Park Shin Hye Elegant in Blue and Crystals at Swarovski Event in Hong Kong

Earlier this month Park Shin Hye jetted to Hong Kong for what I thought was the MAMA ceremony but in actually to attend a store opening CF event for the jewelry brand Swarovski which she has repped for many years in South Korea. I got sidetracked by following along with the fun and frustrating watch of her currently airing tvN drama Memories of Alhambra and forgot to cover her actual attendance. She was wearing a shoulder baring light blue sheath dress with a simply ruffle neckline edge, exposing her shoulders to showcase the necklace she was wearing and also draw attention to her earrings. She hasn’t had much to do in Memories so at least in real life she’s total classy boss lady in charge having such a successful CF career along with her consistently paced acting projects. If Memories doesn’t turn around her character in the second half then it will be a total waste of casting her but I don’t think of it as a blemish on her career, she’s doing the most she can.


Park Shin Hye Elegant in Blue and Crystals at Swarovski Event in Hong Kong — 41 Comments

  1. You don’t mention her upcoming project the call movie which is finally will act as main character who the story revolves around her and other actress thriller movie .

  2. I don’t understand why she hasn’t started to headline a drama on her own. So what if she’ll star in a drama with less popular leading man, at least she’ll be headlining it.

      • Doctors’ male lead Kim Rae Won is a big name. What are you talking about??? PSH was riding on his popularity…. but her performance is the best in that drama I must say.

      • @ candycane and mistyeyes

        LOL no. He’s not anywhere near as popular internationally as PSH is and her dramas, on average, do better than his dramas do. PSH doesn’t need to or ever had to ride on KRW’s “popularity.”

      • It’s not about popularity but the ability to carry a drama. I don’t understand why you mentioned riding on someone’s popularity but whether you liked it or not KRW is a big star on his own.

      • KRW is very popular in Japan, and he belongs to the earlier Hallyu wave. I am the one who said PSH was riding on his popularity. KRW is the one who can sell the drama to Japan, not PSH. I am not sure what part of “international” you are referring to that PSH is more well known. It may be true if you mean Hong Kong, but definitely not in Japan. Don’t quote the whole world as if you know everywhere!

      • Many other actress depend on male lead too. Iike SHK, suzy, jun jihyun. If you have average script, of course you need a popular male lead to sold the drama. So they can carry it together.

      • Not discrediting KRW but PSH is also popular in Japan. Her earlier dramas like Tree of Heaven, You’re Beautiful and Flower Boys Next Door did not do very well in Korea but was sold to Japan. FBND even held the record for highest price. Instead of saying PSH is riding on his popularity, it’d be better to say they contributed to Doctors’ success together.

      • There is really no point on discrediting the actors whether you are on the side of PSH or his leading men. Admit it, PSH hasn’t proven to headline solely on her on own. Having said that it’s the same on her leading men. Hyun Bin’s always play it safe the same goes with KRW who always appear with known leading ladies. Not because one actor is more popular than the ither but because they need each other to carry the drama together.

        I am not saying PSH should headline all her drama by herself but at least should select a drama which is a different from what she has done or at least approach the drama and interpret her character a little differently. Oh I can’t blame her because there are only very few Korean actors who are brave and interpret their characters differently in every drama which to me these type of actors are TRUE ARTISTS.

    • @candycane :park shin hye is bigger popularity we are talking about facts here beside she is known in Japan what are you talking about …!
      She didn’t use anyone to ride him or she won’t continue in the industry beside no powerful company so don’t write nonsense.

      • Well its not the first time people accuse of PSH for relying on her male leads. Ever since YAB days.
        We all know who turns out to be more successful and popular in the long run. 🙂

      • I never said PSH is not known in Japan, don’t twist my words. There is a difference between known and well-known. For all of her dramas, she has a more well known male lead. I am agreeing with the first comment by MistyEyes. No need to challenge me. I live in Japan for a couple months every year and I am well aware of her popularity there more than you! There are always other Asians living in Japan who may be PSH fans. But among local Japanese, PSH is not well known. And FYI, JGS is way more successful in Japan than PSH after YAB. He is still very popular, as compared to PSH who has never held a fan meeting in Japan. So What is @Frea talking about?

      • Hahaha funny @candycane you know what ?? First you mentioned KRW then you mentioned JGS hahaha please choose someone to talk about you insist she isn’t popular or have popularity hahaha please check your Infosys and just Google before write something shows your ignorance she is popular sense tree of heaven so yes JGS have popularity in Japan bcz he is loving to work their but in your info she has many fan meeting there so don’t act like you are living in Japan and twisting the facts .

      • There is no need for the two of you to gang up on me. The fact is PSH still has a more well known male lead in each of her drama. You cannot dispute this fact but instead you argue on the popularity which in your mind is like a random poll without any credibility 😂

      • Nobody cares to gang up on you.
        It’s fine for you to think that way, but I disagree. PSH is successful in her own right.

      • Gang up..! Hahaha you are saying she is known bcz her male lead ok those male lead worked with other actresses so why aren’t you saying beside if she is known bcz her male lead that is mean she won’t continue until now you are underestimate her but I don’t blame you, you know nothing you just passed to read but you don’t know about her from A to Z so you are writing based on ignorance so no one gangs here but the most people I hate whom pretend they know everything but actually they nothing .

      • PSH cannot headline a drama. This is the original comment I am agreeing to. Her acting sucks in MOA and this is my opinion.

      • I always have my opinion. You cannot tell me what not to follow or read. This is my own choice! I don’t like people telling me what to do or what not to do. Likewise I cannot tell you to shut up everytime I say PSH acting sucks. That’s why you keep on barking and won’t leave me alone 😂

      • I won’t bark on someone who already barking in her related articles beside stick your opinion isn’t Hurt ignorant like you

      • Do you have anything better to say than to repeat after me? I can tell who is more ignorant here. LOL.

      • I don’t need to repeat someone like you , you showed that you are an ignorant one hahaha check your infos before barking bcz your hatred and disrespectful words.

  3. Yes it is a total waste of casting her because she still carries the image of Heirs, crying like a school girl. She is not convincing in delivering what the role requires (a weak character but has a big heart for family & friends). Why do people expect her to shine while it’s her who dims the role? The second male lead shines as a zombie without any dialogue. If people think a lesser known actress can do the job, then this tells us something about her acting 🤔 Maybe she should just stick with CF & promotional event like a talentless idol does best 😒

      • Maybe what she did was to continue having good ratings and being popular with directors/ producers and actors wanting to work with her? Maybe resentful that their bias doesn’t get the same treatment/Opportunities? Just think about any reason.. haha good thing she doesn’t accept all projects sent to her. ~sarcasm inserted~

    • @Luna @Sky – Obviously you have all taken exception to comments posted about PSH but that’s getting too far fetched when it’s described as ‘hate’ and ‘mob lynching mentality’ in fact that’s so overboard this is not an extreme alt right nationalistic forum we’re commenting on. PSH is relevant and I for one agree that her current character in MOA does not do her justice but that responsibility lies squarely with the writer. However saying that she has incurred a barrage full of hate comments is really unjustified. @Mel No sorry I for one am not peeved nor resentful at my bias (there are many of them) for not having the same opportunities/treatment like PSH quite the contrary I’m glad that the actresses I follow remain under the radar and are churning out a drama/film annually without the criticism and backlash that follows other top stars as I would be forced to constantly defend them against all the criticisms and that would definitely wear me down. So I’m very happy with my stable of actors that I support.

  4. I thought she was a Hallyu star and her dramas sell well internationally?
    I for one find her and Lee Min Ho utterly bland and cannot believe they are huge stars. Lee Min Ho was so good in BOF but since then he just seems so lifeless.

    • Agreed! Have never understood why everyone goes crazy over LMH…and, after watching 14 episodes of ‘Alhambra’ I also can’t understand the attraction to PSH.

  5. She is absolutely stunning in her powder blue dress I have to admit. Very ethereal looking. And Jeon Jong Seo from Burning is the co lead in the thriller movie Call so PSH will have the opportunity to really shine there. Glad she’s gonna have more scope to prove her acting range. Finally a film whereby her character is not reliant on a male lead….I hope.

  6. Why not ask writer or director about the character portrayal ? Try watching her in Little House in the Forest ,she made being alone interesting. Wonder if in that type of show one is given a script or they just go with the flow like having to ad lib. Her new movie CALL already started script reading … no male lead, a totally female centric role and she is the star headliner of a movie! So there!! all wishes fulfilled! Lol

  7. In western countries she may have fans within the korean community but she is not known in my country Australia to Australians her fan base would be mainly within Asia or young Asians living in western countries I would say.

  8. This may sound weird but the first thing I notice is the big veins on her left hand on the first picture that’s useful for drawing blood. Ok, I’m out.

  9. Hahaha funny @candycane you know what ?? First you mentioned KRW then you mentioned JGS hahaha please choose someone to talk about you insist she isn’t popular or have popularity hahaha please check your Infosys and just Google before write something shows your ignorance she is popular sense tree of heaven so yes JGS have popularity in Japan bcz he is loving to work their but in your info she has many fan meeting there so don’t act like you are living in Japan and twisting the facts .

  10. PSH you look absolutely stunning in that dress and that color is really suite you perfect. Park Shin hye give up the good work, you are one Korean actress that I’ve seen grown well and improve in so many ways.

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