Park Bo Gum Hosts 2018 Japan MAMA and Jung So Min Looks Gorgeous in Attendance

I’m not a K-pop fan so my interest in the year end MAMA ceremonies extends only to hosts or guest attendees/presenters who are Korean actors and actresses I love. The Japan leg of the 2018 MAMA was hosted by cutie bae Park Bo Gum with a beautiful presenter attendance by Jung So Min. This totally makes me clamor for a romance K-drama with these two as the leads! I love their airport looks leaving Gimpo and even more gorgeously dressed were their award ceremony looks – Jung So Min’s dress blew my mind in cute, texture, and fit while Park Bo Gum’s red and black pinstripes looked so fresh and handsome on him. The Japan leg was definitely more hyped and had more top idol groups than the earlier Korean ceremony hosted by Jung Hae In, but up next is the largest MAMA show in Hong Kong to be hosted by Song Joong Ki.


Park Bo Gum Hosts 2018 Japan MAMA and Jung So Min Looks Gorgeous in Attendance — 12 Comments

  1. JSM’s dress is so pretty and she wears it well. but looks like she has a tanned line on her neck? ummm… she must have gone on a vacation at a sunny destination after the drama has ended… 🙂

    • That or the make up artist may have used a a make up tone which is darker than her usual skin tone.

      I am re-watching her Playful Kiss drama right now. After how many years, that drama is still very enjoyable to watch.

  2. Jung So Min looks good! At the last award show, she was wearing a black dress and she already looked so good. She has a great stylist.

  3. She’s so beautiful. Personally,she’s the most beautiful Korean actress I have ever seen.
    As for leading men, I’m really hoping to see her with Lee Min Ho,Lee Jong Suk, Park Seo Joon or Kim Soo Hyun in the near future. A more popular leading man + her chemistry making ability = a hit series.

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