C-drama Story of Yanxi Palace is the Most Google Searched Television Show in 2018

Congrats to the Qing dynasty C-drama Story of Yanxi Palace which is confirmed to be the top Google searched television show around the world. The search engine released country specific search results but also a worldwide top 10 for the various categories and it was the summer Yu Zheng produced court drama Story of Yanxi Palace that had all the fingers typing it into Google to find out more. I have no interest to watch a Yumama drama even one that broke tons of buzz meters over the hot summer months but it certainly didn’t garner so many eyeballs if it was not a fun watch. Yanxi was the only East Asian drama to make the Google worldwide top 10, but for some notable regional searches where K-dramas made the list it was in South Korea (of course) and Taiwan, but in Japan the top 10 television show searches were all J-doramas. Check out some more search results below.

Top searches

Worldwide number 1: Story of Yanxi Palace.

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South Korea top TV show searches (K-dramas):

4. Prison Playbook
7. Mr. Sunshine
9. My Golden Life
10. The Beauty Inside

Taiwan Korea top TV show searches (K-dramas):

3. Why Secretary Kim
7. Hwayugi
8. My ID is a Gangnam Beauty

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C-drama Story of Yanxi Palace is the Most Google Searched Television Show in 2018 — 21 Comments

  1. Yanxi Palace is super addictive and fast-paced, with very engaging characters you will love and hate. The cinematography, props and costumes are superb! It gained a lot of international fans, so am not surprised it topped the Worldwide Google search. Congrats!

  2. I have been waiting for an article on Yanxi Palace. The drama is AMAZING and been smashing whatever possible records out there. No big name and relying totally on the great plot, story and awesome acting and not to mention great aesthetic values from the props, sets to the costumes. The female protagonist Wei Ying Luo is definitely the best I have seen in recent years. Smart, unapologetic and badass. To me, the actor Nie Yuan who portrayed the emperor really is the star of the drama and all the young actors namely Wu Jin Yan and Xu Kai are really impressive. Am so happy for the success of Yanxi.

  3. I don’t usually watch period dramas,nor dramas which are 70 episodes long, but this was one fabulous piece of work!!

    The acting, the characters, costumes, sets…spectacular.

    Considering that the story is focused on the king and his harem, this was a story that could have been boring and repetitive, however the story was captivating and each episode ended with you wanting to know what happens next.

    It was refreshing to see a strong female character, who remains unchanging till the end.

    Definately my favourite drama this year.

  4. Wow it must be good! I avoid watching c drama because of the long episode. But I dropped a couple of kdramas after watching few episodes, though I might pick it up later. But surprisingly, I finished watching Legend of Yunxi, and I don’t want to watch any other dramas in between it.

  5. 2018 certainly belongs to Yanxi Palace.
    I don’t normally follow the hype but this palace drama certainly lived up to its hype. The plot is fast moving, the characters are engaging and I appreciate the inclusion of feminism such as the strong sisterly bond between WYL and Empress Fuca that surpassed any love for a man. And I also enjoy the love story between the emperor and the female lead. I guess many enjoy the drama due to the strong lead female character which is really refreshing and relatable to modern viewers. Congrats Yanxi team and really is the best drama this year.

  6. I don’t normally watch Cdramas and avoid period dramas like the plague. But have to say the production value is superb. What I find astonishing is that if I screenshot any scene, the background and costume is just so gorgeous.

    And yes have no clue who the actors are but they are so good. And the palace storyline moves so fast and is so slick.

    Really, really good drama.

  7. I avoided Legend of yanxi palace so many times cos of its many eps…glad I decided to check it out…and I have to say,this is the best drama this year. So many strong characters. Wei yilong is the best female character I’ve seen in C drama. I wish Kdramas could write their female characters like this. The actress did an amazing job…..I’m glad it wasn’t draggy despite the many eps. Kudos to the writer….the drama is amazing

  8. It’s such a solid production and the comedic interactions between the lead female and the emperor were great. I was interested to the point that I checked out the actual history of the people involved after I finished the drama.

    • Yumama is a nickname of Yanxi’s producer, Yu Zheng. He doesn’t have a good reputation and quite known for plagarism (ie released Palace of Jade Lockheart earlier which is the knock-off version of BBJX) among others. That’s why many were surprised that “Yanxi” was produced by him and thank goodness, he didn’t participate in the writing this time. Yanxi is actually the opposite of the highly anticipated “Ruyi’s Royal Love in The Palace” which despite produced earlier was a victim of bad timing since Yanxi was released earlier and totally stole the thunder and buried the show.

      • So the producer is a known knock-off artist? Brother, did I notice a lot of knock-off plot lines in Yanxi Palace. They lifted a good many things from Zhen Huan, just made it all more middle-brow and soap-opery. The topper was a ballroom dancing bit obviously inspired by “The King and I,” including a bit of the king’s dialogue about how the man holds the woman in a waltz. I couldn’t stop laughing. Didn’t know there were Rodgers & Hammerstein fans in China.

      • When come to palace/harem drama, the plot couldn’t divert too far. They basically share the similarities ie back-stabbing concubines, losing emperor’s favour, revenge etc, so I wouldn’t say it’s plagarism. Ruyi also featured the same plot and even Zhen Huan also share some plot similarities with TVB’s War and Beauty. Anyway, Yanxi is based on a novel. Bet many appreciate Yanxi because they put a modern twist to it – instead of typical tragic life in the palace and mary sue heroine, the story put a highlight on a girl whom is independent and most of all, the drama is a fun watch.

      • Yu Zheng producer, is he the one who produce The Palace 2013 movie ?? starring Zhao Li Ying and Zhou Dong Yu. That movie was great too, beautiful costume and cinematography.

  9. Belated congratulations to Yanxi Palace being the most searched drama of 2018. It was well deserved. Excellent storytelling and a feisty female lead.

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