Veteran Supporting Actor Jang Seung Jo Has Breakout 2018 After Encounter, Knowing Wife, and Money Flower

For a 2018 prolific K-drama year with plenty of actor breakouts including Jang Ki Young and Woo Do Hwan, I’m giving my favorite and most memorable breakout actor to veteran musical, drama, and film supporting actor Jang Seung Jo. After his banner three-drama turn in 2018 the man is due for his upgrade to leading status. What’s incredible is that Jang Seung Jo delivered exemplary performances in three dramas with very strong male leads, with two former Daesang winners no less – alongside Jang Hyuk in Money Flower, Ji Sung in Knowing Wife, and now Park Bo Gum in Encounter (Boyfriend). His eyes do so much acting, subtle soft pools of manly emotion and sincerity, he was as much the heart of Knowing Wife as Ji Sung since his life also got upended with the do-over. And now in Encounter with any other male lead I wouldn’t even be unhappy if the female lead fell in love and remarried his second male lead but of course that’s not the trajectory of the romance and he’ll just have to pine behind-the scenes. That’s fine because next year he’ll definitely shine more in front of the screen.


Veteran Supporting Actor Jang Seung Jo Has Breakout 2018 After Encounter, Knowing Wife, and Money Flower — 72 Comments

  1. He’s the most interesting character in Encounter and I really liked him in Knowing Wife. He’s a good actor (but he has weird ears :p).

  2. He stolen the show from park bo gum, cause park bo gum character really flat and boring. I hope after encounter drama he can landed with first lead role.

  3. I fast forward to his scenes. I completely lost interest in PBG at episode 3…all he does is grin goofily and I find his talk of poetry, art, tea etc ….so pretentious…like a teen trying to be cool.

  4. I’ve noticed him in Familiar Wife and thought he was handsome and a good actor. His scenes sizzle with SHK, especially during the dinner scene when they first met. I don’t see any chemistry btw SHK and PBG. I hope this actor gets a romantic leading ASAP.

  5. Writer nim, can he end up together with cha soo-hyun in the end? Park bo gum and song hye kyo was mismatch. Park bo gum smiling in every situation was. It’s not like he’s fool. Seriously, I can’t get immersed because because of Pbg acting. I can’t understand why Pbg become popular. He just doing nothing to save this drama from disaster.

    • I think the drama is doing good? Good ratings…trending for the whole week in Korean…been airing at different countries TV station…The actors placed the top as buzzworthy actors..and received positive comments for the latest episodes..
      I am not a fan of PBG…never watch his drama except some parts of Love In The Moonlight but in my humble opinion his acting is good (of course if you are non fans it’ll otherwise). As for Jang Seung Jo..he is great actor and very handsome too..but for Encounter, I am rooting for PBG and SHK to end up together…Writer nim…please…

      • yess, writer nim please give happy ending for park bo gum and cha soo hyun. I love them so much, they are too sweet together. The ex husband might be a good person too but his character still a bit blurry, anyhow,I will be rooting for our OTP.

      • Sky castle now beat encounter most buzzworthy drama. Most boring drama of the years is encounter.

  6. Sad to say this but he is the spotlight in Encounter because Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo are very boring. Their characters is too bland. Park Bo Gum failed to make his character a charming guy. Jin Hyuk comes off more like a try hard high school boy while Song Hye Kyo is more like a mother. I wish she could give off this womanly vibe rather than a mom vibe. I still love Song Hye Kyo but will probably drop Encounter for now. Will wait for her next project.

    • I think her character is improving and maybe we can see that woman vibe that you mention about in future episodes. She is older and mature woman,in other hand has a successful career. It is well shown from the very first episode that her character is someone who is losing herself, despite of being a CEO of the hotel,she didn’t has right for her own life. while Jin Hyuk is a total opposite from her, that might be the reason they attracted to each other.

      • I decided to give today’s episode 7 a try but is literally losing interest on this drama now so nah. I don’t plan to watch it anymore. I’ll wait till the drama finally ended to see if I still want to pick it up or not. I get where the writer is going and is aiming for but the character doesn’t work for me. I’m not feeling the chemistry as well.

        Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum performance is not working for me.

  7. 1st and 2nd episode was cute and make my heart fluttering. But after that this drama became boring,flat make me frustrating. Just hope park bo gum and song hye kyo career won’t hurt because this flop drama. Pbg can return with good pd and writer. And song hye kyo can get challenges role just like jang nara. Just hope Pbg and shk didn’t end up together because they just like mother and son. Still pray soo hyun end up with her-ex hubby.

  8. I was impressed by him in money flower and have definitely taken careful note of his character in encounter. I agree:this is one actor that should get more recognition and I would happily watch him as the main lead.

  9. This guy is so manly his scenes with shk screams chemistry they look so good together.
    Pbg x Shk scenes together does give me butterflies but how i wish pbg will potray his character in a manly way than him acting like a fan nxt to her. I still can see his character to be manly the confrotation scene between him and ex Mil he look and act manly there. I wish the writer will give him more range is the upcoming 10 eps. As for Shk as Csy she potrayed her character so well very classy and her emotional scenes are really spot on.

    • I actually liked PBG’s scenes with the ex mother inlaw and ex husband. I just get bored of his scenes with SHK. The tie scene was so predictable and cliched. Zilch chemistry. His boyish looks don’t help.

  10. He is a versatile actor and incredibly likable in any role he plays and I absolutely LOVED him in Familiar Wife. I hope he gets a chance at a lead role very soon in either a kdrama or korean movie because he’s proven over and over that he can captivate an audience! Thanks so much for posting about him!

  11. His eyes are his most attractive feature, “subtle soft pools of manly emotion and sincerity.” Bet he would do very well in sad, crying scenes. Imagine pearly tears welling up in those big, beautiful yet deeply emotional eyes. He has only a few scenes in Encounter but really steals the show.

    • Something very sensitive and expressive about his beautiful eyes Not inert frozen mannequin perfection like Jaejoong.
      Yes, he’s stealing the show. Hope writers give PBG more to do than just smile insipidly. They have been making him look like vapid fanboy the last few episodes.

  12. Some (not all) people here are so pathetic, small minded and pitiful. They always have to use a blog about actor A to bash actor B to satisfy their hatred. Sign.

  13. He looks very handsome and is a good actor. I wish CSH will choose him in the end which will make the drama less predictable and less cringy.

  14. all the comments just full with hate of jinhyuk (or PBG). I dont understand why people following this drama but talk bad about the main couple.
    For me, I really love him in familiar wife, but I’m not fond with his acting in here. sometimes he’s too overacting, he’s eyes is full with emotion even in simple scene. kinda unnatural. I dont understand what his motive when he came to talk about the necktie with JH too, he actually need to show how jealous he was in that scene, but I found him more bland, I end up using the same expression with JH when watching that scene, like ‘whats wrong with him?’ lol

    • I don’t think most if then are fan of Emcounter or its main leads.
      For me if this actor is that good i guess he should have gotten lead role/s by now but sadly he’s only casted as second lead for a reason.

  15. The writer losing idea after they comeback from Cuba to Seoul same like Dots. Hope the writer bring back setting in Cuba or soo hyun getting back together with her-ex.

  16. Finally people are realizing how overrated PBG is, has been thinking he is just a very likeable guy with nice image from the beginning but lacked the acting skill, looks like I’m right.

    • dont be stupid. he got so much praise for his acting too, because he’s versatile actor. people in here just jealous because PBG is more popular than their oppa

      • they are just a haters or troll…I really like PBG in this drama even I was a bit worried about their chemistry at first…now that I watched the drama until episode 6…wow….I love their chemistry so much…hope for happy ending for our main lead.

  17. He is not a veteran drama actor though. He debuted only four years ago and he never did a movie. Money Flower was his first big break and he won his first tv acting prize for that.

    But he is a big musical star. I don’t think getting lead will be that easy because he is already 37 years old married man with kid. If he chooses non-star way then it may be possible. Koreans like his look too. His acting is good but it’s almost same in most of his roles.

  18. This was what made me ultimately lose any interest in Encounter. How could any woman in her right mind pass up a lucisous package like Jang Seung Jo for a puppy like PBG? After seeing scenes of the ex-husband and how much he still loves his wife, I decided that SHG’s character is either blind or stupid and actually deserves puppy PBG. End of Story. No more interest for me at this point.

      • @candycane this is a gender reverse noona romance so saying that the female character is a cougar is ageist its like saying all noona romance female characters are cougars. Can we use our commonsense sometimes.

      • “gender reverse”? Are you telling me Asians are reversed gender here? hahaha… I guess your common sense is different from mine. You can call it differently if you want, but to me, she is a cougar.

      • and yes, all noona romance female characters are cougars in my book. Google the meaning of cougar please!

    • You see scenes because you are the viewers , they showed you that he loves her by divorcing her to let her go. In the drama, does CSH knows that?? all she knows is he cheated on her and demanded her to divorce. In two years of marriage, did he show her the love , the affection to win her over? No, or at least at this moment we dont know or maybe because of his pride, he doesnt show. Even when he gave her the beautiful dress, he wrote a note : “i picked up …”. He loves her but doesnt really understand what she wants.
      You watching but still dont get why she falls for JH then i guess this drama is not for you.
      You can move on to no brainer drama.

      • I thought this is a no brainer drama. It already tells us everything we need to know – he loves her, but she likes a younger guy – isn’t this the case? Those with brains cannot understand why she does not know he loves her while living with him for TWO years. Wow, he must be a very good actor!!

      • Those with brains does not ask those types of questions : why A can’t love B instead of C because everything is irrational when it comes to love.
        I thought those with brains should know this already. Please excuse my ignorance for overestimating the comprehensive skills to those with brains.

      • so I am right, this is a no brainer drama. You have just put your foot in your mouth. “Love is blind”…

      • it is ok if you don’t question why A can’t love B instead of C. But to tell someone who don’t agree with the loveline and to move on to a no brainer drama is outright RUDE. Everyone is free to express their opinion. What kind of no brainer drama are you referring to here? NAME A FEW!

      • Oh, so now you got worked up because of the no brainer term?? it seems you are having temper management problems.
        Did I specially say you have no brain?? Oh sorry if it makes you feel that way. By the way, everyone has different opinions about, you can disagree with loveline and give your rationale why you disagree, but by saying the character is Cougar and creepy smiles, WOW, so you watching the whole drama up this point and what left you is just those terms speak the volume of your thought process.
        Oh by the way, thank you for watching the drama also.
        I don’t watch drama that much but I believe there are lots of no brainer, simple movies dramas out there, you can search yourself.

        Anyway, Hugh grant, President Macrons would give you some opinions if their wives are cougar.

      • I think I have hit a few sore bones with the term cougar. I am very calm, you don’t need to worry about me. Just wondering what kind of drama is a “no brainer” so I can compare with this one. But unfortunately you cannot even name one. So I will just settle with this one then.

      • btw, hugh grant’s wife Anna Eberstein is 35, she is younger than him, how can she be a cougar? Do you know what cougar means? Gosh… are you mad at a term which you don’t even understand? What are you? LOL.

      • Oh sorry my bad , not Hugh grants but Hugh jackman. Goshhh if I don’t understand the term why did I put the name Macrons in there? Again you proved my point about the commensense , sighhhh.
        Yes, I understand the term cougar completely and why would I be mad hahaha?
        Oh thanks goodness that you are calm.

  19. Just wake up this morning and saw the news that encounter will airs in my country, so happy! I thought its just media play when they said that encounter will airs in 100 country, but its trueeee.
    Now I understand why this guy is overacting, Im sure he’s nervous, when you in same drama with SHK and PBG you really want to try your best. Because you will get so many recognizer. I remember PO leaving love alert because he want to take encounter.

  20. @candycane reading your comments made me remember episode 4 and 5 where Csy character get slutshamed and age shamed by dongwas employees. Its so funny how you choose to watch a noona romance and leaving age shaming comments smh.

  21. @candycane you dont need to ask people to google that term we know the meaning of it. If you watch the drama csy is maybe old but she lacks experience in dating she is actually aware of their age difference but kjy might be young but he treats her with respect and she felt his sincerity. At this point from ep 1 to 6 the drama conveys how the characters started to like each in other in emotional basis not physical.

  22. This guy has a beautiful cat eyes and something about him makes me want to watch more scenes of him in Encounter. Park Bo Gum is a young and fresh looking actor, I love him in Encounter too. The drama is so heart fluttering and I just love the leads relationship very much…sweet and romantic yet making my heart thumping hard whenever the couple are on screen together.
    Comparing between these two actors like some people intentionally did here will not give any conclusions and childish….it is a matter of preference and your points of view(or even your status as a haters/bias…lolz). whether it is about the real actors or their roles in the drama….I like both Jang Seung Ho and Park Bo’s just that I didn’t watched much of Jang Seung Ho’s drama except for Knowing Wife.While I enjoyed Moonlight Love and Reply so much.

  23. the story of encounter is really great and.there is no problem with song hye kyo acting.its just the character she is portraying needs her to be respectable due to her image she is protecting .mother and child is absurd to describe the way shk and park bogum partnered in this drama.i admit the problem lies with pbg.i love pgb and his charima really uplift the floe of drama but it cant help to oversee that he still need more experience to improve his acting skills of being a great lover in this drama.his acting skills isnt bad but rather needs more power to entirely caught the emotion of the a lover and for the viewer.he needs to get to hear the review of his drama to improve his acting skills on the otherand seung jo is really great i started to like him since money flower and much love him in famiar wife with ji sung he really has a knock to be the main lead .i could even suggest him to be the main lead he has the his acting skill has a power to seduce and his eyes has a soul of lover maybe because his a married he looks young too.however pgb has alooks that is perfect for a cuam lover .hes good for the drama as an actor that is too young he is great.he just maybe need more experience to be perfect for such role.i love encounter story so just better to watch it and lets not compare the hot young actors.i love them both.

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