A Separation and Reunion in Cuba is Foreshadowed in the Preview for Episode 9 of Encounter

There were no new episodes of Encounter (Boyfriend) this week and only time will tell if the preemption will hurt its momentum and ratings. Episode 8 ended on a swoony kiss and confirmation that the flirtatious some relationship of leads Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun is now flat out like, but they don’t have the luxury of just dating like normal people to figure out if they are compatible in the long haul. It feels like all or nothing because of all the pressure, and grasping needy people around Soo Hyun, forcing the couple to either stay apart or make some sort of public stand.

That’s unfortunate because while I think Jin Hyuk is what Soo Hyun needs and wants right now it’s not certain they are meant to be forever and I’m fine with that. I’m watching a snapshot moment in a relationship and it’s lovely but the drama villains are manufacturing momentous decisions when none are necessitated by life hence what should be standard lover progression moments take on significance. The breather this week may foreshadow a breather between the OTP as well as the just release preview for episode 9 shows that Jin Hyuk’s personal life goes through the ringer and there may be a separation in store, with a reunion to come.

Preview for episode 9:


A Separation and Reunion in Cuba is Foreshadowed in the Preview for Episode 9 of Encounter — 38 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for Ep9!! Going back to Cuba will be great for our eyes. The cinematography was gorgeous at Cuba! CSH also looks so much more relaxed when she was in Cuba the first episode.

    • Lol. I laughed so much reading all this comment about PBG’s mouth, teeth and smile. Something to inspire Big Bang’s Taeyang to write a follow up to his famous “Eyes Nose and Lips”.

    • I wish he didn’t get veneers. But I bet he has the money to find a new dentist to make his teeth more natural than just flat out straight, it’s honestly stealing his handsomeness lol

  2. It’s not that his smile is fake – his teeth are too straight.
    Just like BYJ (Bae Yong-jun) looked and felt kinda plastic, once he had his teeth all straightened out but yet managed to send his legions of Winter Sonata fans reeling. He was more endearing before, as his earlier Frank Shin character (and slightly crooked teeth) in Hotelier.

    There’re few kids in NAmerica (thanks to all the insurance packages) that are NOT in braces, once they turn 12 or 13. It’s $5000 package advocated by the Dentists, with 2 yrs of visits and follow up Billing all nicely secured. And really – you get way too many politician and real estate sales-folk type smiles, along with the sunbed fake tans.

    • yesss…can we hope for another kiss after that? hahaha…I am so invested with ‘Encounter’ to the point finding the meaning of the ost,poem and arts that they included in the drama.

      • Glad I wasn’t the only one. Been spending time analysing the littlest details I could find in the drama. Lol

  3. I don’t mind that they didn’t air the drama this week cause I am on a marathon watching SHK’s drama. So in love with her now, just like kim jin hyuk to cha soo hyun,LOL.

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder . Just as how PBG and SHK’s characters are separated, through their reunion – and for us ep 9 – we will experience the meaning of ‘slow burn’. Builds up patience, this drama does . Quite a good balance to the craziness of Last Empress and complications MoA ha ha .

  5. I appreaciate everything about this drama..The slow burn and how they build up conflicts…The subtle expressions…Got tired of the wirlwind shenanigans and forced phase of other dramas lately…

  6. Good points …Agree. Credit to good writing and directing. Cable dramas are so much better that way. I don’t think I will ever go back to network dramas again. My only grouse with kdramas is the manipulative cringy cheesy sentimental pop songs….I wish ost music was more subtle…Let the drama do the talking. I am so sick of the ‘babo cheoreom ‘ songs.

  7. I love PBG teeth and all! His pearly whites have definitely grown on me and I’m in the fence though with Encounter just chugging along. Again this pairing and storyline is nothing to write home about but I’m still watching it – forced out of curiosity then anything else. Thank goodness Love in the moonlight is on loop and to validate the reason why I think PBG is a God send!

      • 😂I was thinking the same thing after I wrote it but too late to retract but you spotted it first! His screen presence and smile in Love in the moonlight is really natural and pleasing compared to Encounter he looks like he’s being forced to smile by the Director.

      • Yes his smile is same with kim tae hee’s smile. Hahaha thats why korean love him. I love his face too btw, I end up smiling when watching him smile 😆 i dont know why

  8. Just realized preview ending shows SHK’s character reading the note PBG’s character left her in Cuba! But gosh the state of his hair in this last scene of the preview is disastrous!

  9. Just watch his guesting in 2 days and 1 night and you will all see that kim ji hyuk smile is same with pbg real life smile so i bet to disagree that his smile is fake and forced.

  10. Love his smile and wish I have teeth like that. He is very popular albeit “unnatural smile.”He is very beautiful, so is Song Hye Kyo.I watch for the pretty!

  11. I’ve missed the show so much this week. I’m actually looking forward to this “break-up” episode because I think we will get some idea of where the writer is taking the relationship. We really don’t know how deep their attraction is because all the outside forces trying to rip them apart have only succeeded in pushing them closer together. Let’s see if the writer gives us more reasons why they are the real OTP while they are in Cuba far away from the machinations of crazy mothers and evil in-laws.

    I have the feeling that we may get a happy ending (which is a rarity in a noona romance drama) if the new Cuba episodes show real growth in the relationship.

    • In a rarity in Noona Romance? The most famous noona romance had a happy ending like Dal Ja’s Spring, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, A Witch’s Love, I Hear Your Voice, King of High School, Pretty Noona…. Secret Love Affair had not a happy ending for the couple.

      • Secret Love Affair’s ending was beyond tragic it actually put me off all dramas for almost a year. Pretty Noona started strong but the middle and end were not good. There is a major ick factor for me with I Hear Your Voice and King of High School since both of the boys were in high school (same issue that I had early on with Goblin). I liked but forgot about Witch’s Romance and I haven’t watched the other two.

        I guess I am looking for a well done happily ever after noona romance with two actual adult characters (not teenage boys) so I’m hopeful that Encounter will scratch that itch for me.

      • I liked all the story of Pretty Noona and it’s a happy ending even if they needed time 🙂

        Beside, it was the same PD as Secret Love Affair.

        All the characters are adult in Dal Ja’s Spring and My Name is Kim Sam Soon if you want to test.

      • My Name is Kim Sam Soon is not really the typical noona drama with big age gap. There were only 3 years diff between the characters. Sam Soon was 30 and the male character was 27. Nevertheless it was a nice Noona drama. There was never a dull moments from ep 1 to the end.

        Then you have the certified Noona drama, the What’s Up Fox. It is another fave old but goody drama with no dull moments from ep 1 to finished.

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