyun Bin in this drama
    This has to be his most visually ON FORM drama to date. I really like ep4 – it was a strong episode on the storyline and what an ending!

    Jin Woo is quite a sneak, nothing he does is morally right in my opinion but he’s just such a smooth operator that you can’t help but care a little.

  3. Episode 4 is epic with the creepy thrill and the fight scene with Dr. Cha. He creeps me out when he appear in front of Jin Woo’s door. Hyun Bin is so fine especially with that little exchange words with Hee Ju. I’m squealing…inside. ???
    Episode 5 look even more exciting.

  4. OMG can’t get over the Jin Woo in the rain and (You’re looking for trouble) scenes. Had to rewatch that a couple times. Hyun Bin is so dam handsome and sexy. Give me butterflies in the stomach. I love this drama even more. Oops he’s falling for her.

  5. This drama is surprisingly good! I’m not really into sci-fi and fantasy, but man, it has kept me on my feet!

    I really just want to know who Emma is and what happened to Jung Se Ju.

    The mystery is killing me.

  6. Episode 4 definitely gripped my attention, i like the premise even though it’s similar to W, fiction/virtual becomes real etc.

  7. I liked the episode 4. The PSH’s character was more present and Hyn Bin is killing his role. The story iv very intriguing, we never kwow what will happen!

  8. This drama is a master piece from the acting to the story and creativity of the writer. The ost is by far the best this year. Hyun Bin is what I call an actor on a different level. Hope the next episodes continue to grip viewers attention to the end.

  9. No doubt this is the best sci-fi drama coming from south korea entertainment. Hyun Bin is one super versitle actor. He kept me on the ride since episode one. I’m not feeling Park Shin Hye acting.

    Love from the state.

  10. WOW! I am amazed by how much I am liking this drama. Hyun Bin is doing a wonderful job portraying Jin Woo! And Park Shin Hye’s character is starting to have some substance. I love how present she was in the latest episodes. I was starting to worry that she was going to be overshadowed and left in the background, but I’m loving what I’m seeing so far. I have not been excited for a drama in a long time. Wished I hadn’t started it because now, I’m dying for the next episodes to air!

  11. Love how MOA is being noticed by those outside of kdrama watchers and being praised for its production values. We are just on episode 4 so there’s still more stories to tell. Yes, as PSH fan, wanting more of her but there must be a reason she decided on this drama from all the scripts send to her.

  12. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! I thought that Cha Hyung Seok died? But…why is he STILL ALIVE? Or is he not?! Omg, I’m so confused! I have so many theories. I need to know now! What’s going on?! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! This drama will be the death of me, I swear. I’m just dumbfounded. This drama just keeps me guessing and when I think I know what’s going to happen, something totally different happens! I’m shook! :O

  13. I find that for the first time in a long time, I actually want to know what will happen next in a drama.
    That Zombified HS is terrifying. I don’t know if JW has already realized it, but karma is a bitch. He is getting back all the hate he spewed at his former friend. My guess is that HS’s weakened condition(he had been drinking and not taking care of himself) contributed to the death in the game.

    PSH or her character need to snap to it soon. It feels like JW is a full fledged person, and Hee-joo is a cartoon right now. Come on, writers! A drama’s success depends soooo much on the female lead’s ability to draw in the audience. No matter how hot the male lead is!

    • I think her acting is good, it’s just that her role hasn’t really done much so far. I really hope she becomes a much more integral part of the plot next week.

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh….the wait is killing me. My anxious to know why he and his 2 marriage fallout. Was he a jerk to all the people close to him. Did he lost everything in the end even with Hee Ju too. By the way the story having some flashbacks makes it seem like something actually happened to Hee Ju. Please I want a happy ending story since I really love this drama so much now. This is the very first time I could actually stand to watch Park Shin Hye so make it worth it.

  15. The wolf and the princess, my week heart can’t take Hyun Bin and his charms anymore. Park Shin Hye is so pretty in this drama. This couple is given me the slow burn romance that’s so heart fluttering. I know I should be focusing on the game but Hyun Bin and his charismatic performance making me falling hard. I’m loving the chemistry so much.

  16. Woww…this drama is truly amazing and interesting,it’s beyond what I expected and yet it not even half way. I think Shin hye is part of the game too, man i had sooo many questions in my head after episode 4 and i eagerly want to watch more of it, cant wait for episode 5 and 6.

  17. Most of comments in moa article was sega shipper lols?. Let’s see in ep.8 this drama will going downhill like W. Trust me it’s work lols.

    • LOL like you a real lowlife… A delusional Sega shipper who go bashed Hyun Bin like an infected crazy dog with your nonsense gibberish everywhere. Come on grow up and move on because you’re too annoying. Go watch Secret Garden somewhere else and stop giving people a headache. I don’t know if y’all playing dumb or is actually retarded.

      Oh never dumb ass Sega shippers should watch MOA to the end to see all them kissing scene Hyun Bin will have will Park Shin Hye to break their already jealous shader hearts. Also to keep boosting more comments for MOA’S post.

      Blah…blah…blah…I hate Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo so much everywhere I go because I’m heart broken and always trying to start fan wars. What a douchebag. Never have I been this annoy by fan base.

    • Is everyone here Secret Garden fans? Why is this crazy girl keep posting ridiculous comments that I sometimes don’t even understand what she’s trying to imply.

      • She is just an idiot . Hyun Bin doesn’t belong to Secret Garden fans . He is the best actor and i’m happy to see him having so great chemistry with Park Shin Hyye. Can’t wait of next episodes , this drama is the best of the best

  18. What a great pairing Hyun Bin and PSH are doing justice to their characters. Such a delight to watch them both, such natural actors! I hate watching on air shows, I prefer waiting to marathon them but I couldn’t wait, this drama kept luring me so here I am enjoying the ride. I simply can’t wait for episode 5 & 6. I’m surprised that the ratings aren’t double digits in Korea…it is so darn good thus far!

  19. OMG two more days to go then Saturday and Sunday is here. I love this drama so much since it doesn’t revolting to much romance. The paste is perfect for this kind of genre. Please please don’t turn into a melodrama or I’ll be disappointed. I want a clean romance drama because it’s more heart fluttering that way.

  20. I’m sorry but Park Shin Hye really suck at acting. I really hope the actress can be someone else. Seriously after all these years you think she’ll improve. It’s still the same recycling acting all over again. Even a newbie idol like Chanyeol can act better. What a lost for the production. I like this drama much but seriously wish the actress is someone that actually know who to freaking act.

    • Lmao haters are funny.
      Psh role was barely there but she did comedy abf emotion scenes as well as having chemistry with hb in the little scenes they have.
      Her acting in the end of ep 4 was brilliant and praised but hated love to put her down. Come back when you fav can do all the genre she has cover in this drama alone.

      • Are you kidding me! Her acting is so unnatural even at the end of episode 4 she still look blah. So cringey and talking about a favorite? No i don’t have one. I just love to watch drama and critique about what I like and don’t like. I have seen better actress who has done better though their screen time is very minor. You should praise when Park Shin Hye actually got better but for now…Nah.

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