K-actor Lee Pil Mo Proposes to Actress Girlfriend Seo Soo Yeon at the End of Stage Performance

Guess I was wrong about not getting anymore celeb marriage news before year end, let’s now throw in another with a romance proposal and upcoming wedding in 2019. Stage, drama, and film K-actor Lee Pil Mo is bidding farewell to his bachelor days with a very public proposal to his actress girlfriend Seo Soo Yeon. He proposed at the end of their stage play performance in front of his cast mates and the performance audience. Seo Soo Yeon was apparently totally taken by surprise at the proposal moment but must have known it was coming as Lee Pil Mo has spoken earlier about planning to marry Seo Soo Yeon next year in 2019. I’m thrilled for this couple who met as cast members on the variety show Flavor of Love and took their onscreen camaraderie to real life. The very romantic proposal is also super awwww inducing.


K-actor Lee Pil Mo Proposes to Actress Girlfriend Seo Soo Yeon at the End of Stage Performance — 5 Comments

    • Me also. Below someone mentioned in Korea this kind of proposal would have been discussed between the 2 already or talk of marriage. She seemed awfully surprised??Whatever. I am sure they will be happy.

  1. It’s such a sweet and intimate moment. To be asked in front of everybody screams blackmail. You don’t want to humiliate your boyfriend now, do you? So what can you say?
    But I guess Disney and romantic movies have tainted this private moment into a public spectacle. I don’t get why the one how asks things that’s a good idea.

    Nevertheless, in the end it counts that they are happy. Nothing else matters. Wish them all the best.

  2. these public proposals are not the same as some of the public proposals you guys are talking about. Koreans don’t propose until its already verified that they are getting married. Meaning the Yes that comes after the proposal has already been discussed in private. For you guys to not realize this is just mind boggling. Since when has any proposal in Korea been done before the discussion of marriage.(major cultural difference) Talking about a public proposal in the context that you guys are referring to has no relevance here or in any situation regarding South Koreans cause i have yet to here of any public or even private proposals that were not already confirmed before they were done.

  3. Love marriage announcements period! I’ve only seen LPM in Emergency Couple but Congratulations to the couple and how sweet tohave your Man publicly declare his love. Hopefully 2019 we will see more marriage announcements with K celebs. ?

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